The projects I was talking about frogging last week? I did it. Well, I’m done 2/3. The other one I’m doing tonight.

The projects on the chopping block were (click for big!):


  • DSC00122.JPG Cleo, my oldest UFO. As in started more than three years ago. All the bits were done, and I had a bathing suit top I wanted to cut up to make a lining, but I didn’t know how to do it, so it just sat. And sat. And sat. And looking at it the other day I realised that the fabric was much, much too loose for a shirt, and it was heavy and would sag, and the world would just be a better place if it went away.
  • DSC00120.JPG Simply Lovely Lace Socks. I started these over a year ago, in yarn I Kool-Aid dyed. I got just past the heel on the first sock, when I realised they were a bit tight. That was also before I realised that I don’t want socks with holes already in them. I wear wool socks in winter for warmth. Holes are not warm.
  • DSC00121.JPG Sidewinder Sock. A fairly recent project, compared to the other two. I think it was May? ish? I knit one whole sock very very fast, grafted the eleventy-thousand stitches, and then it was too tight. The pain was a bit too new to frog it earlier, but I’m okay with it now. I’m undoing the graft, and will measure and record my gauge properly, then try again.

Now, I don’t have a swift, and all this yarn had been sitting knit up for ages, so it was going to be really curly. Wrapping around my arm is tedious, but I came up with a great solution:



My chair, the swift! I just needed to spin the chair with one hand and hold the offending item with the other. It even worked for Cleo, which was two strands of yarn held together. I just made sure to keep my fingers between the strands, started them out at different heights on the chair, and twirled away. Can your swift do that?

Yarnage counter: 16.89km

My stash could reach from here to…

I followed the lead of some other Summer of Stash-ers and catalogued my stash this evening. eek. Scary. If you took all my yarn and tied it end-to-end, it’d be 8km long.
And surprisingly, it’s all kept in these containers: IMG_2152.JPG Okay, there is a fourth in that set, under my bed. But that’s 2km per tub! And those are pretty small tubs.
I took photos of everything I have project ideas for, and they’re all here.
2km of that stash is entirely Waterspun. Some people have their Koigu, the STR, their Cottonease, I have Waterspun. I bought 12 in chocolate brown for a knitted skirt pattern 2 years ago, which I never made (smart move, past me), I have 2 and a bit leftover from my Rogue (in a camel/tan shade) and then my SP7 sent me 3 in a lovely denim blue.
Now, I did have an idea of what to do with this yarn. I wanted to make a Sunrise Circle jacket out of it. But just now, as I was sorting, I actually looked at the tag, and the gauge is wrong. Now, I could adjust, but with such an oddly-constructed pattern I don’t know if it would work. I mean, I tried to do that for Rogue and ended up with a too-small Waterspun sweater. I don’t need two.
But my bright idea was to make the body in the chocolate colour, then use either the denim or the tan as the hem facings, just to add a little something. I think it’d look cool, but I’d need a different yarn, and I’m not buying yarn until the stash is down to three or less of those containers. CLARIFICATION: and by that I mean I want my stash to always fit in 3 or less of those tubs. So once I’m down to three, I’ll need to get rid of another sweater’s worth before I buy more.
I have been working on my lace project, here’s a progress shot:
Amazing Lace Progress July 24
Does the sock in the big picture look like it’s yawning? I think it is, and that’s just how I feel about it. But I want to finish the pair, I really do. It’s just slow going.

Oh, and remember in my last post I said I have somewhere to live when I’m done here? I don’t anymore. Still searching.

Progress, and yet no progress

So I went home last night, and finished off the last few rows of heel flap for my Amazing Lace Project – IK’s Simply Lovely Lace Socks. I had been wondering about this flap, thinking these socks muct be doing something slightly different in their construction, as it seemed pretty thin. But I finished it, and then started on the short rows. I am making the lighter weight size (the pink one in the magazine photo), so I followed the directions for that, and realised after one short row that the heel wasn’t in the middle of the heel flap. Weird. I counted my stitches. I had forgotten which size I was making when I started the heel flap, apparently, and had only been working 24 stitches instead of 30.

So I ripped back, and started that bit again, and got to the end of the flap. That felt good. If someone (like….my sidebar!) was measuring my progress at the end of each day, there would have been no change yesterday, but I did make it right.

In other news, I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE when my contract is up here! YAY!

Amazing Lace Entry #1

Hey every one, I’m Heather.
I’ll start right off by sayin’, I’m not in this for the money or the fame *winning grin at camera*, I’m in this for me. I get some quality personal time with my stash, get to meet a couple new patterns, and I’ll get to try some things I’ve never tried before.
I’m hoping to go through at least two partners throughout this competition; I’m not mean or callous or anything, I’m just hoping that I’ll be that fast.
Here’s my first:
The yarn: IMG_2047.JPG
The pattern: Simply Lovely Lace Socks – Interweave Knits
Now I think I’ll have some good luck with this yarn, we’ve already done a makeover challenge together. Here’s a before picture:
Some might say that lace socks in a self-striping yarn won’t work. Well I say to all those people that I can make it work. I trust my yarn. You just have to put your trust in the yarn and the pattern, and it will work. Ask me at the end of July how I feel about it, and you’ll get a two-thumbs up.

My benchwarmer project, ready to jump on the needles when the other one is done:
The yarn: IMG_2023.JPG
The pattern: Pomatomus from
Not your usual lace pattern, and I like that. I like walking that edge. Different lace, stripey lace, I’m a strong, confident person. I can do it. Just watch me try.

