Weaving Weekend at Market Collective!

So, I know I missed Weaving Wednesday this week… I was weaving too hard!
Calgary Market Collective

Because of that my table at the Market Collective looks like this!

Calgary Market Collective

There’s a few little non-wovens as well, just in case that’s your thing. Origami Christmas ornaments, some recycled chiffon ribbon (great for wrapping presents!) and baker’s twine spools.


OK, and a weaving close-up of a newer one. I love the checkerboard near the top!

If you’re in the Calgary area, come visit this weekend!

Weaving Wednesday

All these weavings will be available at the Market Collective at the Chinese Cultural Centre December 12-14th! None of the weavings pictured have been mounted on hanging bars yet, but they will be by market time.


I went for simple and graphic for this one.


This one uses handpainted yarn scraps and a sample of a great wool/mohair roving. It makes me think of tulips and the circus at the same time!


And for a change, an in-progress shot! I found these yarns all together in a bag at the thrift store, and just had to keep the colours together. They’re all different textures, which is so fun.

Weaving Wednesday!


I love the colours in this guy! What I love so much about this one is that I spun the yarn myself! I had some natural roving, and a few neon samples that I spun in randomly. I wove this just as the colours came out of the ball, no editing. The natural wool is so lovely and rustic, I love the contrast with the neons.



This guy is so fluffy! It makes me think of clouds or something. I used a really neat yarn, that was already a big knitted tube. I think actually knitting with it would be awkward, but it makes great pouffy accents for a wall hanging. Some hangings are on copper pipe, but I loved the colour of a natural dowel for this one.


The texture on this one is great, it really needs to be seen in person. The navy yarn is luxuriously soft, and the speckled-y oatmeal is fuzzy and curly.


Come see me at the Market Collective December 12th- 14th!

Weaving up a storm


When I was a kid, my mum ran the Christmas craft fair in our town. I insisted on having my own table when I was about 5, and from then on I did a few different crafts over the years. I started out with origami ornaments, moved on to rolled candles, then poured candles (I was making candles in vintage teacups when I was 11, take that, today’s hipsters! ;))

I haven’t done a fair in years, but I have always missed them. Etsy is lovely, but I do love the atmosphere of selling at craft fairs, even though I’m definitely an introvert, and am not generally in to talking with strangers. If I’m talking about things I’ve made, I can do that for ages!

This summer I discovered the joy of weaving on a lap loom, and I also volunteered for the Market Collective weekend at the beginning of September. I took the entrance fees for a few hours each morning, and it was great to see so many people excited about handmade goods (ok, maybe some were more excited about the food trucks ;))

That weekend, I decided that I’d apply to the next Market Collective I could fit into my schedule. That’s the problem with my job – I’m usually working weekends! Luckily, MC is doing 3 weekends in December, so I could pick one I wasn’t otherwise working on!


I’m doing the weekend of December 12th – 14th!


I’ll have my woven wall hangings for sale! I’ve been working away on these, and have decided that to get people excited, and to give myself a goal, Wednesdays will be weaving Wednesdays on the blog, and I’ll feature a few of the weavings I’ve made in the previous weeks.

I’m really excited to go back to craft fairs! I’ve got a Square reader, so I’ll be able to take credit card payments – I still remember mum’s chunka-chunka machine that did the carbon imprint of credit cards, back in the day!

If you’re in the Calgary area, come visit!