Rambling Rose Redux

Rambling Rose I finally picked the buttons off my Rambling Rose, and put on the new ones. I also solved my end-weaving-in problem. When I did it before, the ends just worked themselves out again as the yarn is slippery. This time, I separated the plies into two groups, and wove them in different directions. And now, a show! (all photos taken with self-timer. I prefer to think of them as ‘artsy’ rather than ‘dude, weird angles!’)

I’ve finished the back of the $1.50 sweater, and started on the cabled front half. But omg, I just remembered I need to check the errata for the pattern, because isn’t there something wrong with the fronts in the magazine? Hmm, I should go do that.

I’ve been knitting and watching House on DVD in the evenings when I don’t have rehearsal. I love House. :) Such a great show. I’m re-watching Season 1 right now.

My boyfriend bought flowers today when he went grocery shopping, they’re pink and sitting right next to me right now. *heart*

Rambling Rose close Rambling Rose = Done Done
Back of RR

I bought buttons!

I wandered out for a walk today, to the knitting store that is 4 (sigh) blocks away from my house, and bought me some buttons. I haven’t worn my Rambling Rose sweater at all since I finished it, partly because I really didn’t like the buttons I put on it. I got them in a grab bag of cream-coloured buttons from a local quilting store. Today I went in to the knitting store (Pudding Yarn) and spread my sweater out on the table, and played with all their tins of buttons. I picked out some replacements. Here are the before buttons:
IMG_2650.JPG IMG_2652.JPG
They aren’t bad buttons, they just don’t look quite right.
Here are the new buttons, placed out (not sewn yet, maybe tomorrow night!):
IMG_2653.JPG IMG_2655.JPG

Genuine horn, apparently. I think they look much nicer. The others were just that much too light. In the store, it came down to these horn ones, and some shell ones. The lady in the store really liked the shell buttons. Because of the reflective surface, they picked up the red, and there is a shell pattern along the cuffs. I almost went with those, but at the last minute decided they were too shiny. I think I like my choice.

I also took a sleeve of the $1.50 cardi, to check out some buttons for that project. Found some gorgeous ones. I realised when I got there that I just had the sleeve, and no pattern, so I didn’t know how many or what size to get. Then the lady pointed out I could just pick ones I liked, and then make as many button holes as I need. Smart knitting lady. :)

IMG_2647.JPG IMG_2649.JPG

They’re rustic and wonderful. And more than I’d ever expected to pay for buttons, so I only got 4. The store has a whole range of these buttons, not a size range, but a colour range. They all have the dark brown bark around the edge, but the inside can be blue, green, red, orange, the natural I bought, and I think a few other colours. I was very tempted by the green, but the brown buttons will make the final sweater more wearable, I think.

Then I came home and sat down to finish my Monkey sock. I think it is a tiny bit long. You can start the toe on either row 1, 10, or 11 of the pattern. I started on 10 (well, 9) but I think row 4 or 5 would have been perfect. It’s not too big, and this way it’ll fit perfectly once I’ve washed it.
As soon as I had grafted the toe, I put it on the scale. Finished sock = 1.7oz. Leftover yarn (for sock #2): 1.8oz. Hurrah!! For the record, that was with only 1/2″ of ribbing, and 5 (instead of 6) leg repeats.

I did it!

I would like to post and say that last night (Sunday the 25th) I finished February’s FO. Rambling Rose is DONE! All I need now is buttons. But it’s done, and fits not too badly.
There are short rows at the back neck, so you don’t get choked by the sweater (good). But I think there might be too many (for me at least), as it bunches a bit, and give me a bit of a hunch. That may come out with another block.
I started pentagon # 5 today at work. I don’t have the laziest job in the world anymore, I actually had to do stuff today. People are finally starting to move into ‘my’ lovely empty office, so this job will probably end on Friday. sigh.

I just went through my closet, and added stuff to the giveaway pile. All but one pair of my shorts are in there. Funnily enough, the ones that fit are the ones I would’ve said are the smallest. Well, I guess they’re tighter in the leg than the others, but there’s space in the waistband. All the others I could only actually do up around my waist, and I prefer to wear them closer to hip level. sigh. They used to fit. I should be too hard on myself though, two of those pairs I used as uniform shorts (we could wear non-school issue, if they weren’t too short) at school, and I know I’ve put on weight since then. Healthy weight. So that’s:
– 3 pairs of shorts
– 7 sweaters/shirts
– 3 shirts put into my ‘to alter’ pile, for when I make friends with my sewing machine.

