Two FOs in one month?!

Yes, it’s true! I stayed up last night and finished the hat! But first, the Clapotis report!

Contemplative Clapotis
Pattern: Clapotis from Knitty
Yarn: 2 full skeins of Handmaiden’s Lady Godiva
Mods: Took out one repeat of increase rows (and thus the matching decrease rows).
Comments: I’ve heard on many podcasts people complaining about the dullness of this knit. I enjoyed it. It may have been because I didn’t have hours to sit down and just knit, I knit more in little bursts. The most annoying part for me was the fact that the yarn didn’t want to drop down, so I had to poke each and every stitch to unravel it.
I had worn it a few times before blocking, I was a bit hesitant because I liked the scrunched look of it right off the needles. I did block it in the end, by soaking it with some Eucalan, then laid it out on a towel (without pinning). It so so even and silky and omg so much better now! Love.
Finished Clapotis Mosiac

Top o'the head shot
Pattern: Odessa from MagKnits
Yarn: Lana Gatto Feeling (& Blue Moon beads from Michaels)
Mods: Yarn has different gauge? maybe?
Comments: I like it, I need to block the life out of it. Right now it feels like it will just pop off. I don’t know if I’d want more rows in it, as it does come down to my eyebrows.
I finished two projects this month! Go me!

Jazz Hands!
Endpapers, all blocked. Now, I’ve been wearing these since I made them, almost every day. I think I may block them regularly. All the stitches are even again, no more stretched out bits, it’s great. I am now a fan of blocking! yay!

And now for knit-object-overload:
I feel like a flapper
The hat makes me feel like a flapper. :)

I started something new…

Odessa in progress mosaic

And I’m almost halfway through already! I started on the 26th, just after Clapotis was done. The yarn I’m using is Lana Gatto ‘Feeling’, which is 70% Extra-fine Virgin Merino, 20% silk, and 10% cashmere. This yarn is… yum.

I actually bought it at the same time I bought my Handmaiden Lady Godiva. Dad had given me a very generous gift certificate to my LYS in Victoria, so I splurged on the good stuff. I actually have 3 balls total of this stuff, two blue and one cream. My idea at the time was gloves. I may still make mittens with the two leftover balls if the yardage looks like it will cooperate (Ooh, Anemoi Mittens anyone? I’ll have to check the gauge, I think this yarn is a bit fat).

Thinking of gauge, I haven’t checked mine. The yarn used in the Odessa pattern is similar enough to this. Last night I put the hat on a looong circular and tried it on my head, so it should work. The yarn is a lovely denim/steel blue, and the beads are a similar colour, but iridescent, so they sometimes look green. The picture that is closest on my monitor is the bottom left one, but even so it is a bit darker than that.

In the top left photo, you can see the dental floss threader I used to get the beads on the yarn (you can also see a titch of the Wiimote to the left of my laptop). I strung them on in blocks of 10, so it was easy to count. The beads I actually got a Michaels last January with Odessa in mind. I like to let things stagnate marinate, obviously. I have the same beads in white for pale yarn too, I’ll see if I love this one enough to make another.

I have never been a hat person, but now I live where it is cold, so I need to be. Especially if I keep insisting on showering in the morning, and boycotting hairdryers because they are the ultimate evil.

I’ve been wearing my Clapotis unblocked, but Lisa left a comment on the last post saying that she soaked hers and then just laid it out without pinning, so mine is currently on two towels on the floor. While I was doing that I thought I might as well block my Endpaper Mitts, as I haven’t done that yet either. Random bad blocking picture:
Bad blocking photo
After I dunked Clapotis, the water was actually faintly blue! The Endpapers gave off no colour.

First FO of the new year!

I did it! I finished my January knitting!
The Clapotis, it is done. And very lovely, if I may say so.
No pictures yet, because I’m not home in daylight, remember? But tomorrow I am, so hopefully some pics then.

My current issue: it hasn’t been blocked yet. I’m not sure how I’m going to block it. Any blocking I’ve done before I’ve put out on a towel on a carpeted floor, and then stuck pins through knitting, towel, and carpet. This apartment is entirely hardwood, so I’m at a loss. I know people use their beds for shawls, and that may work for lace that dries so quickly, but this is thicker.

I actually like the scrunched, un-blocked look, but the corners do roll up.

The boyfriend pointed out that as of next week, I do have use of a steamer, unofficially (there’s one in the theatre). We’ll see.

I wore it to work today, and I got a compliment!

