Practicing Stash Control


I make sure to (eventually) put all my yarn in my Ravelry stash. Some skeins will hang out in a basket for a few months before I enter them, but at this moment in time, I believe I’m entirely caught up. I also weigh balls of leftovers (my rule of thumb is to keep it in the stash if it is bigger than a small egg) so those are all counted in here too.

When you’re on your stash page in Ravelry, there is a button to download your stash info as an Excel file. For a few years now I’ve been doing that every now and then, no set schedule, I total up the ‘Meters Remaining’ column, and add the total to this graph. Today I decided to add the fibre events I’ve been to recently as captions. Rhinebeck was a terrible influence! I’m getting close to 40,000 meters (43,744 yards)! (If you click the graph, it’ll take you to the larger version on Flickr)

I’d love to set my goal for the end of 2014 to be close to 30,000m. Picking 1500m out of the air as an average sweater quantity, that’s 6.6 sweaters. Not impossible, although of course, it wouldn’t just be sweaters I knit this year! I want to fatten up my poor sock drawer, and knit a few better-fitting hats. Plus, everyone around me keeps having babies that need to be kept warm!

I need to practice some stash self-control for a few reasons:

  • A husband in university, which means school fees and only one of us working full time.
  • We’re taking an epic summer vacation that will be so worth it, but means saving even more pennies.
  • The yarn is taking over the storage room!

I’ve started using a tag on my Ravelry projects (well, project, only one started so far this new year!) knitfromstash14. I’ve also got a companion to that, knitfromlibrary14. In the past when I’ve stopped buying yarn, I’ve kept on buying patterns, individually or in books. I have a lot, and I need to shop my library first, before looking at the paid ones. That said, I’m not going to knit a sweater I only kinda like because I didn’t “allow” myself to buy the pattern. There’s even a few projects I’m planning on making this year that I haven’t yet bought the patterns for (Maxfield, Nine Maidens, Grey Havens, Cotyledon, I’m looking at you!). The pattern thing is less of a rule, more of a guideline. :)

I’m allowing myself to buy in person – I’m really looking forward to going to San Francisco in a few weeks! Not to mention what I might find over our summer holiday. So I’m really going to try not to order online. That said, I’m going to take full advantage of entering any contest to win yarn that I can find! Come on, podcasters! I’m also accepting gifts of yarn. πŸ˜‰ Hoping for gift certificates (or yarn) for my birthday!

Do you have any yarn-related resolutions (or guildelines) this year?

PS: If you want a good laugh, read this post of mine from 2008, where my goal was to get my stash under 10,00m! HA! I was at 14,000m! HAHAHAHA!

Build-a-Batt with Tempted

There were many cool things at SSK, but one extra-cool thing was Tempted Fiber’s Build-a-Batt station. One of the tables in Tempted’s booth was devoted to little bins full of various colours and types of fibre, and you could pull off whatever you wanted, put it in a bag with your name on it, and come back later to your own personalized spinning batt!

These are the fibres I chose:


Some teal, some rainbow, some sparkle. Not very much, as I was on a budget (both cash-wise and suitcase-space-wise).

I was number 9 that day, and I left the booth for a while, then came back just in time to see Becky making my batt!


You make a little wooly sammich, then turn the crank on the instrument of torture drum carder.


And all those tiny teeth comb everything together.


A few turns through the carder, then you break into it so you can pull it off. Looks like troll hair, doesn’t it?


My finished 0.9oz batt!


Glamour shot! I love it. I think I want to corespin it, but not until I get some more practice. This is so special and pretty that I don’t want to mess it up. I’m so happy with how the rainbow fibre mixed in with the teal. I want a drum carder more than a little bit now, it was such a magical process!

Tulip Baby Jacket


The baby sweater/jacket it done! I finished the knitting (well, just casting off) last night at work, and wove in the ends this morning. I love the pattern, and the yarn, and the convenience of buying it in a kit. I did run in to some yarn troubles, but I think I dealt with them neatly.


