Cinnamon Fun – The Details!

A quick little detailed interlude before I start talking about the reception, dancing, photobooth, and pie.

The details. Now there have been a number of posts recently out in weddingblogland about saying ‘no’ to the vintage typewriter/mason jars/hay bales/jam favours/whatevers, and talk that the plethora of wedding bloggers is maybe leading people to focus more on OMG THE DETAILS than the marriage. All very interesting posts, as are the ‘rebuttals’ (for lack of a better word). We did work hard to make sure there were nice details at our wedding, but we know that that isn’t the focus of the event. The important thing was that we got married. That was the highlight of both our days. But in the time leading up to the wedding, I had a lot of fun planning what things would look like. It’s not often I get to throw a party this big, and frankly, I like decorating. You should see our house at Christmas!

All that to say, yes the marriage is the important part. But the details were pretty, and some were even captured by our photographers. I would like to share them not to make you feel like you have to make jam for your guests or you won’t be married, but to inspire you like the photos of all sorts of weddings all over the blogosphere inspired me.

Wedding Details

Our ring book – it is gorgeous, and that’s why we picked it. It isn’t a special title (I think it is Mill on the Floss?), it didn’t co-ordinate with our wedding colours, but it is a gorgeous vintage book that is almost a work of art on its own. I’d bought lots of ribbon in our wedding colours, so it was super-quick to put together.

Wedding Details

The jam! Mum and I made jam favours because my mum has always made jam, and once I moved out I started making my own jam. It’s what we do. Bad puns are what Cinnamon Buns and I do, so the sign (and all the labels) are very appropriate too.

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

The paper flowers. I love a fiddly project to keep me occupied, and I did enjoy the process of making these. I think they really helped with the vintage book motif we had going.

Wedding Details

Some last-minute sprucing up of our ceremony area. Teal wire tables from Michaels, two ‘joy’ Christmas ornaments in our wedding colours that I’d picked up on clearance in January, two book-page runners, and two potted orchids. Oh, and don’t forget the apple green Hampen rug from Ikea that inspired the whole colour scheme!

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Wedding Details(photo above by a guest)

Wedding Family Photo Display

(photo above by Uncle Peter)

The family wedding photographs were a huge hit! It was a fairly last-minute project and I thought we’d get just a few photos. We got almost 20! Some stayed in the frames they lived in, anything that we received digitally we printed and put in a dollar store frame with some scrapbook paper mats. People (not just our families!) had fun looking through them, and trying to spot people who were there in the room. We arranged them by date and they spanned from 1880 – 2005, with most decades in between (last photo above spans the ’40s-70s!). I ended up using just 2 types of ribbon on the namecards – even years were teal organza, odd years were apple green grosgrain. It was just random enough for my type-A brain. The two digital photo frames of Cinnamon Buns and I also provided the almost-obligatory embarrassing-photos-shown-at-your-wedding tradition without making people take time out from their conversations to watch a slideshow.

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Wedding Details

Our venue had a beautiful wooden table that we used to display the ribbon wands, guest book, card bird cage, and the RSVP drawings we received back. This was all in the ceremony half of the room, so guests who arrived early had something to peruse while they waited.

Wedding Details

Ok, these two little guys were a splurge. I commissioned them in secret from Etsy seller dandelionland. When the package arrived I squirreled it away so I could surprise Cinnamon Buns with them on the wedding day. And then in all the hustle and bustle…. I forgot to get them out. One of the photos of me texting at the hair place is me giving him directions to where I hid the box, telling him to open it, and bring the contents to the venue. I’m happy they made it, and it makes me happy to see them now sitting on top of one of our bookcases.

What’s your stance on the detail debate?

Cinnamon Fun – Ring Warming and Wedding Ceremony


When planning our ceremony in the awesome empty, blank-slate of a room we had, there was no question about where we’d be standing. How beautiful is that organ? You can also see the balcony in the left-hand corner of this photo, it had beautiful book-paper bunting strung along it. The bunting was made by my mum, and looked great.


The room also had some beautiful stained glass windows – the ones behind me in the photo above are south-facing, and at 5pm (our ceremony time) let in gorgeous light.

