RedBaliFrog and Trollbeads – Sweet as honey!


I bought some non-Trollbeads! I placed a little order at Redbalifrog early in the month, and I’ve been using two of those purchases in this little light bracelet recently.

I bought my first-ever fancy lock, Redbalifrog’s Star lock, which is lovely. I find it a little hard to undo the small end of the clasp though, there’s no lever like the one sticking out of the big end.

I also bought the Queen Bee, because I love the shape and the detail. I’ve combined those two purchases with two honey-coloured Trollbeads for a wee bracelet that is fun and light to wear.

Trollbeads Tuesday – Night Owl Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace

Last week, I showed the two beads my husband gave me for Christmas. We’d chosen to keep the presents we gave each other small.

A few days after Christmas, we were doing some errands downtown, when he ducked into a mall, saying ‘we have to go here!’ Turns out we were in Dragon City Mall in Chinatown, and he wanted coconut buns. Who am I to refuse a bun? And who am I to refuse to go into this mall, because I knew there was a jewelry shop that carries Trollbeads! They actually had some on display in their front window, so in we went.

I’ve been coveting a fantasy necklace for a while now, but it was a bigger purchase than we’d been planning to make, so I just kept it on the list for ‘sometime later’. It was also relegated to that list because I knew that if I got one of the necklaces, I would need the Night Owl.

This shop had necklaces and Night Owls, so I tried some on for fun, and to find out what length of necklace I’d eventually want to buy. Both people in the shop were very helpful, and when the time came to totaling the price, they must’ve seen the apprehension cheapness on our faces, because they gave us a deal! The deal was so good we couldn’t refuse!


Here’s my first creation with the Trollbeads Fantasy necklace (I ended up with the 100cm one), Night Owl, my two Christmas beads, and an Amazonite stone bead that my parents bought for my birthday last year.

FNs are really long necklaces with no clasp, just a big (100cm!) loop of chain, and a finial (I got the pearl, as you can see). There’s lots of ways to wear them – for this one I strung the beads on the chain (doubled, of course, because you can’t open the chain), then laid the chain out in a Y-shape on the table. I used a stopper bead high on each ‘arm’ of the Y, leaving about an inch of loop in front of each bead. Now I have two loops to hook together with my bracelet clasp! My husband actually liked this option best in the store, he said he liked how it looked like I’d layered two necklaces together.

I can’t wait to have more fun with this purchase! On days when I’m typing a lot, a bracelet can get in the way. Handwriting is fine, as I wear it on my left, and I’m right-handed.

Trollbeads Tuesday – Christmas 2014 bracelet

Trollbeads bracelet

Well, I’m only one day off from Tuesday, right?

My husband gave me two Trollbeads for Christmas this year, and I made up this bracelet to wear them for the first time. I have found so far that my Trollbeads style is much more eclectic than a lot of the ones I see around the internet (I follow a few people/stores on Instagram, plus Tartooful and Endangered Trolls blogs). This is mostly due to the fact that I don’t have a giant collection to pull from, and I have pretty eclectic tastes anyway. I’d say this bracelet is fairly balanced at least, and involves a lot of my favourite colours and beads.

Clockwise, from the clasp (the clasp/bracelet is the Elfbeads Treasure Chest) :

  • Trollbeads Azure Bubbles
  • Elfbeads Dragon (limited edition)
  • Trollbeads Garden Snow Christmas 2012
  • Elfbeads Giant’s Causeway
  • Trollbeads Oasis – Christmas present!
  • Trollbeads Magical Lamp – Christmas present!
  • Elfbeads Ocean Earthbead Fractal
  • Trollbeads Lucky Dragon
  • Elfbeads Ocean Earthbead Fractal
  • Trollbeads Silver Mountain
  • Trollbeads Amazonite
  • Trollbeads Jugend
  • Elfbeads Jungle Braid
  • Trollbeads Limited Edition Carved Amber
  • Trollbeads Fossils
  • Trollbeads Day 2014 bead

I had thought that I was a Trollbeads-only purist, but then Great Lakes Boutique had an amazing Elfbeads sale, and I bought 4 beads and got the bracelet, lock, and glass dragon bead for free! I think that was the only way to get the dragons. The Trollbeads I’ve bought in a few different stores – the main place I shop here in town is Suzie Q, and there are a few on here from Tartooful, from my last trip to Vancouver.

I think this Christmas I managed to communicate to my husband that these are a good go-to gift for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We were out wandering around the mall, then we split up to buy each other gifts, and I made sure to say “And are we stopping by Suzie Q, you know, the Trollbeads store, on the way home?” The wheels turned for a bit, and he said ‘Yes. Of course.’ That was fun, because we went in together and I poked at a few things I liked, and then left him to decide what to buy, so it was still a surprise. I think though, that all the Trollbeads are little works of art, and would be happy to receive whatever he thought I would like, even without my input. It’s know that someone has thought hard about you, and come up with a choice on their own, you know?

