Bits and bobs

So this is what happened to my needle:

I’m going to email the Denise company and let them know.

I finished sewing the skirt! I put in a zip! Did French seams! Made some mistakes! But it fits, and there’s no raw edges hanging out. And when I say fits…. when they say ‘waist measurement’ they mean WAIST. I’m so used to the waistbands of everything I own being below my belly button, that I sort of forgot. So the skirt fits, but definitely sits much higher than anything else I own. Not that I’ll be wearing it, this was a learning thing.

Tonight I cut out fabric for my next project, the green shirt from this pattern:
Although I’m doing it in a stripe, with one pocket that I have stolen from the pink version. The same stripe I did the skirt in, actually. I started with 9m of that fabric, I’m going to have a whole wardrobe soon.
It was great, the pattern was already cut out for me! And all the bits were still there, which was a worry.

I have frogged the Bubble-stitch Vogue sweater, and I’ve actually put the yarn up on eBay. A whole 12 skeins of Classic Elite Waterspun! I’ve just had it for so long and never done anything, it’s just excess baggage. That, and I have ordered some yarn, and I need to (a) make space and (b) feel not so guilty by selling some stuff. It’s not like I can’t afford it, I’m just not used to having extra yarn money. I made a Webs order. And let’s just say I qualified for the 25% discount. In my defense, I will be receiving yarn for 5 projects ($1.50 Cardi, Eyelet Rib Bandeau, Anemoi Mitts, Raspy, Crinkle), and if you average the price out, it’s super cheap. Usually for sweaters I end up paying more more for yarn than I would for ready-made, but this is much, much cheaper. But yeah, I was just tired of looking at that brown yarn. It’s making me wonder what else I can sell off.

I’ve got some beaded necklaces I made ages ago, I never wear them. I may put those up on Etsy. Hm, if I take pictures tonight, I can do that from work tomorrow….

I’ve done a couple more pentagons on the Sanddollar/Capecho thing. With my gauge, each side is coming out at 4″, a whole inch smaller than the smallest size listed. I’m hoping this will cut down on the flappyness. Tomorrow I should finish the last pentagon, and start on the sleeves!

Tomorrow evening the boything and I are going to see 300 in IMAX which will be so cool. The last thing we saw in IMAX was V for Vendetta, so it has a tough act to follow. :)

After some intensive Googling, I got my progress b…

After some intensive Googling, I got my progress bars to work again. The fix for Blogger Beta is here.
Other question… oh wait. Duh. Just answered own question, never mind.

Having those progress bars up is interesting, because I only have 3 projects going! I suppose some would say that that is enough, but I have seen sidebars full of these things. I don’t think more than one project is wrong. Sometimes you are just in a mood to knit something different. Can you tell I really want to start a new project?
I want to make a sweater, but I don’t feel like working on my Bubbly Jacket. I’m still kinda worried it will make me look like a gorilla.

I’ve been looking at a lot of Rowan patterns. We just got Rowan’s Vintage Knits in at work, and I had a lot of fun leafing through it. There’s lots I want to knit in there. Also, I’ve been browsing the Rowan mags on the internet (at work… shh) and I’ve seen lots in there too. Rowan 40 has lots, and there are even a few in the much-reviled Rowan 39. And I own 38, which has stuff too. And Denim People. Oh, and I want to make something else out of Kidsilk Haze. For me this time.

I have a sweater’s worth of Katia Dianat that I bought way back when. I’m not so in love with it anymore. I’ve been thinking about eBaying it. It is perfectly good yarn, a lovely red, I’m just not feeling the love anymore. Right now, I want tweed, I want semi-solids, I don’t want something that is just RED. A very lovely red though it may be.

Oh well, I should wrap prezzies before Christmas jumps out at me from behind the tree.

Picture update.

My first handspun

My first handspun. Nowhere near even, or anything like that, but I had so much fun! I want to use it as a stripe in a hat or something. I even did a little bit more today, with the needle felting roving I bought to finish of my mittens. I did one colour after another, worsted-ish, then spun up all the white very thin, and plied them. It looks like a multi-coloured candy cane. It’s drying right now, pictures later. :)

For Eunny’s fingerless mitten pattern. I love the semi-solid green, but knew I had to find something solid for the other colour, and there was a lovely (and cheap!) denim colour in Socka.


The sweater so far. It’s just a teeny bit past my elbow now, and I just started a new ball a few rows back. I’m feeling good about having enough yarn. For a basic-shaped sweater (no weird vents or flappy sleeves) I figure that the two arms are the same (duh), the front and back are double an arm. Especially as this is a cardi, I break it down into units. One unit is one arm. So:
Arms = 1 unit each
Fronts = 1 unit each
Back = 2 units

So if I use two balls on a sleeve, I need 12 for the sweater. Seeing as I have 12, it should work. For the size I’m making, you cast on the same number of stitches for each front as you do for the sleeves.

Mitten pics soon!