I’m not going to talk too much about the text of our wedding ceremony – we heavily modified Mrs Cherry Pie’s ceremony that she posted here. It was a fun thing for us both to work on, crafting just the right words to be married with, with such a helpful guideline – and figuring out where to put in all the stuff to make it legal in Alberta. What I mainly want to talk about is our ring warming, because it took a lot of Google searching for text, and in the end writing our own blurb about it to be included in our ceremony. I talked about our reasons for including this in our wedding in this post here, but it stemmed mainly from wanting to include all our guests in the ceremony, so they weren’t just a passive ‘audience’. The ‘Group Declaration of Support’ Mrs Cherry Pie wrote was also very helpful for this.

At the very beginning of the ceremony, right after our officiant welcomed everyone for being there, we wrote this for him to say:

Miss Cinnamon Bun and Cinnamon Buns have would like to have you, their treasured family and friends, take an active part in this ceremony. These rings, two unbroken bands, represent the commitment that they are about to make to each other. As this ceremony proceeds, the rings will be passed around. Miss Cinnamon Bun and Cinnamon Buns have asked that each of you take a moment to warm them by holding them and placing your best wishes, blessings, advice, or thoughts into the rings. By warming the rings both literally with the heat from your hands and figuratively with your blessings, wishes and thoughts, they will carry your love and support with them for the rest of their lives.

Then bridesmaid A passed the rings, tied to a gorgeous vintage book, off to my parents on the left side of the venue. She didn’t walk up the aisle with the book, it had been placed discretely on the stage, and watched by the groomsmen until the ceremony started.


As the ceremony went on, the rings went around. We had 65 guests, and 2 pages of text, plus our vows to each other for them to go around the whole room. Every now and then during the ceremony, I saw our groomsmen look out to check where they were in the room. As they were passed off on the bride’s side, they would be coming back to our groomsmen.


I am so impressed that we got a photo of someone actually holding the book and the rings! It wasn’t something I’d thought to ask for, or even tell the photographers about beforehand. I really do love this photo.


The book made it back with perfect timing, and was passed up to us by a groomsman.


“These rings, now warmed by those you love the most, will forever show the world you are one and carry with them the eternal love and blessings of your family and friends.”


ceremony067 I am so glad we chose to do the ring warming, and we had so many of our family and friends come up to us later and say that it made them feel so included and special, and that it was the perfect thing to include in our ceremony. They felt honoured to have been asked to handle our rings like that, and we felt honoured that everyone did.

We signed the paperwork during the ceremony – we had set up a little table off to the side of the stage where we were standing:


We got one of Patrick’s uncles to read an Irish blessing (complete with lovely accent!) and we were married! And it felt so good to get off the little stage. I know people were still watching us, we were still the centre of attention, but it was nice to feel a little less ‘on display’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we used the platform so everyone could see, but it was a little unnerving for a backstage person like me. We walked out to Elvis vs. JXL’s ‘A Little Less Conversation’ because we thought the lyrics were amusingly appropriate – enough talking, let’s party!


Now, I have glossed over other parts of the ceremony, the rough idea of which can be found in Mrs Cherry Pie’s post. But I also want to share what happened when I was asked to repeat after our officiant for the legal-y bit. It should have gone something like this:

I, Miss Cinnamon Bun, do solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I may not be joined in matrimony to CB

I call upon those persons present to witness that I, Miss Cinnamon Bun, do take thee, CB to be my lawful wedded husband.

Our officiant said the first little bit (up to about ‘impediment’), and paused for me to repeat after him. I couldn’t. At that point, everything got really super-real, and I choked up. I knew if I opened my mouth I’d just make awful crying noises, so I made a face at him and tried to control my breathing. Then I stuck my hand out behind me so Bridemaid K could hand me the hankie I’d given her to carry for me.


Everybody ‘Awww-ed’. Everybody giggled, which made me giggle, which came out more like a sob/hiccup. Our officiant tried again, with less words: “I, Miss Cinnamon Bun, do solemnly declare…”

I still couldn’t do it, so I hiccuped again. I started worrying that people were thinking I was having last-minute second thoughts, so another hiccup/sob came out.


He tried again: “I….” And that completely cracked everyone up, which helped me get back to normal, although I was very glad we’d chosen to have a mic at the ceremony, because there was no way I could have said that at full voice without even more hiccups and voice-cracking.