Greens and Blues

My Clapotis-in-progress

I’ve dropped 4 stitches now. It’s weird doing it on purpose. Especially because this yarn doesn’t want to drop. :) Go figure.
I love the colours, they’re what originally drew me to the yarn. It’s all sorts of blues and greens and it reminds me of BC and the ocean and all the green grass and tress. There’s not much green here. It’s a bit sad. Living downtown, I at least don’t have to look at the country around here. It’s beautiful in its own way, but I’m used to seeing the ocean, or forests, or just something GREEN. Here, you have the Rockies on one side, which yes, are spectacular, but not the ocean. And on the other sides it’s basically flat as far as you can see. I know when I was in Banff, right in the middle of the mountains, the views were amazing, but I did feel boxed in.
It’s a bit of the same feeling with all the skyscrapers, but at least I can’t see the endless brown landscape. I can at least pretend there’s green out there. I can’t quite pretend I’m back in on the coast though, there’s no salty sea smell, and also no green trees. Even downtown in Victoria or Vancouver there’s green. Not that I don’t like it here, it’s just different.

It’s just the right type of knitting for me right now, I have barely any free time, and I need something simple. Today is my day off for the week, so I’m just going to sit and knit and watch TV. And oh, is there plenty of TV to be watched.

We rented two movies last weekend, and haven’t finished either. We have Strings, which is AMAZING. We started it, but were both so tired, we dozed off. This is in no way a reflection on the movie though. There is also Joyeux Noel, which I can’t wait to watch, even if it isn’t Christmas anymore. I think the movie is about more than Christmas.

And then there’s all the Christmas/Boxing Day DVDs. As I’ve said, I have all 11 seasons of MASH + the movie. We also bought Season 1 of the new Doctor Who, I have the Princess Bride to watch, there’s Deadwood on my computer, I bought Patrick Dead Like Me season 1 and we’ve been watching that… so many.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen Heroes, WATCH IT NOW. OMG, SO GOOD. We’ve watched all 11 episodes of that in the past few days, and it is a great show. Of course, now we have to wait for them to start airing again. January 22nd, my friends.

So I think that even though I have 1 day off a week (and 5 12 hour days a week) for all of this month, I think Clapotis may have a chance of being finished. :)

Bloggy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone out there reading this!
I have already had a very productive new year, I have started a Clapotis. I may be late to the party, but oh well. I’ve had two skeins of Handmaiden Lady Godiva in my stash for a while. Almost two years, I think (I had a gift certificate to my then-LYS, and wanted to splurge). For a while it was going to be a Braided Mischief scarf from Scarf Style, but I frogged that idea after almost one skein.
Yesterday I Googled ‘Clapotis’ and ‘lady godiva’ and found Kneurotic Knitter, who has made one out of exactly two skeins of the same yarn! She mentions that she only did one less increase repeat, and still managed 12 repeats of the straight rows. I wasn’t sure how much to reduce it by, I probably would’ve gone with more, and had stuff leftover (never like that).
So today, during another D&D session, I started, and am almost to the point where I can drop my first stitch. Well, I’m about 12 rows away.

I’ve also joined two knitalongs recently, the Romantic Style one, and the Victorian Lace Today one. I already have RS, I bought it at work a few days ago (40% off, oh yeah), but we’ve been out of VLT for a while now. Sold out at the publishers, surprise surprise. We should be getting one this week though. I ordered a few but when I called to check, they’d only sent us one because they were short copies. Still unsure as to projects, but I think I really want to do the hooded shrug from RS. VLT I need to look through more (I have browsed, while pretending to work).

Problem with all this newfound knitting mojo is that for January at least, I have no free time. Well, I have Saturdays off, so there is one day a week where I have to fit in sleeping in, tidying, laundry, eating, lazing, and knitting. The other 6 days of the week are writeoffs.

Knitting resolutions?
1. Knit from the stash (this isn’t hard and fast, but I just want to keep my yarn to the one storage thing. Thing is full right now, so I need to stash-bust to have room for more)
2. Finish a sweater
3. Only join knitalongs I will participate in (I haven’t forgotten you, Cardigan for Arwen KAL! I swatched on Dec. 31st!)

The knit from stash thing is sticky… I have a reservation for Blue Moon’s Rocking Sock club. I don’t have that money to spare. Well, I do have it in my savings, but I try not to touch that. I don’t know what to do. I’ve emailed to ask if the stuff is superwash. If it isn’t, decision is made for me: I won’t knit handwash socks. If it is… we’ll get to that.