The perfect shoes for a crafter


Are there more perfect shoes for a crafty person? I saw these Campers at my local shoe store, Gravity Pope, and I love them! Measuring tape! They had in them in this yellow, or a grey (which looks more mauve-y on their website). I just love the yellow though, it seems more like the iconic measuring tape in my mind. I love the metal finisher on the end of the strap – another great measuring tape detail. To me, in the summer yellow is practically a neutral! I’d wear them with my denim shorts, my yellow skirt, my blue skirt, cute sundresses of any colour….

I also really like Camper shoes, they’re always so comfy, even the heels. I have a pair of grey suede heels, and some grey/royal blue flats and both are very comfy, although I probably should have bought a half-size bigger in the heels for shoes I could wear for longer amounts of time.

I suppose a true crafty person would make their own pair, out of actual vintage measuring tapes, but while I’m happy to make myself clothes, I have (so far) drawn the line at shoes. Who wants to be halfway to work when the stitching on their shoes bursts?!

What would you wear these with?

Would a sundress in this fabric be just a bit too too much? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The fabric is from the Recess line by American Jane Patterns – it came in a few colourways from what I remember, but this is my favourite.

Shoe Chronicles

The last time I wrote a post squeeing about shoes, they looked like this:


My Anthropologie wedding shoes.

This time I’m squeeing about shoes of a different type. They look more like this:


Keen Coronado Sandals

Shoes for our Costa Rican honeymoon! Details of the honeymoon aren’t set in stone yet (soon, hopefully!) but when I found these sandals on sale now, at the end of summer, I snapped them up. They have good soles, an anti-microbial and hydrophobic lining (good in damp places like jungles!), and closed toes so no scary critters can get in.

I’ve tried Keens on before, and never had much luck, but these shoes looked so perfect I decided to give them a try. I tried on my normal size 8, and like all Keens, I felt like my feet were floating around in two boats. They were on a sale table, and there was no 7.5 or 7 in the pile. There was another pair of Keens on sale on a different table – those ones were more like mesh hikers, and didn’t have any fun touches of pink, but I figured I’d need shoes of some sort of Costa Rica, so I picked up a box marked 7 from that pile. When I opened it, it had ‘my’ sandals in it! Destiny! Going a full size down definitely made these shoes fit me properly.

Did you buy any special footwear for your honeymoon? Was it much more glamorous than mine?

I have. no. shoes.

I was getting ready to head to work last week, and while putting my shoes on at the door my foot went right through my shoe! It was this lovely pair of shoes that I’ve had for over 3 years, and even had re-soled because I loved them so much:

New shoes!

Back when they were fresh and new.

This disaster, combined with the cheap booties that wore like champs all winter and disintegrated in May, left me without any actual shoes to wear with socks. During prime put-the-sandals-away season! I have plenty of summery shoes…


New favourites I bought this summer



Old favourites from before the mary janes that died.

Now what I need is a very specific type of shoe. It needs to accommodate a sock. I need to be able to walk to work in them, in the winter and the snow. As I’m a knitter, mary janes in the winter are not such a crazy idea – wool socks are warm, yo. I didn’t want boots – I have boots that I love wearing. But on days like today (+10C, but this logic runs all the way down to about -20C) I don’t want the tops of my feet exposed to the cold in ballet flats, nor do I want my legs encased in a double layer of denim and leather up to my knees.


Recyclus NW927

These are the favourite pair of boots that I own (although the ones I think of as my ‘Biggles boots’ are a close second. I just don’t have photos of those). I can wear them under pants and just look like I’m wearing brown shoes, or I can wear them over pants, and show the world my favourite shade of green. They are also super-comfortable, which inspired me to search the city for shoes by the same company (El Naturalista).

After a couple fruitless trips to a mall store that supposedly carries the line, I went to a local camping store (I know, right?!) and picked up these babies:


Iggdrasil - N095

Nice neutral brown, thick rubber sole to keep me up and out of any snowmelt, room for handknit socks. The chunky heel on these means that the back cuffs of my pants may actually survive this winter. As a shorty who is too lazy to hem her own pants/too cheap to get someone else to do it, my back cuffs are generally raggedy.

Shoe Mouse

So I thought I had my wedding shoes all sorted out. I have shoes, they’re gorgeous, they fit, what more does a girl need? Well, when an awesome shoe store is mere blocks from your house, a girl should be on guard. A girl should not go in to browse for cute summer sandals and fall in love with:

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.24.50 AM

Adorable mouse flats in my wedding teal!! (Mouse flats by Marc by Marc Jacobs, at Gravity Pope)

I hadn’t really thought about flats for the reception, but now I want them so badly! It’s the combination of adorable mouse, and the teal colour, because normally I am 100% against jelly shoes. These ones I love though. If only they weren’t $150. But THE CUTE! They even have little tails:

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.25.09 AM Having said that I’m 100% against jelly shoes… I’ve never owned a pair. Maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover? Maybe I need to own a pair of rubber shoes before I can make snap judgments like that. Yes, if I buy them, it will just be in the name of making educated judgments.

How necessary are reception flats? Would you wear mice under your dress?

Hello, Kittens

Look what arrived at Casa Del Cinnamon Bun today!


A boring white box?


A flannel baggie and some tissue paper?


Ahhh, a shoe. :)


Two shoes, even!


And they fit!