I would also like to thank Bridesmaid K who very graciously accepted the wet hankie back when I needed both my hands to put Cinnamon Buns’ ring on.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post are by Fotograffika.

The Cinnamon Bun Recaps:


Cinnamon Fun – Goin’ to the Decomissioned Church, and I’m Gonna Get Married

One of the surprises waiting for me on my wedding day was this sweet ride:


(photo by my mum)

Now it had been the plan all along for Cinnamon Buns’ step-dad to drive my dad and I to the venue in his car. What I wasn’t expecting was ribbons and tulle! Apparently our mums were out in the parkade on the wedding day morning, giving the car a bit of flair.


Cinnamon Buns’ step-dad also managed to take the great shot of me above, sitting in the car with door open, trying to figure out how to get myself out without messing up my ‘look’. It was extra-special that he drove dad and I to the ceremony because he was diagnosed with kidney cancer during the engagement, and with all the meds he was on at the time, not to mention the 5-pound tumor, he wasn’t feeling too perky. (The tumour has since been removed, yay! And his energy is slowly coming back.)

bride inna car002

One delicately-shod foot exits the car….

bride inna car005

….and I needed my dad to give me a good pull to get the rest of the way out!

bride inna car011

This photo sponsored by Canadian Blood Services – it’s in you to give. Don’t worry, we also have a portrait version of this photo without the Blood Services van, but it makes me giggle. I can’t really pretend I wasn’t getting out of a fancy car in an alley in the most expensive piece of clothing I’ll ever own, so why try?

bride inna car015

Beautiful sun doesn’t mean it isn’t windy, so I had to make sure to hold my veil down all the way in. I love love loved wearing my veil, I loved the style, but it just wanted to fly away with any little gust of wind!


Mum took this photo, and I absolutely love it! Then she had to run and sit down, because the bride had arrived, and she had to be seated last before the processional could start.


The dudes got into place.


And then they waited for us ladies.

We’d chosen to walk down the aisle to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. We had timed it in our rehearsal, and it worked perfectly for my two bridesmaids to walk down the aisle during the intro, then I would enter when the words to the song started. One of the few disappointments of the day was that our DJ was not nearly as awesome as some bridal forums made him out to be. According to the threads I read, if you wanted the best in Calgary, you wanted this guy. For me, he was late, which meant guests who arrived early were locked out because the groomsmen and our DOC friend thought it best if he was at least mostly set up before people came in (I agree). He didn’t have all the correct cables, which sent one of my bridesmaids running to work to grab a connector (luckily most of our bridal party has AV set up as a job requirement) he was plugging and unplugging things with speakers live during the reception, resulting in huge pops and bangs… a groomsdude sorted him out after that. The mix of music he played during the dancing was pretty much spot-on though, I will give him that, he can definitely read a crowd. (YMCA? Yes, please!)

But the processional song started early, when my mum walked down the aisle. Did it ruin my day? Or even my minute? No, but I do remember noticing and thinking ‘Well, not much to do about this right now!’

before ceremony033

before ceremony036

So dad and I walked. I tried to remember not to walk too fast, I think I remembered to smile – I’m never at my best when people are staring at me, even if they are our nearest and dearest.


And then all of a sudden I was standing on a riser facing the world’s most awesome man, in front of 65 of our family and friends.



Did all your vendors live up to expectations?

Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post are by Fotograffika.

The Cinnamon Bun Recaps:

Cinnamon Fun – Photos in the Park

Otherwise known as ‘how our family portraits got photobombed’.

After our first look, we wanted to do parent photos, and then get all the photos of the two of us and the bridal party. We were hoping to be able to take some photos inside the library, but our photographers let us know that they’d talked to the people at the library and they’d said no, we could not take photos inside the library. Fine, oh well. We did decide that the outside steps of the library would be a nice place for family photos though, so we got set up and took a photo of us two and my parents:

at the park001

Then we shuffled around and got Cinnamon Buns’ two sets of parents up beside us….

angry library man

And Angry Library Man told us to shoo! There was no one trying to exit or enter the building at the time, we would have been 3 more groupings of people, but no. So we went around the side of the building, and did group shots there.

at the park012

Symmetry. Our bridal party has it. Shorties. Our marriage has two!

at the park014

Then we really just got to play in the park, with two photographers trailing us. You know, the usual thing for a Saturday afternoon. 😉 Any time we got close enough to the road for people to see the big white dress, cars honked, which was fun. Another police car ‘BLOOP’-ed at us.  We separated for a brief time, and I got some photos with my ladies:

at the park019

Oh what’s that? You want a close-up of the paper bouquets I made? I suppose I can indulge us both:

at the park021

Worth every minute, every paper cut, every glued-together finger.

