SSK KAL – Wendy Johnson



This is a big slouchy hat. I don’t currently own a big slouchy hat, so I’m not even too sure how one would look on me, but I enjoy the knitting of the knitting most, so if it doesn’t turn out I can give it away.

It’s a big, slouchy, pink hat, in case you couldn’t tell. It’s winter here, so daylight is hard to come by.

The reason I’m making a big, slouchy, pink hat is simple: SSK.

SSK is a knitting retreat that will be happening in Nashville in June of 2012. It’s being hosted by the Knit Girllls and Carin from Round the Twist, and I actually got in! There was a lottery for spaces, and luck was with me that day. To get everyone excited in the Ravelry group, there is going to be a series of knitalongs between now and June, and you can get extra raffle tickets (to be used in Nashville in June) by participating. This month, you have to knit a Wendy Johnson pattern, and you’ll get extra raffle tickets if you use yarn from one of the vendors that will be selling at the market in Nashville. I ordered this yarn, thinking it was red, from Cloudlover back in October. The first ball got lost in the mail, so this is actually the second ball that was shipped to me. Great customer service! I’m glad I picked a hat pattern – I was skeptical that I could knit a pair of socks in the timeframe given, and with the shipping delays I definitely wouldn’t have finished in time. As it is, I knit most of this hat up in a day or two, and just haven’t had time to sit down and do the decreases recently. As long as it is done and photographed before November 30th, I get my raffle tickets. :)

I’m super-excited about the Super Summer Knitaway – I’ve been to big things like the Sock Summit before, but never a smaller, more intimate retreat. And I think Nashville will be awesome – one of the ladies at The Heatley Cliff podcast used to live there and talks about it every now and then. I need to go back and make notes on where to go!