Finished Julia Cardigan


I just realized that I hadn’t posted about this pre-Christmas make! This is the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations – I got the pattern in the Perfect Pattern Parcel I bought back in September or so.


You’ll recognize the main body fabric from my tent-like Japanese pattern make from back in October. I bought some plain black in the same fabric, knowing I could make something with some sort of trim later.

It is a great cozy cardi pattern, I really like the shape, which is good because I’m usually quite picky about cardigans that don’t have front closures. The shawl collar keeps the draughts off my neck nicely.

Next time I make it, I may go up a size or two (or lots, for a loungey sweater!), because it hits at an odd point across my bum.


There’s a… shelf for fabric to pool on back there.

I can pull it down, but it always rides back up again.


It was definitely a good first go at this pattern. I love the pattern with the black trim (something about the collar makes me feel a little tuxedo-y), even though I don’t really love the fabric. It’s soft, yes, squishy, yes, but it is 100% poly-plastic-something, and I do love my natural fibres. As soon as I get a degree or two warmer, the fabric makes me feel sweaty and gross.


In short, while I’ve been enjoying wearing the sweater (in public too, not just at home!) as soon as I find the perfect wool or cotton fabric for it, I’m making it up again and binning this one. It’s a little sad because I love the print, but maybe I’ll find something else black and white!