Then the guys looked dashing together:

at the park026

at the park030

Still shorter than Groomsman E, even standing on a step!

at the park033

at the park071

I sat on the ground a few times during the hour or so we were wandering around the park, and the dress did not suffer. I tried not to put too much weight onto the actual dress, so I wasn’t pressing it into the ground with my own body. In some shots I’m actually more hovering above the ground, supporting myself with my legs or arms. The advantage to a pouffy skirt is that you can’t tell where my legs are and what they’re doing! But the pouffy skirt needed wrangling every time, to look nice:


(photo above by my uncle Peter)

I needed a small herd of people to help me out on my wedding day. Couldn’t do up my own shoes, couldn’t wrangle all of my dress at once… I could decide if I felt like I was 5 years old, and needed the help, or if I was a billionaire, and had hired all this help. I know I couldn’t have gotten through the day without it all though! And it was nice to be out on the dance floor and say ‘I need a water….’ and someone would run off with me actually asking the question. But I get ahead of myself.

at the park047

I swear that someone was hidden somewhere watching us and playing with these ground fountains. We were trying to get pictures with them, and they’d go really small. Then two steps away and OLD FAITHFUL ERUPTS! It was hilarious, and we kept trying to figure out where they were controlled from, because I’m sure there wasn’t a pattern to them.

at the park046

at the park051

Then, as happens often in our group of friends, there was a sword fight.

at the park064

Although our sword fight was much less cool than the sword fight at Groomsman E & Bridemaid K’s wedding, because they had actual swords. And pirate costumes. And then the police came because someone reported that there were weapons being used in a public area.

The last two photos from our shoot in the park sum up the male half of our party perfectly:

at the park075

at the park074

I would say that picture #2 is their natural state. :)

At that point, we had taken a lot of photos, but also had a lot of time left before the ceremony, so we decided to change locations for some more interesting backdrops! I hadn’t really planned this portion of the afternoon very much because I just wanted to take advantage of whatever we came across or whatever the photographers thought up.

Did any of your wedding photos get photobombed? I want to hear more!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post are by Fotograffika.

The Cinnamon Bun Recaps:

Baking Pies
Girls Getting Ready
Guys Getting Ready
First Look

Cinnamon Fun – First Look

We decided quite early on that we wanted to do a first look, so we wouldn’t have that odd gap between ceremony and reception. This was especially important for us because there was no travel time between the two events – everything was in one handy building. We knew we wanted to do the photos in the park near our house – it has a great old library building, fun fountains, and neat old war memorials. We left it up to our photographers to decide where in the park would be the best place for us to be.


We think the groomsdudes look like the wedding mafia in this photo. Just imagine a violin case instead of a black shoebox! (photo by my mum)

The guys walked over to the park, and us ladies and everyone who was at the hotel hopped into a couple of taxi vans. Someone (I can’t remember who now) on the day was concerned when I said I hadn’t booked them ahead of time. I said that that’s what the taxi stand and the valets outside are for – and it worked out just fine. I phoned down to the concierge, and by the time we got down there there were two taxi vans awaiting our beck and call.

Note to brides – make sure someone has cash for the nice taxi driver! I got into one van with Lisa the photographer and my two bridesmaids (my Watters Lasara dress took up the other seats) and various assorted parents and family members got into the other van. When we got to the park (only a $5 ride away, but still) I had to send a bridesmaid running to the parents’ cab to get someone to pay for the taxi. We didn’t think we’d need our purses!

As we were getting out of the van, a police car drove by. As I was getting my dress out of the van I heard a ‘BLOOP!’ of a siren, then a voice coming through a bullhorn said ‘GOOD JOB. CONGRATULATIONS.’ It was awesome and hilarious. Hilarious because it was said in the same tone of voice that a cop would say ‘PULL OVER. GET OUT OF THE CAR.’