Victorian Lace Today

We received our copy of Victorian Lace today at the bookstore. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. SO wonderful. I want to knit so many things from it! I’m sad, I have no laceweight in my stash.
I’ve been so tempted by so many books lately (all the Vogue Stitchionaries, Nicky Epstein’s books…) that I’ve had to tell myself I’m not allowed to buy more knitting books until I finish the project. I’m still trying to decide whether or not that mitten counts as a project. I think, so I don’t go broke, the reward for finishing the mitten is the spinning class I’m going to tomorrow. And that is costing much more than a book, as I get 30% books. :)

The Bubbly Jacket sleeve #1 is just a teensy bit past my elbow now, and still looking to be a good width. It looks huge on the needles, but it’s fine when I hold it against my arm and pin it.

I went to a craft fair last night, very good. A couple booths had knitting, not many though. This was a huge craft fair in a conference centre, not a school bazaar. Amazing iron work, jewelry, handmade shoes!, woodwork, it was all amazing. I bought a couple little gifties, and some stuff for me. What I bought for me came from The Old Island Stamp Company, which is odd, because they are a mere hour ferry ride from where I used to live, and I bought their stuff out here. I couldn’t resist.

In fact I may now go play with my stamps. If I don’t knit more sweater, that is…

Bubble (gorrilla?) sleeve

I have had an whole entire day off to myself. :)
I’ve watched some TV (Full Metal Alchemist), read (Sojourn – RA Salvatore), and KNIT!

Sleeve #1 so far. I am still a tad worried about it making me look gorrilla-ish. Seeing it pinned on, and seeing that it is fitted (it looks so big on the needles!) I feel better, I think it is the colour that is making me nervous.

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Shyness strikes again

That’s as far as I’ve knit on my bubbly sweater. This weekend though, should have some good knitting opportunities.
First of all, I’ve been home since 1:15pm. Normally, I work till 5, but I checked my cell phone messages at lunch, and there was one from my builging manager saying that there has been a flood that may have entered my unit. Naturally, I went home. It wasn’t terrible, someone’s fridge exploded on the 4th floor, and we’re on the 1st, so we just got the last few dribbles. So since lunch I’ve been pottering; doing dishes, garbage, etc.

I’ve been working uber-lots, and starting Monday I work retail 9-5, then stage manage 6:30-10:30 until the end of October. Pretty crazy, but theatre doesn’t pay the bills for me. Yet.

Speaking of working, I am also on a call list for a security company that does lots at the Saddledome. Sadly, I don’t get to work Elton John tonight (I don’t care how busy I am, I would’ve taken it!), but I saw Mariah Carey (feat. Busta Rhymes) on Monday, and San Jose whipping the Flames on Wednesday. Me telling you I’m a security guard is much funnier when you know what size person I am. I’m little.

I needed to mention the hockey game, because I need to do a shoutout. To the girl who was waaaaay up in the east nosebleeds (where I was working) who was carrying the Weekend Getaway Bag from the Fall 05 IK I say: hi fellow knitter!
Now that I look at the picture, it was a slightly modified version; it was smaller.
I wish I had talked to her, I mean, I did have the perfect excuse. I was searching bags after all.

But now to make a grocery list, then possibly knit.

Winter Sweater Project

Every good knitter needs a winter sweater project. Lots have more than one! So far, I’m just aiming for one and hoping I can finish that.
I bought the chocolate brown Waterspun in the summer of 2004. I was going to make the skirt from IK’s Heathered Duo. Then I realied that a knit skirt was the baddest of bad Ideas, so the bag of deliciously soft Waterspun has languished in the stash for just over two years now.
I made my Rogue in a camely-tan shade of Waterspun, but sadly I’ve hardly worn it, as it was just a little bit too small, and much, much too warm. I’ve been wanting to make something out of the chocolate shade (cocoa is its actual name) for a while, but haven’t been able to find the right pattern.
The yarn is super-warm. This cannot be a pullover-type garment, it needs to be able to be opened to cool off. Or, zipped up to keep you toasty warm. My Rogue is all right as long I only wear it outside, on cold, cold days. Although, I will be getting many many more cold days here than I did in BC.
As you can tell from the picture above, I was thinking of making IK’s Sunrise Circle Jacket. The gauge? Completely 100% WRONG. And on something as crazily constructed as that jacket, that is a bad idea. So I decided to do something crazy. I measured the guage swatch I made for the SCJ, wrote it down, and then went through all the patterns I’ve printed off the net, and all the knitting magazines I have (well, winter and fall issues anyway, have I mentioned this is damn warm yarn?) looking for cardigan/jacket patterns with a certain gauge.
I go through all my magazines some time after I’ve had my first few looks through them and put stickies on the pages of things I like. I actually found two patterns that fit the bill, and had stickies!
One from Interweave:
And one from Vogue:

The Interweave one is from Fall 2004, the Vogue one is from Winter 2003.

I looked. I hummed. I hawwed. Then I did something crazy. I swatched the bubble stitch pattern. And you know? It’s really fun! And fast too. The linen stitch bits of it will more than make up for that fastness, but I think I’ll like it.
I have three skeins of a nice denim blue, and two leftover of the camel, I think I will use one or the other colour to do the pocket linings. I like the idea of little hidden bits of colour. I was going to do the facings for the SCJ in a contrast colour too. It just adds a little something. The question will be though, blue or tan?

I still want to make the Slanted cable one, but I think it needs a silkier yarn.

Would you have made this one, or the Slanted Cable, or something different out of this yarn?