Closing in…

One of my New Years Knitting Resolutions was a finished object per month this year. I had included bits of a sweater as objects, as I can get very busy with shows. January I managed two objectss, Clapotis and Odessa. February’s? Hopefully an entire sweater!!
Tuesday night I finished the entire body of Rambling Rose. I soaked it in a sink of water, and it’s been drying on a towel since then. Tonight, I start the job of seaming the arms. I’ve been practicing my seaming with my next project: the Capecho. More about that later. So yes, tonight my goal is the neckband, and if I can do a button band per weekend day, I’m great! I just need to find buttons. I never thought I could finish a sweater in one month, but my current job is to thank for that. :)

Monday night was the first class for the Vogue Capecho, which I much prefer to call my Sand Dollar Cardi. Capecho is just an ugly word. I cast on and did the first few rows of one pentagon that night. When RR was blocking, I took it to work, and I ended up deciding to rip out and restart on smaller needles. I had the exact stockingette gauge on size 9 needles, but it was looking a little loose. Then, after finding some finished ones on the internet, I realised that this needs to be as small as I possibly can, so now I’m working on 7s. That makes each pentagon 4.5″ on each side rather than 5″ for the extra-small. Seeing as the only one I saw on the net that looked the way I want mine to look was done in DK weight, I’m a bit worried. But, I’m on pentagon #4 now, so we’ll just see what happens.

Long weekend

It’s the weekend. A long weekend to be exact.
Most weekends I’ll sit, watch some DVDs, knit, read a bit. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do this weekend, as that’s what I’ve been doing at work for the past week. And, I don’t want to exhaust my collection of stuff to watch, as I’m going back for another week.

I finished the annoying intarsia cuff of sleeve #2 today, should probably finish that tomorrow or so. And then… the yoke!

Big piece done

I’ve finished the combined back/fronts piece of my Rambling Rose. Now I just need to knit the other sleeve, then join all the bits together and knit the yoke. I even took the time just now to weave in the ends on that body piece. I even looked up on Knitty how to properly do it, because usually I just weave randomly and hope it doesn’t show or come undone.

First, I have do decide what I’m going to do with those sleeves. Looking at my yarn supply I don’t think I have enough to do the vertical lace pattern. It goes all the way to the neckline, and I think I’ll run out. That leaves me with the sleeve scallops in cream. Or nothing in cream at all. But no, I think I’ll do the cream at the cuffs. If I get enough done tonight, I may even be able to join everything tomorrow!

Ramblings on Rose

Rambling Rose Mosaic

My progress so far! The big piece grows slowly, so every now and then I have to remind myself that I am knitting fronts and a back all at the same time. It’s about 9″ long so far, it has to be 14″ before anything else happens.

I’ve got stitch markers dividing fronts from the back, and marking where the different colours would be, were I doing it that way. It’s just easier than making sure I’ve only purled 15 sts, instead of 16 or anything.

With the lace pattern unstretched, it measures 27″ all the way across. I think it’ll be a good fit, as the yarn will block a bit wider, the lace stretches, and there’s a button band too. Yay!

In the lower-right photo (here’s big) you can see a line of knit stitch in the garter triangle between the two leftmost scallops. I could have put that in pattern, but I decided to do it that way to have a phony seam type thing. Although, when I got past the scallops I decided I wanted the reverse stockingette to be completely smooth. I’m fine with it, it can be a design feature.

As for the sleeves… I did that one, but I think the next one I do will have the scallops all red, and the vertical panel in the cream. Then I can decide which way I want it. I will have knit 3 sleeves in total by the end of the sweater, but I’ll survive. Any thoughts on which sleeve will be better?

Oh and a while back I said I was novelty yarn-free. Here’s a pic of what I donated:

Blogging from work

Blogging from work, where I’m still all by myself.
I’ve been powering away on the Rambling Rose cardigan (no pics, left camera at home). I’ve made a few changes that should affect the fit for the better.

Before I cast on any pattern, I always do a Google blog search to see what other knitters have to say about the pattern. It helps me find out about issues and errors, and makes the process easier. I also get to see other people’s opinions. The opinions on this sweater were not so hot. Everyone thought the sweater was much too small for the model, probably because it only comes in two sizes, 30″ or 43″. I would guess the model is 36″ ish, so what you see in the magazine is 6″ of negative ease. Now, I don’t think it looks terrible. It stretches out the lace pattern so you can see it, it hugs her curves, albeit a bit too much.
I am 34″ on a big day, so I’ve already got an advantage on her. I am also knitting the body in one piece (the pattern has right front, left front and back all separate pieces). This helps the sizing because the stitches that normally get eaten up in the seam are now adding to the circumfrence. Those 4 stitches (one of left front, two on back, one on right front) add almost another inch, so I will have 3″ of negative ease. I think this will work out.