Then we made sure Cinnamon Buns was turned around (thank goodness for a 2 photographer team with cell phones!) and Lisa shielded me with a huge umbrella until I could make my approach.

first look001

watters lasara wedding dress

(photo above by my mum)

first look003

I’m the big white blob in the back. 😉

watters lasara wedding dress

(photo above by my mum)

first look006


watters lasara wedding dress

first look017

I was fine until we looked at each other, then I needed my first hankie of the day.

first look020

I love that we did this first, it was great to have that moment NOT in front of 65+ guests. We weren’t alone by any means:


(photo above by my mum)

The bridal party was there, and all of our parents, because we wanted to do those formal photos in the nice park setting too. Not to mention all the people enjoying a Saturday afternoon in Central Memorial Park. And the people in the library. I loved the idea of doing a private first look with just the couple and the photographers, but it wasn’t going to work for us. And with a 5pm ceremony…. I couldn’t have waited that long to see Cinnamon Buns! To give you an idea of the timeline, this was sometime between 1pm-1:30pm.

Are you planning on a first look? Who else will be there besides the couple and the photographer?


Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post are by Fotograffika.

The Cinnamon Bun Recaps:

Baking Pies
Girls Getting Ready
Guys Getting Ready

Sunday, Crafty Sunday

As the wedding was closing in, and the giant to-do list I taped to our office door wasn’t going anywhere, Cinnamon Buns asked if it would help if we had people over to craft things. I was a little out of it in the time leading up so I think I said ‘Sure yes no maybe you decide’, which he (rightly) presumed to mean ‘yes’. He called all the bridal party, and his mum (my parents don’t live in town) and everyone but our one out-of-town groomsman could make it over to our house for the Sunday before our Saturday wedding.

I planned a couple projects that could be done by many hands on that day, nice easy things that we could do with a glass of wine nearby. Cinnamon Buns and I got some snacks and drinks in, and we crafted the day away.

We had people help fold our books to get that beautiful fanned look (fold every other page in half, and they look like that! Magic!).


Others were in charge of making the toppers for our tables – we had white table cloths, but wanted to get a bit more bookishness in there.


And others decoupaged glass Ikea candle holders with bookpages for tea lights.


Our plan was for two types of centrepieces – half the tables would have a pile of old books with a tealight on top of the pile, and half would have a fanned-open book on them. All tables would have one of the marvelous toppers. I love the table toppers because I found the idea (pictured as a table runner on Offbeat Bride), showed it to Mr CB, and he was the one that took care of the logistics of making them all! He was the trainer in charge of that project on Crafty Sunday – he had the list of how many of each size we needed. They made mostly square ones, with a couple long runners for our ceremony decor. I coached people on the candleholders (ModPodge + paintbrush + pre-cut paper strips + candleholder), and when we were done those anyone with a free hand folded some books, while I finished up more complicated things like the wedding flowers.

It was great to get (almost) everyone together before the wedding, and omg did it take the stress off. I can’t thank Cinnamon Buns enough for seeing that that’s what I needed, when I just couldn’t let go. Everything looked gorgeous, and we still have some of the items out in our house right now! Plus, it was a fun bonding day for most of the wedding party. What’s a better gathering than some crafts and some drinks?


This is what our coffee table has looked like since we cleaned up the house after the wedding. I saved a few more of the paper mats for when this one gets too tatty.

Have you had a crafting/making day for your wedding?

Manly flowers

I started on my flower arranging adventure with the boutonnieres for the gentlemen. I figured it was best to start small, and these are only a couple flowers each! I decided to use some of the blue roses I had made in the bouts. Our ‘best men’ will be wearing apple green shirts with ivory ties, and Cinnamon Buns will be wearing a teal shirt with an ivory tie.


The world’s longest bouts have both those colours! They’re super-long, because I made all my flowers with long stems for bouquet-making.