Holy Yarncakes, Batman!

I ripped the tiny toe I had knitted out of my Kool-Aid yarn, and wound that not-centre-pull-ball into a centre-pull ball. It was so much fun! I have a nice squat orange and pink yarncake now.
Last night I also started the toe decreases on Jaywalker #1. I did a bit more in the 15 minutes I had spare this morning, so if I get off work as early as I’m planning to, I’ll finish today before my lovely boyfriend arrives! Maybe I’ll even have time to make another yarncake out of the yarn for sock #2.
I was also thinking about my stash last night (where did this time come from all of a sudden?) and planning projects:

Tubey – out of the yarn I originally bought for Huntingdon Castle (scroll down)
Pomatomus socks with some Lorna’s Laces. I think these may be my Amazing Lace project. Knitty calls them lace socks, and who am I to argue with Knitty?
Coronet out of the beautiful denim blue Waterspun my SP7 sent me.
-Something out of the Handmaiden Lady Godiva I have sitting in a scarf right now. I have two skeins, and want to make a scarf-size Clapotis. I don’t want a stole or wrap or anything, just a scarf. Hopefully I have enough.
-Finish that damn second thrummed mitten. argh. I will have thrummed mittens for the first cold day of winter this September. And/or August.
-socks from my Kool-Aid yarn. It’s vauguely self-striping, so I’m not sure on the pattern yet. Not Jaywalkers, I’ve had enough of that for a while, and I’m still not done the first one.
-something with the Andean Silk in Sangria that my SP sent me. It’s sooo soft, but I’m not sure what to make with it yet. Ooh, maybe two strands held together for some chunky Eowyn armwarmers? Ooh, I like that idea. And the plus is that I already have that pattern book!
-I have yarn and beads for two Odessa hats. Actually, the yarn was going to be for gloves for me, but I like the hat pattern and wanted to try beading so I bought beads.
-that chocolate brown Waterspun is the only stuff I have here that I haven’t accounted for. Still undecided on what to do with that. I love love LOVE the feel of the yarn, I think my problem is that I’ve gone off chocolate brown.


Just a quick little pic of my first Kool Aid sock. I decided to try toe-up this time, which is lots of fun. I think I may need to rip this out and start a smaller size. I went with a 64 stitch sock, as the last ones I made were 60, and thicker yarn, but this is looking quite big.

The model is Mono. :)

First Kool Aid experience.

Final SP 7 present!
And then, because my SP was amazing and wonderful, she sent me a birthday present too! And my birthday wasn’t even during SP, it was two days after it ended. :)
Art Yarns Supermerino! So luxurious and soft and beautifully coloured. I need to think of something really great to make with it.

And now, the report on my Kool Aid dying experience.

Wound out long skeins around two chairs (the length I needed ended up being exactly the depth of this apartment!), after doing my calculations. I wanted 7 rows orange, 2 rows pink, 3 rows orange, 2 rows pink, repeating. Did my swatch, unravelled it, did the math, re-did the math, and had my numbers: a hank almost 10 meters long, which means my apartment is 5. I had to redo the math because I did all the calculations at work, in the conference I was helping with. I measured my swatch against a piece of paper, then multiplied by 11. Two hours later I realised I’d measured it against the 8 1/2″ side of the paper.
The pink was 2 packets, and the orange 4, because I wanted super-orange and pale pink. Filled up my pasta sauce jars, and made my first big mistake. I set them to warm without the yarn in. By the time I put the yarn in, the water was quite hot. This made the colour take up very quickly, which is fine usually. But not when you put too much water in the orange jar, so the yarn doesn’t fit. I poured some orange off into a glass, and made huge mistake #2: pouring it down the sink. I still say it’s not my fault, there were no other clean glasses, because my roommates insist on putting dishes in the dishwasher when we HAVE NO DISHWASHER POWDER. Poured off another glass, kept that. Stuffed the rest of the yarn in the jar. By this time, the yarn that did get in the jar was VERY orange. The stuff I stuffed in after stayed white or went pale orange. So I’m going to have white stripes too. I’m not too bothered. I used one more package of pink after, to give the white parts at least some colour. I can’t wait to see what it knits up like!
A close up for the colours:

And that was my Project Spectrum project this month. :)

I had been thinking about getting myself a ball winder as my next crafty purchase, but after seeing those looms earlier today, I can’t decide between pretty yarn cakes or pretty 4×6 mats of yarn….

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Well, I’m on Day 8 of 11 straight working days. k…

Well, I’m on Day 8 of 11 straight working days. kinda tired of being here, but that’s ok. I have my internet to distract me every 20 minutes or so. I get stuff done, I just need to look at something else every now and then.

Saw something lovely on my bloglines this morning: handheld looms! It looks like so much fun, and gives you something to do with leftover sock yarn! As I now want to knit socks, and lots of them, I’m going to have ends left over. I can see a crazy patchwork blanket in the works. Also, as I’ve promised myself to only buy superwash sock yarn (hand wash socks? no way!), the blanket would be washable, which is always nice.
I just like how they’re small. Little crafty things are my bag, baby.

In the vein of crafty things…. I dyed yarn a couple nights ago! With Kool-aid! Pictures and more about it tonight, if my internet cooperates. And when I say ‘my’ internet, I mean that which I can scrounge. I’m a bad person. But all I do is check email, blogs, and then stop.

That post will also have my SP7 pics! yay!