Trollbead Tuesday – Kimono Set

Once I re-discovered my 3 original Trollbeads, I wanted a collection. Now. But of course, there’s finances to think of, university tuition for the husband… so I turned to eBay. I had seen the odd very interesting matte Trollbead in all my blog searching (where do you go with a new obsession? I always go straight to the internet and find blogs of people even more dedicated than me!) and I soon realized that they were part of a glass set, and were actually discontinued. ‘Discontinued’ is a magic word that makes me want things more, so that’s what I searched eBay for.


The neat thing about this set is that it was released before the big earthquake, but after that happened, Trollbeads donated some of the proceeds from this set to earthquake relief. Obviously, as I bought on eBay, my money went to the seller.


I love the delicate colours, the varied patterns, and the unique matte finish. The only thing is that now I’ve amassed a few more glass beads (all shiny, as all but these 6 are) is that it is a bit of a challenge to put them together and have it all look nice. But when you do hit that sweet spot, it is great! You can see 3 of them on the bracelet photo in my first Trollbead Tuesday post.

I’m glad I bought these all together, I like the idea of having a ‘set’, even if I don’t always wear them together, but I am looking forward to getting some more shiny glass beads. I think my favourite two of the set are the two blue ones. I’m not sure that I’ve used the red and white one yet – although I think it is beautiful, I doesn’t go with anything else!

Trollbead Tuesday – Runes

Another reason I was in the mood to resurrect my Trollbead bracelet was Vintage Rose/Vanessa on Instagram (vntg_rose). Just as I was thinking about mine again, she was posting pictures of how she’d been wearing hers. She had one (ok, a lot, but this one first) bead that I was really coveting. She called it her ‘hobbity’ bead!


Again, I went straight to Suzie Q’s, and they had a couple of them! This bead is amber, with runes carved into it, and I suppose there must be some sort of oxidating agent or paint or something to make the runes dark like that. It is called Trollbeads Runes, and it spells Denmark, which is where Trollbeads started.

I love the warm colour of the amber, and the ‘hobbity’ runes. It always feels warmer than the glass beads on the bracelet, and that coupled with the runes gives it a bit of an otherwordly feel. This one gets a place on my wrist most of the time, and I almost wish I’d bought two, so I could have one on each side of a focal point. I find I’m saying that about a lot of my favourite beads, but so far I have made the decision to buy singles, as I’ve only so much money to spend on stuff like this, and new and different always seems to win.

Trollbead Tuesday – The Beginning

Quick disclaimer: I really do want to keep this blog going, but after talking about my knitting on my podcast every couple weeks, I wonder if it is worth re-posting here too? I think I may do finished object posts here still, but (as you’ve probably noticed) I thought I’d try sharing other things I’m interested in, as well as knitting and crafting.

You may have heard of Trollbeads before, and if you’ve been to a major mall recently, you’ve probably heard of Pandora. These types of bracelets are sometimes referred to as European charm bracelets. The charms aren’t dangly, they’re large beads that you string onto a chain (or sometimes leather) bracelet. Here’s the one I’m currently wearing as an example:


Mine is all Trollbeads, I only mentioned Pandora above because it is something more people have heard of, as they have their own chain of stores.

There is an amazing community of Trollbeads fans on the web, and tons of blogs dedicated to them specifically, and the whole style of beaded charm bracelets.

I’ve only really started wearing mine in the past 5 or so months. I had the chain and a few beads, and I guess I ‘rediscovered’ them just before Christmas, when I was sorting/cleaning out my bedside table area. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t wearing them! Actually, that’s a lie… I only had 3 beads, and wanted more. :)

Those three beads are what introduced me to Trollbeads in the first place – years ago (maybe 5?) I was browsing the Ravelry forums, and someone had posted pictures of two cute little silver beads, one that looked like a ball of yarn, and one that looked like the knit stitch. I immediately went into hunter-mode and tracked down what they were and where I could get them here. I went to the store (Suzie Q Beads), and not only did they have the amazing knitterly beads, they also had a cute little button one that was more of a disc shape. I bought the 3 beads then and there, as well as the bracelet to put them on. (Be aware if you’re just starting out that you need to buy both the chain and the lock/clasp separately!)


The 3 beads that started it all. Ball of Yarn, Buttons, and Sweater (retired in 2013). I love how oxidized Trollbeads are – I find the Pandora ones all too shiny. I love the yarn and the sweater, they’re on just about every look I put together. The buttons are cute, but I don’t use it often because the shape is so different. It fits nicely between these two round silvers, and it also fits between the glass ones, but I always feel like it needs to go in the centre because I don’t have another disc-shaped one to balance it. Most of my looks are pretty symmetrical so far.

With only 3 beads on it, they always swung down under my wrist when I wore it, and it felt a little large on me, which I think contributed to why I didn’t wear it too often.

Now that I’ve picked up more beads, and have been wearing it regularly, I’m a convert! I love things you can collect (ahem, yarn). All the beads have names. And I love being able to almost design my own look each day. ‘Almost’ because of course you’re limited to other people’s bead designs, but I can put them together however I want, to match (or match) my outfit for the day. The chain and beads are all sterling (.925) silver, although there are a few bead designs that come in 18K gold ($$!) You can add colour with the glass or stone beads.

I don’t have too many at the moment, and they’re so fun to take pictures of, that I’ve decided to declare Trollbead Tuesday on this blog, and I’ll feature a bead or two each week.