This one is Cinnamon Buns’. I decided that three flowers was a nice number, and picked through my blue bunch to give each man a very blue one, and a less blue one, plus one white one. Cinnamon Buns’ has a larger white flower than the other two. And yes, I did trim off that thread you see poking off the leaf in that photo. :)

Once I was happy with the arrangement of each, I wrapped everything in floral tape to secure them together. Floral tape doesn’t look like much, but as soon as you stretch it (like when you’re wrapping it around something with tension on it) it gets nice and sticky, so it sticks to itself. I wrapped for about 2″, then trimmed off the extra wire.


Floral tape on the left. I had some nice 1″ wide teal grosgrain ribbon hanging around (I bought a few rolls of various types and widths in our two wedding colours, and they’re so handy to have for stuff like this!) so I used that to wrap them. With help from Mrs Hyena and Miss Crepe‘s posts, the wrapping was achieved! I kept wanting to wrap from top down, but bottom up is the way to go. I cut about 5″-6″ of ribbon for each, and sealed both ends with our Mega Lighter:

Picture from BicWorld

Then a wee bit of hot glue at the bottom:


And wrap around:


I glued the ribbon on at a 90 degree angle to the wire so I could get one full wrap around the bottom to hide all the wires. After that, I angled the ribbon to get those nice layers you see. At the top, I used another dab of hot glue to stick the ribbon up there. I had to cut some extra ribbon off some of them, because I wanted the end of the ribbon to be at the back. I re-sealed the ribbon with the lighter, while having the thought that firing up a BBQ lighter in such close vicinity to so much nice dry paper was probably a bad idea, but I managed to keep the flames just to the ribbon.


I tried a couple of embellishements on the stems that you can see in the above photos – thin green ribbon and some baker’s twine. I showed them all to Cinnamon Buns, and he thinks that the baker’s twine might end up looking like a loose thread when it is against a black suit, so we decided (probably) that his will have thin green bow (with much shorter tails than the one in the photo!) and the other mens’ will just be the blue grosgrain.

We’re thinking large safety pins to secure them, because the pin can be entirely hidden by the lapels of their jackets.

I’m so happy to have these done well before the wedding!

Library of Flowers – Production Line

Here is the original tutorial that I have used to make my flowers, so if you want to make similar flowers, give that one a read first! I’ve talked a bit about my flowers before, but this is how I’ve adapted the tutorial to make mine.

Because I’m making so many of these, I am very happy for my Silhouette SD machine.

1 - Run paper through cutter

This allows me to cut out many flowers at once, and I can easily re-size the cut file so I can get multiple sizes. The other shortcut that I took was to have the machine cut everything out exactly as I need it. The original tutorial uses a paper punch, then has you cut out single and double petal pieces to make the 5 different bits you need to make each flower. I had the Silhouette do this all for me, by creating a cut file that looks like this:

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 9.18.27 PM

It cuts the whole flower with the slit, the one with one petal separate, and the one with two petals separate. Easy-peasy! When it comes out of the machine, pull all the bits apart (some stick to the waste paper, some stick to the cutting mat) and sort them into piles of the same thing.

3 - Sort by shape

When you realise exactly how many of these you’re making, find an appropriate container, rather than little piles on the desk:

4 - Sort better!

Next pick a size and find your glue:

5 - Pick a size to work on

Then glue them all into their cone shapes.

6 - Just a bit of glue

7 - Rinse and repeat

When you’re done with one size, move on to another. I really prefer doing crafts this way – finishing all of one task, then moving on. I feel like it moves faster that way. All the cutting, all the gluing, all the trimming… It’s a good, old-fashioned production line! Once I had all the little petal cones glued, I trimmed the pointy ends off them all except the largest one. You can see the holes at the bottom of the cones in this photo:

8 - Cut all the ends

Then I cut all my wire – I’m using 18 gauge covered, because it seems the most like real stems, and I cut everything to about 9″ long. Then I put a little bend at the top of each one, about a quarter of an inch in:

9 - Cut and bend your wire

Thread the biggest flower (it should be a 5-petalled cone) on to the wire. I found it helped to make the hole in the flower with a toothpick first, then stick the bottom of the wire through and slide the flower all the way up to the bend.