Gorgeous embellishments!


The pavement-eye-view.


Even the bottoms are cute! (And I really need to give the house a sweep! That much dust after 10 minutes?!)

After my last post about shoes, I wasn’t sure about ordering them. I waited a couple days, and just decided to go for it, so I wouldn’t be pining over them, and trying to match all other shoes to these ones. I’m usually an 8 or 8.5 in heels, and I found a review that said that Miss Albright shoes tend to fit a little large, so I went with an 8. The exciting thing was that once I’d put my address in to the order form on Anthro’s website, the horrendous taxes & duty charges went down! Not down as far as I would have liked, but it was still a nice surprise to get $15 off. My guess is that it is because Alberta has much less tax than some provinces, and when I checked shipping/duty/tax before, I had just selected my country, not my province or postal code as well, and the default tax rate must be for BC or somewhere with higher tax rates.

They arrived this morning (sorry about the owl-print PJs and bed-head at 10am, Mr. Postman. I work late so I sleep late!) and… THEY FIT! The great thing is that they are the tiniest bit loose, which is good for feet that swell by the end of the day. It also leaves me room to put in a squishy insole or something if I want. My mum loved them too, which is great. She said they looked like something Marie Antoinette would wear!

I’m so glad I ordered them when I did, because now they’re sold out on Anthro’s website, and won’t be available again until days before my wedding!

Was it hard to find your wedding shoes?

It’s Shoe Time!

I started out thinking/knowing that I wanted coloured shoes to go under my wedding dress. I wanted a pop of colour, plus where would I wear white shoes again? I want my wedding shoes to be flat, or a 2″ heel tops. One reason for that is comfort, another reason is that Cinnamon Buns is only 4″ taller than I am, and I like being shorter than him. It’d be weird to be his height in all those photos. And even 6″ heels wouldn’t make me nearly the same height as our 6’1″ and 6’3″ bridal party members. I was also fairly sure I wanted a peep toe, and I knew that anything that had that thing between your big toe and the next one was out. I hate that feeling.

I even started browsing online for shoes before I found my dress! These were a couple of my favourites way back in the day:

Marc by Marc Jacobs  693179

Marc by Marc Jacobs 693179

See by Chloe SB14060

See by Chloe SB 14060

Then we decided on colours, and I found a dress, so I started looking for teal, apple, or metallic shoes. I had actually almost tried on these shoes in my favourite local shoe store a few months before getting engaged. I decided not to because they were too expensive at the time, and I didn’t know where I’d wear them. Of course, they were sold out once I remembered them and realised they’d be the perfect wedding shoes.

frye maya teal

Frye “Maya Vintage Stud

Apple green shoes were a little hard to find. I found a few that were just a bit too casual, lots with too-high heels, and many that had been discontinued. I considered these sage green ones for a bit, because I loved the flower, but ultimately decided no.

Seychelles Bette

Seychelles “Bette”

I felt like I should consider Fluevogs, as I always admire them at the shoe store, but there weren’t any in the right colours, and all styles were a bit clunkier than I wanted. These were pretty awesome though, love the ribbon!


Fluevog “Belle Star”

If I could have found where to buy these babies, I might have. They’d be a great nod to our British heritage!


Awesome shoes!

I saw these shoes on a blog somewhere, fell in love, then realised the shoes were discontinued. I stalked eBay and where ever else I could for a while, until I came across a photo of them on a person’s actual foot (which Google will not find for me again! Argh!). Do you have any idea how much toe cleavage shows through that butterfly cutout? You can see basically all your toes except toenails, and I found that toes distracted from the gorgeous laser cut-out.

dolce vita dillon

Dolce Vita “Dillon”

Since getting engaged, I’ve been checking pretty much every shoe store I walk by for ‘the ones’. I hadn’t found them, until tonight! I was sitting at home, almost catatonic after work and dinner, and decided to do one of my favourite things: browse Anthropologie’s website. I haven’t stopped doing it, even though there’s an Anthro in this very city, not a 10-minute drive away! I guess I like to be up on what’s new (or you could call me obsessive). Tonight, I found these shoes:

anthro dream shoes

Anthropologie Nelumbo Kitten Heels (this file is currently saved on my computer as ‘Anthropologie dream shoes’).

Pro: The dimensional flowers will match my dress!

Pro: They aren’t white!

Pro: I would totally wear these again. I need some neutral dressy shoes anyway!

Pro: The heel is listed as 2.25″ – not too tall!

Pro: Um, they’re ADORABLE?!

Con: My Anthro doesn’t carry shoes (at this point, anyway).

Con: I’d have to order them from the website, for $23 shipping (ok, whatevs) and $59.55 in duty & taxes! Total purchase = $261.09, which is cheaper than the Louboutins and Manolos some brides buy, but more than I was thinking of spending. And I resent having to pay duty. Free trade, people!

Con: Because of above-mentioned website thing, I couldn’t try them on/see them before shelling out the cash. If they don’t fit/aren’t that pretty in person I’m not sure how much shipping I’d have to pay to return them, or if I’d get my duty back.

Con: That’s a thinner heel than I’m used to. I tend to buy heels that have good, thick, 1″ square heels. That’s not the look I want on my wedding day, so I suppose I’ll be dealing with that no matter what shoes I buy.

What do you think? Should I suck up my pride and shell out the duty?