Car Woes

So yesterday, my only day off in the week, I decided I needed to drive my car. I haven’t moved my car since before Christmas, but the past few days have mostly melted the snowbank it was hiding in. I got it out, and realised one tire was a bit flat. Drove to the nearest gas station, filled it up with air, then off to the tire place. Tire place fixed it, but it took long enough that I didn’t get other errands done that I wanted to.

Later that night, off to a friend’s house for dinner. When we’re leaving, we were on our way to look after P’s mum who had just had cataract surgery. P’s stepdad couldn’t, because his mother just passed away the day before, and he was on a plane to Nova Scotia. So, leaving the friend’s house at 10:30pm, and there’s a funny noise. Another, different tire was flat. Like, dead flat. Like had to change out to the spare type of flat.

Drove home on the donut, P got his car, we drove to the tire place and stuck the key to my car in the drop box. Then we drove up to P’s parent’s house.

At much to early in the morning this morning, we were all in the car to take P’s mum to her follow-up appointment. My cell phone rings, and it’s the tire place. The key I left them (the one I use all the time) is apparently cracked, and they don’t want to try to unlock the car, in case it breaks off in the lock. Could I get them another one, and then they can work on the car?

Not impressed.

Karma, Car, Ma

I know I’ve disappeared for a bit from here, there’s been a lot going on.
My car broke again, was fixed again, we had an apartment wrenched from us again, but now I believe the jinx-able stage of all this is gone, so I am just going to jump out and say it….

We Have A Place To Live! In Calgary, that hardest-to-find-a-place-in of cities.

We’re downtown, really easy walking distance of practically everything, especially the theatres and the Saddledome, so yay work. It’s gorgeous, wood floors, high celings, uber-open kitchen/living/dining area.

My car is also fixed again (free! The transmission they put in it a month ago had a bad bearing, so it was their fault. Cruise control still doesn’t work, but I don’t want to take it back again), and my mum and grandpa visited on the long weekend. I had to work in Banff on Monday, but I had Saturday afternoon and Sunday with them.

This is such a weight off my chest I’m so happy.

I feel good na-na-na-na-na-na-na knew that I would na-na-na-na-na-na-na

Oh yeah, knitting. With everything, haven’t done much, but the sock is a bit longer than the last picture I have of it down below.

Today, I’m going to pirate wedding. I’m looking forward to it. :) Yarrr.

Goodbye, savings

Well yesterday I found out what is wrong with the car. I need a whole new transmission. It’s going to be $1800 plus labour, so the savings I’m making by not buying yarn is going to help a bit. Time to apply Summer of Stash to the rest of my life.
-I have lots of clothes, don’t need to buy more.
-Same goes for shoes.
-And sadly books (I love a good bookshop…).
-I don’t need to buy make-up. I mean, I don’t use the stuff. I just get sucked in by the pretty packaging and pretty colours.

I am getting the car repaired as even though it’ll be expensive, I couldn’t buy a car that is in such good condition (once it works again) for what I’m paying for the transmission. It’s been a good little car, this is actually the first big thing to go, and it’s a 1992 so that’s not too shabby.

The plus side of all this (and I have to find a plus side or I’ll go crazy) is that I can knit on the bus! I have a job interview today so last night I bussed into the city (1.5 hours) today I bus downtown and back (1 hour total I think), and tonight or tomorrow I bus back to work. Last night I fell asleep, so no knitting happened. It definitely will happen on the city bus today. On my way back… it depends which bus and if I’m tired or not. Once I’m back, no more buses so I must make the most of this chance.

yay plus side…

gah. airports.

So I graduate from university tomorrow (Thursday). I’m going home for this extravaganza, because mum and dad want to see.
I left work and drove in to the city to catch the plane. At the first light off the highway, a random light (it said ‘HOLD’) started flashing on my dashboard. It stopped when I drove on. It happened again, a few lights later, but stopped when I drove. I arrived at my lovely boyfriend’s house and tried to park. I couldn’t reverse. It took a lot of effort and sounded something like “revrevrevrevrevrevTHUNK*roll a tiny bit*”. Repeat until in proper place.
I looked up the random light in the handbook (am I the only person that actually uses a car’s handbook?) and it means ‘the transaxle has an electrical fault’ DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR. oops. After a small freak-out, I left car, key, and insurance (I was going to take it with me so we could transfer the car to me) with said boyfriend. He’ll hopefully have time to get it to a Mazda dealership and get them to treat it.
We got to the airport and I checked in only to be told that no, my flight isn’t leaving at 9:15pm, it’s leaving at 10:40pm. And my knitting is in my suitcase, as the flight is only an hour, and I wasn’t expecting a long wait. bah. Oh well, we got a bit more time together than I thought, and now I have a good book to amuse me. Using the internet right now though so the book will last the whole flight.