11 - Flower on wire

I found the best position to hold these in was as pictured above: My index finger is pressing the paper flush against the bent bit of the wire. Now you squeeze a big glob of glue into the flower:

12 - flower filled with glue

Once this dries that wire will be stuck for good! But before it dries, plop in the 4-petal cone:

13 - the next petal

Sometimes I’d just stick this one in on top of the wire, sometimes I threaded the bent of the wire through the hole. That really just depended on how I was feeling, how big the hole was, and how long the bent piece of wire was. Glob more glue in, and put in the 3-petal cone:

14 - 3rd petals

You guessed it, glob more glue in and put in the last couple pieces (2 petal-cone, and the single petal). I found it helped to put the two centre pieces together first, as the very centre one is fiddly to put in with one hand. You don’t need to glue these when you’re prepping them, they’ll just stay because of friction.

15 - Prep these two ahead!

Stick your finished flower in a jar and let it dry! Using that much glue makes them very sturdy when dry (Glossy Accents is one of my favourites, it dries nice and hard and super-sturdy), but it does make them feel a little waterlogged when you’re working although it doesn’t give the rippled effect to paper that regular Elmer’s does. Nothing burst or ripped on me while I was working, and the wire was thick enough that no glue ever dripped out the hole and down the stem either.

Making these wasn’t terribly hard, especially with the Silhouette doing all the cutting work. We’ll see if arranging is as easy (I’m thinking not).

A Library of Flowers

Hey Cinnamon Bun, how’s the paper flower thing going?

Not bad, thanks for asking! I’ve got 50+ white roses:


A handful of smaller blue roses (the Queen of Hearts would not approve!):


And some pale pink not-roses. Not really daisies either. I’m not sure what flower these are most similar to – water lilies maybe?

DSC06341 I haven’t started making bouquets yet, but I finally feel like I have enough flowers to start that. I just need to make a few more leaves tonight, and then I can start putting things together. I’ll probably have to make more flowers, but I’ve got that down to a fine art, which I shall detail in my next post. :)

I’m not sure which ones will go into which bouquet. Right now I’m thinking of using all 3 types in my bouquet, and just the white roses in my girls’ bouquets, but I’m still wiffling back and forth on that. What would you do?

We Love: Books

One of the first things people see when they walk into our house is the fact that our large, open-plan living room is completely lined with bookcases. One of our first “dates” was curling up together on a blanket on the grass and reading our books (it was the year Half-Blood Prince came out, after all! I had priorities). Cinnamum kept saying we should work our love of books into the wedding somehow. All I’d really seen inspiration-wise for that was just piling old books of the right colours as centrepieces, or cake stands or such. It was nice, but I wasn’t too excited about it.

book wedding6 book wedding4

(pics from Booklicious)

Or, we could name tables after our favourite books/authors/characters, but we aren’t planning on having a rigid seating arrangement that needs labeling like that. And, if we were to go that way…. it’d turn into a Lord of the Rings/fantasy wedding. It’s just who we are. I think Cinnamum was genuinely scared that we’d have a wedding where she would be expected to dress like a hobbit. Interesting side note: there are 3 copies of Lord of the Rings, 3 copies of The Hobbit, and 2 copies of The Silmarillion in this house, where only two people live… We amalgamated our book collections and got rid of all the other doubles when we moved in, but neither of us wants to part with our personal copies of those books!

Then, the other night, I was wandering Etsy, as I usually do of an evening, and I found it. It was actually in my favourites, from well before us getting engaged!


These are paper hearts made from an old copy of Shakespeare’s plays by Etsy seller Bookity. Awesome, no? Go buy! I’ve got a tiny bit of guilt that Bookity has given me such a wonderful jumping-off point for my wedding inspiration, but I’m just too crafty not to make these (and many other things) myself.

We’re still finalizing our projects, and pulling inspiration from all over, but I want to show what you can buy on Etsy right now, to get that DIY-book-love feel without having to leave your computer. Click on the picture to be taken to the listing:

Poetry Bird from cottonbirddesigns

Letter Brooch from ismay

Print on old book page by BlackBaroque

Book Half Wreath from SimpleJoysPaperie

Heart Strings Garland from MaisyandAlice

Map Garland by cottonbirddesigns

In case you think I’m just a big copy-cat, I bought a bird from cottonbirddesigns – it is made out of Pride and Prejudice, and one side of it is the page where Mr. Darcy declares his feelings!