Mitten #3 of 6

My Olympic knitting is coming along – I’ve finished both colourwork parts of the Fiddlehead mittens, and I’m on to the first lining:


And after work last night, I’m almost up to the spot to start decreasing for the top.

I’ve decided that these mittens are probably better known as my work knitting mittens. I’ve done all the work so far on them at work, and I think I’ll try to finish them entirely at work, so they can be the playRites festival mittens.


The other mittens, the ones I want to finish while the Olympics are on… I started them yesterday! I haven’t brought them in to work yet, because I don’t really want to be tied down with thrums at work. The other mittens are so easy right now, just plain knitting, that they’re perfect for work.


Not bad progress for just one session’s knitting. I’m still confident I can get these done before the Olympics end, although I may have to give in and bring them to work.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my birthday the “knitting new year”, and either finishing everything up or frogging it, so I have no WIPs on my birthday. My birthday is April 2, so it might just be possible. Still thinking about that, while I work crazily on mittens.

At last a FO!

It's about time

Yep, those are my finished Fleece Artist Thrummed Mittens.
I know I promised a finished pic a week or so ago, but I haven’t been able to photograph them on account of wearing them for the past week. You may also be asking yourself why I took the photo on my grubby (but completely dry) craft mat, rather than outside in the picturesque snow? The answer: if I was taking a photo of the mittens outside, that would mean that I am outside, and not wearing the mittens. It’s -25 frickin degrees out, my friends. I am not going outside with those mittens on. It’s supposedly going to hang around the -30C mark tomorrow. YAY.
Did you know that -18C is when flesh starts to freeze? I found that out tonight, thanks TV weather guy.

I’ve been very good and plodding away at that sweater sleeve in the evenings. I’ve done the increasing, and I actually don’t have too much more to go until I can start decreasing. I have to admit, it has been very, very hard not to cast on Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts. They’d be so perfect for work, I sit in a draft all day and they expect me to type and not drop the phone when I answer it.

Mitten Report

Well, I have a pair of mittens. Definitely fraternal twins, but that was to be expected with the random-coloured roving (and three different lots of it)! One (the newest) is also much, much fatter than the one I made in February. I think with a bit of wear, that one will un-puff. It may also be that i’ve had the other one for almost a year, and have been trying it on and all that. I hoping.

Oh well, I live somewhere cold now, they’re not for pretty, they’re for warm. :)

Pictures to come…. sometime with it is light out, and the boyfriend is home. Can’t take pictures with these on! Can’t even use the timer, because they’re like wearing (tight) oven mits. I’m sure I could bash the top of the camera until I managed to hit the button, but that’s just tedious. And with the amount of puff, I’m not sure even bashing it would have any effect.

What’s exciting is that I have a good amount of the third lot of roving left (I would be scared if I didn’t…) for felted Christmas ornaments! I’m also taking a spinning class this coming weekend, so I’ll either have more roving to turn in to balls, or I’ll spin this leftover mitten stuff. eee. I really shouldn’t even be testing out another hobby. I’ll get obsessed, I know I will.


I just had a very enjoyable shopping morning, and only spent $40, and got a damn good stash of stuff with it. :)

My first stop was my LYS. I knew what I wanted when I went in, and that’s all I left with. Aren’t you proud? I needed more roving for my thrummed mits. I wasn’t expecting a great colour match, but I think I got a not-too-bad match:
IMG_2209.JPG IMG_2207.JPG
I figure with a bit of mixing, there won’t be too much difference. I was very happy to find those small packs, because the other stuff they had was big lots of Lorna’s Laces roving.

My next stop was Value Village, where I got some bargains. A couple old, tattered knitting patterns for 29 cents. Not planning on knitting them, but they’re in English and French (yay Canada) and I’m going to use them for ATCs, collage, etc. Also got a picture book to use just for the pictures, a new tea towel with a blue and white pasta print, and a small doily I’m currently tea-dying. All for $10.
I like the idea of using old pictures and neat, aged pages from old books in various crafts, but my inner bookworm always SCREAMS at the thought of cutting up a book. There was a used bookstore back home a few years ago that was going out of business, so everything was 70% off in the last few days. I bought up tons of old, tattery books to make book boxes out of. I could never bring myself to do it. And I now have a closet full os slightly musty books. Nothing valuable or antique, but I still couldn’t do it. The book I got today is more for the photos, it’s all old movie-musical photos, and pretty tattered to begin with, so I think I’ll be able to do it.

My last stop was Michaels. Now, as an ex-employee I should have remembered that on Saturdays Michaels turns into hell on earth, but I apparently forgot. I went in only for glue (shame, I know, having no glue in the house, and calling myself a crafter) but came out with something else. In my defence, I did get them to give me the weekly 50% off coupon, so it was only $15. I am so enamoured of it, I made a collage:

Geek for pockets!

They had them in the scrapbook section (is it just me, or does it grow each time you go in?) but it’s just a great craft basket in general. There’s all the pockets, the inside is all divided, there’s a big zippy pocket on the back, and the drawer on the bottom! So cool!

I’m just a geek for pockets, boxes, and baskets, so this is all my obsessions in one. :)

All in all a good day. I spent more than intended (all I needed was roving and glue) but I got some good, useful stuff.

Mitten stall again!

I am very sad. So sad I didn’t post this last night when I discovered it.
I still don’t have enough roving to finish my mittens. I realise that yes, I was making the thrums pretty big, but then, I had a whole new clump of roving, as well as what was left over from the first mit. I guess the thrums were extra-super big, because yesterday night I lifted up one clump of roving, expecting to find more underneath, but no. I’d used it.

I have just enough (according to my kitchen scale) to finish the body of the mit, but none for the thumb. I suppose I need to rip it all out and re-do the thrums. I really don’t want to do that a second time. I may turn it inside out and pick bits of the big thrums. Timewise, ripping would probably be more sensible, but this method makes me feel better. blargh.

Well, at least my hands will be super-puffy-warm

Switching projects – but only for practical reasons

Re-reading my last post made me realise that I didn’t quite emphasize the hard work enough. Theatre is in now way all galas and famous people. I just had a good September. Now I’m working Monday to Friday, 9-5 in retail (albeit in a bookstore) and then going to rehearsals (and soon shows) from 6pm – 11pm-ish. It’s going to be later than 11pm after the show opens, it’s a 2 hour 40 minute show (with 15 minute intermission) that starts at 8pm. Late nights, early mornings. But I enjoy it.

We had our first snow of the year today. I’m wondering if I should put down the jacket for a bit and finish thrummed mitten #2. I’ve had one done since about January. I ran out of roving, but the lovely people at Fleece Artist sent me more. Of course, by that time I had lost interest. Actually, I think I was slaving on mum’s birthday stole. And then work got crazier and suddenly it was summer, and who needs thrummed mittens in the summer?

I think I may do that, it would serve a few purposes:
a) that’d be one more UFO gone. I haven’t had a FO since…. my last Jaywalker, so May-ish.
b) I’d be done by the time I need them
c) one less ball out of stuff in the stash
d) I’d turn any leftover yarn into Christmas ornaments! The copy of Handknit Holidays I ordered from work came in today, and I’m all inspired.