Knitting Olympics

Well, I did and I didn’t do what I came to do at this Knitting Olympics.

I was glued to the TV for every possible minute of the games. Sunday I had to work, and thank goodness for overtime! If the hockey had ended when it was supposed to, it would have been during the show. Because of overtime, it ended about 3 minutes after curtain call. As soon as the actors got offstage, they asked about the game, and as soon as I said ‘overtime’, we were all running down to the green room. (There usually isn’t a TV that gets outside channels in the green room, but one was dragged in just for these two weeks!).

I didn’t finish P’s thrummed mittens. I started, ripped out because I wasn’t following the pattern, restarted, and spent the whole time I was knitting wondering if they’d fit, if they’d work, if he even wanted mittens. Then my thrums were too fat, which made Magic Loop hard, so I had to find DPNs…. I put them down, and concentrated on my Fiddlehead Mittens.

Finished Fiddleheads

I finished those! Linings and all!

Finished Fiddleheads

I even did some re-knitting on these. The first lining I completed felt lumpy in the mitten no matter what I did. I started the decreases for the tip about 4 rows earlier on mitten #2, and that felt much better, so I ripped and re-knit the top of mitten #1.

Mitten #3 of 6

My Olympic knitting is coming along – I’ve finished both colourwork parts of the Fiddlehead mittens, and I’m on to the first lining:


And after work last night, I’m almost up to the spot to start decreasing for the top.

I’ve decided that these mittens are probably better known as my work knitting mittens. I’ve done all the work so far on them at work, and I think I’ll try to finish them entirely at work, so they can be the playRites festival mittens.


The other mittens, the ones I want to finish while the Olympics are on… I started them yesterday! I haven’t brought them in to work yet, because I don’t really want to be tied down with thrums at work. The other mittens are so easy right now, just plain knitting, that they’re perfect for work.


Not bad progress for just one session’s knitting. I’m still confident I can get these done before the Olympics end, although I may have to give in and bring them to work.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my birthday the “knitting new year”, and either finishing everything up or frogging it, so I have no WIPs on my birthday. My birthday is April 2, so it might just be possible. Still thinking about that, while I work crazily on mittens.

The Fate of the Druid Mittens

So I finished the green and blue toe socks, I’m just waiting until I can get some good photos. I thought I might as well start on the Druid mittens, maybe get them done before the Olympics start so I can start a new Olympic project.

Too Small Mitten

I opened the knitting bag, and pulled out the entire mitten (except thumb) I had knit with needles much too small (2.00mm). Then I pulled out the half a mitten knit on 2.5mm needles. I decided I didn’t like that fabric either, so I ripped both partial mittens, and started again with 3.00mm needles. I managed to knit the whole cuff with the yarn I’d just frogged. Yarn that had been living as a mitten for more than a year. Then I realised that looked bad, and would probably continue to look bad, even after blocking, so I ripped that cuff too. Then I started with fresh yarn from the ball. Last night I did the first few rows, and decided I wasn’t sure if I liked the fabric, if it was too loose or holey or what.

So I frogged that, and have decided to forget about those mittens for a while. I’ll probably knit the pattern sometime or other, and I’m sure I’ll use the yarn in something else, but I think I just need to take the curse off that project by not trying to force it.

Luckily, I have a Fiddlehead Mitten Kit just waiting to be started! I was going to save that for the Knitting Olympics, but I have to head to work in 20 minutes, and will need knitting. Excuse me, I have to run and find some needles!

Black and White Tilda

One of my favourite paper packs is Die Cuts With a View’s ‘Old World’ stack. I love the colours, the style of the prints, the slightly faded quality they have, everything. I got a chance to use two different papers from the stack on this card.


You can’t see a lot of the grey patterned paper – I have some leftovers to use on another card though, so I’ll make sure it is all visible on that one. The pink and grey colour scheme is from Cute Card Thursday’s challenge, and the sketch is from Papertake Weekly.

I coloured this stamp entirely with grey Copic markers. I used all the ones I have: C00, C1, C3, C5.


Work has been pretty crazy recently, but we’ve started working 12-8 instead of 10-6, so I actually have some daylight hours in the morning when I can take photos! Hopefully no more ‘sitting on the laptop’ shots for a while. I haven’t managed many more rows on my toe socks. I’m thinking I might make finishing them, and my Druid mittens my project for the Knitting Olympics.

DSC03282.JPG DSC01235.JPG

I’m hoping to have lots of Olympic knitting time, because the Olympics are Feb 12-28, and as of Feb 13, all my shows are open, and I don’t have to be at work until 6pm each day.