Episode 37 Notes – My Massive Biceps

Temperature: 17C / 63F


Explorer Dress!

The Megan Dress from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes, I finished my froggy muslin, and my ‘good copy’ will be in Deco Delight by Fabric Freedom (I’m going to do the dress out of F758-1, the blue/green/yellow iris pattern). I blogged a bit more about this dress on my personal blog.
The tutorials I used to draft the tulip sleeve can be found here and here.

Highlander by Anne Hanson using Skein Himalaya in ‘Matsu’.
I made a 38″ sweater, for my 34″ bust, and it is the perfect cozy sweater. I also don’t think I quite blocked it out to 38″. The wool wash I love, and is the prize this week, is Eucalan.


Mind the Gap socks – I’m about 5 stripes into sock #2. Sam of KnitRunDig, and C.C. and Damaris of Geeky Girls Knit are the other podcasters I mentioned who are currently knitting these socks.

Two more hexagons for my Six’es blanket. One in the Mind the Gap, and one in Alisha Goes Around Richness of Martens Fingering in GENEVIEVE (from the Cookie A sock club 2012), that I used for my Frodo socks in this knitalong.


I’m working on spinning some Into the Whirled BFL/silk in the colour “Element Number 5″ So thin!

Join in the chatter in this thread for a chance to win the mini breed sampler!
The fibres are part of Louet’s Cantebury Prize Wool Group: Working with Wadsworth Heap Ltd, a fiber supplier in New Zealand, each fleece in this line is grown with passion and great care; each is chosen with a critical eye, scoured in a modern scouring plant, and carded with pride on gentle machinery to maintain the fibre’s integrity and give spinners maximum enjoyment.


This adorable little Baggu llama box bag.

Girl Charlee Fabrics

Girl Charlee is the online knit fabric store I was talking about. If you buy after following that link, I get a few dollars!


lmecoll, Linda from Pennsylvania has wonthe earrings from Hannah Stevens!


Here is my Woolery affiliate link!

Episode 36 Notes – Compulsively Awesome

Temperature: 32C / 90F


Highlander by Anne Hanson using Skein Himalaya in ‘Matsu’
Making a 38″ sweater. Just collar and button bands to go!

Mind the Gap socks – I didn’t do much knitting at all on vacation – not even a whole sock. I finished the toe of this one when I was back in Canada.

I’m participating in Tour de Fleece! My goal is just to spin each day, whether it is for 10 minutes, or hours and hours. I started myself off with a nice warm-up, some Thylacine merino/alpaca in Meadowbank. I have 72 yards of an aran weight from 100g.

The book is Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes, I am starting with the Megan dress in some froggy fabric first, and my ‘good copy’ will be in Deco Delight by Fabric Freedom (I’m going to do the dress out of F758-1, the fabric for the future skirt is the same line, F760-1).

I only bought one skein of souvenir yarn! I went to Loop in London, which was down the most adorable little pedestrian street. I was hoping for some Juno Fibre Arts, but they no longer carry it. I ended up buying a skein of The Uncommon Thread ‘Tough Sock’ in Zitouni.

Join the Ravelry group, post in the prize thread, and the cute ball-o-yarn earrings could be yours! (I found the artist’s online shop too!)

Episode 34 Notes – Double Extra Crafty!


Heather: Frodo socks by Claire Ellen, in Richness of Martens Fingering by Alisha Goes Around in the colour Genevieve.

Jo: Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl SohoCrooked Cathedral shawl in Skein Trop Draw socks, in the colour Sterling.


Heather: Collywobble socks, in Sincere Sheep sock yarn in the colour ‘Bobby Socks’ (discontinued).
A very soon-to-be WIP is a My Knitted Heart Vanilla Sock in Trailing Clouds ‘Mind the Gap’ self-striping.

Jo: Waving Lace top in Rowan Purelife Revive, in the colour Grit
Hermione’s Every Day socks in Skein Top Draw Socks, in the colour Tuscany


Skein does gradients now! The one Heather showed is called ‘Autumnal’.




Here is my Woolery affiliate link!

Episode 33 Notes – Rum Tum Knitter

Watch Episode 33 here!

Temperature: 18C / 64F


Collywobble Sock pattern in Serendipitous Ewe ‘Bobby Socks’ from Sock Summit 2009. Serendipitous Ewe closed for business in 2010. In this episode, I was at the heel turn of #2.

Jo inspired me to cast on the Frodo Sock by Claire Ellen with her. We’re going to knit the whole Fellowship of the Socks book, and all the others! (Eventually)
Heather is using Alisha Goes Around Richness of Martens Fingering in GENEVIEVE (from the Cookie A sock club 2012). In this episode I was at the heel turn of #2.


1 skein Spud & Chloe outer in the colour ‘Rhino’


Shamelessly stealing the ‘ask the podcasters’ question from TheKnitGirllls episode I just watched.
What is your favourite musical?
There are so many! I love musicals! I absolutely count musicals you’ve seen as movies, I haven’t seen that many live. It is a great way to get that ‘culture’ without spending a lot of money. I watched West Side Story, Jesus Christ Superstar, Fiddler, The King and I, Sound of Music and many others on the TV as a kid.

The internet gives you even more chances to see musicals… I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the website digitaltheatre.com lets you rent or buy filmed versions of stage plays and musicals, all from Britain. I watched Into the Woods for the first time (Lala’s favourite) because P is doing a lighting design for a community theatre production of it.

I feel that modern movie musical adaptations change them more than the older ones did – I’m thinking of Sweeney Todd, and Les Mis to an extent.
I think my two absolute favourites are Fiddler on the Roof, and Jesus Christ Superstar.
Musicals I’ve seen live (professionally): CATS (so many CATS…), Fiddler, Wicked, Blood Brothers, Spamalot, We Will Rock You, Anne of Green Gables, Sweeney Todd, Evil Dead.
I’m hoping to see a new one on vacation, maybe Book of Mormon, or Matilda.

The amazing Les Mis 10th anniversary concert can be found here. 1:15:42 is when they first sing ‘One Day More’, omg. The amazing finale with the 17 Valjeans is at 2:20:17.