I have one sleeve done, with the scallops at the hem in cream, the rest of it in red. I am knitting the body entirely in red (yay stash!). I’m undecided on if I like the scallops in cream or not. I only have two balls of the cream. I was thinking sleeve scallops, button band and neckband in cream, but now I’m wondering if instead of the scallops, I should do the vertical lace pattern on the sleeve in cream. The straight lines may tie the button band in better. Then again, I don’t know if I have that much cream yarn.

I really like how it looks so far, I love reverse stockingette.

WEATHER REPORT: -21C on the walk to work this morning, close to -30C if you factor in windchill. I was toasty warm! Why? Well, apart from snowboots and a down coat, I have handknitted wool Jaywalkers, thrummed mittens, and Clapotis.


So, second day at the ‘dream job’. Still having fun. I brought in some DVDs today, M*A*S*H and Darkwing Duck. It’s still good, but I find to keep from going insane I do have to jump around between knitting, reading, Spider Solitare, Minesweeper.
Yesterday I discovered Facebook and hopefully that’ll help me stay in touch with some old friends. I found everyone from university friends, to elementary school friends.
Today I found an interesting thing on the BBC news: 5000 year-old couple, hugging. Awwww.
I’ve got one sleeve done for Rambling Rose, and started (and finished) disc 3 of season 5 of M*A*S*H. Now I think I shall put on Darkwing Duck and hole-punch my script. And then start on sleeve #2. I don’t know if I brought enough of the contrast colour, but we’ll see how far I get. Oooh, maybe I’ll weave in the ends of the intarsia. I hate doing it, but I am just bored enough right now.

Ooh, haven’t listened to my iPod yet today either. I’ve been listening to CraftLit, as I’ve finally caught up with all the other podcasts I got to so late. Now CraftLit is the only one I’m behind on.

Think I’m still working here next week, but with more to do. Like assemble and label file boxes. I’d rather be bored. :)


Okay, so I may have mentioned that I quit the bookstore. I have been waiting for a call from the temp agency I signed up with. I got that call today, and let me tell you I have my dream job now. For a few days at least.
There’s this company. With an office. They are opening a second office. Second office is not open yet. BUT, they need someone to sit in said new office, just in case someone calls.

I have been encouraged, nay, instructed to bring something to do to amuse myself. I have two books and my knitting (Rambling Rose). And possibly some sudoku if I can fit it in my purse. :)

I am novelty yarn free, are you?

I did something great last week. I had seen a post on Whip-up (or possibly the Craft: blog) about a women’s shelter in the States running a knitting program. I wandered over to the blog, and they use novelty yarn! I know some places you can donate yarn to only want wool or natural fibres, but here is a group who will happily take, and put to good use, your novelty yarn. I also sent 3 balls of some acrylic, and some almost-whole balls. No, I wasn’t an ass and didn’t send measly little scraps, but I had some skeins that were almost all still there, and great learning yarn.
I’ll put the photo in when I get my camera back from the theatre. I left it there yesterday by accident.

So I got rid of some yarn that has been following me around for a few years. And the same day I mailed that parcel, I picked one up! I had bought this yarn on eBay for the ‘capecho’ (I hate that word) on the cover of the winter Vogue Knitting. It’s a bit paler in real life, which was a pleasant surprise. I did a quick swatch the other day, and it seems like it should work. Haven’t tried one of the pentagons yet though. I feel that’s like cheating for the class I will be taking. :)

So, as I couldn’t use the new yarn, I found a use for some old yarn! I wanted to make the Arwen cardigan from the most recent IK, so I did a swatch, even washed it, and it was just wrong. WRONG. And for a pattern with such weird construction, the adjusting would be too awkward. So I started flipping through the mag, and realised that I did have gauge… for the Rambling Rose cardigan.
This got a lot of flack on the blogs when the preview was released, I remember. They didn’t like the skin-tight, popping-open look the sweater has. Well, it’s a 30″ sweater worn by a model with what I’m guessing is a 36″ or so bust. I am not a 36″ bust. Nor am I 30″, but I’m closer to 30″ than that model is, I’m sure.

I liked it, liked it enough to cast on 5 times before I got it right. There is no ‘mistake’ in the instructions, it just doesn’t explain everything. Specifying the number of chart repeats for the scallop on the sleeve (one centred? two that just fit?) or whether odd or even numbers are the RS when you’re working the chart. I have also never done intarsia before. I think it is going okay. It is hard to tell, because at most change points, there is a yarn over, which makes a hole anyway.

I cast on a sleeve to try it out. I think I like it. I don’t have enough of the second colour to do it like it is in the magazine, so it is going to be mostly red, but the scallop-y bits along the bottom of the sleeves and the body will be in cream. Possibly the button band too depending on yardage.