I was concerned about the amount of teal yarn I had, so instead of doing the body, then the body edgings, then the sleeves (like the pattern directs you to), I did body (with seed stitch edging left on a holder) then completed both sleeves. I took stock of the yarn I had after both sleeves were cast off. Then I made the button bands, as directed, in the teal colour.


That’s when I was certain I really didn’t have enough teal yarn to do applied i-cord all the way around the sweater, and for the tie. The front tie was an easy decision – I had lots of pink left, and the baby is a girl, so I went with pink for the neck tie.

Then I had to figure out what to do with the rest of it. I bandied about the idea of doing applied i-cord with the scraps of other colours, to give it a very Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat look. I decided against that because I didn’t want to deal with the ends. I decided to try binding off the bottom edge in teal.


I chose to do a very elastic cast-off (my favourite: K2, *insert the left needle into the front of the 2 sts on the right needle and knit them together–1 st remains on right needle. K1, repeat from * until all sts have been bound off). After the first try, I had literally 1 inch of yarn hanging after binding off the last stitch, so I undid that, and did it again with the smaller needles called for in the pattern. It is a stretchy bind-off after all, so small needles shouldn’t really matter – and the didn’t! I was left with a longer tail to weave in properly, but it meant I was out of teal.


After much waffling, I decided to see if I had enough pink to bind off the front edges – it was either that or the orange, and that didn’t look so nice with the teal. Once again, I had the right amount!

Because the pattern was written to have continuous icord around all the edges, there was a funny little gap between the bottom seed stitch band, and the corner of the edge bands. That would easily be fixed by following the instructions for the borders, because it has you pick up some extra stitches in the corner. I could not do that, because of the yarn shortage. I ended up slipping the bottom edge stitch from each side to the bottom band’s needle, and treating them like they belonged there. That did just enough to get rid of the little gap.


All in all I’m very pleased with the sweater, and would definitely knit it again. I might even buy one skein of each colour, and make many, or matching hats or something. Someone else will have to have a baby though – the sweater is much too big for my Blue Bear.

Ulmus – DONE!

I finally finished a knitting project!


My Ulmus shawl is done, and I love it. I wrapped it around my neck today like a big scarf, and it was lovely.


It wasn’t too cold out, but there was a lot of wind today.


I finished the shawl on Saturday (at work), and blocked it Sunday. I didn’t pin it out, I just put a towel on my drying rack, and pulled it in to the shape I wanted it to be.


I just love the way the two yarns work together. The tweedy one (the one in the edging as well as the body stripes) I bought at Sock Summit, it was Color Fest Fiber Arts, and the maroon-y one I actually bought with a sock pattern in mind, but when I got it home, I realised how well it goes with this other yarn. The maroon one is Gaia’s Colours – I met her at Sock Summit (on the plane, actually!) and found out she lives in the same city as my parents, so when I visited my parents two weeks after SS09, I visited her as well. I got to see her awesome dye studio, and went on a bit of a personal shopping spree. :)

More pictures in both my Ravelry, and Flickr.

I also just received some of the cutest beads ever from an ex-local (she just moved) Etsy seller. I ordered these specially for stitch markers, and I think they’re perfect.


Currently available in the store – I have a few sets, so message me if you don’t see them!

Sock Summit Pile-O-Goodies

I took unfair advantage of the fact that Oregon has no sales tax (yet another reason to love it there) and of the fact that if I bought yarn at the Summit, I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping! We’ll ignore the cost of plane ticket and hotel stay.

I meant to focus on semi-solids, because I’ve been seeing lots of cable-y, bobble-y, texture-y patterns that I want to make. These are the semi-solids I bought:

Semi-Solid Mosaic

I love the red tweedy one! Well, really, I love them all. Clicking on that photo will take you to my flickr, where I’ve got all my Sock Summit photos. I’ll be doling them out bit by bit. :)

I did start a project while I was out there, with a skein I bought at the marketplace. I needed something simple to knit, and I’d accidentally bought a small skein of sportweight, thinking it was sock yarn. I think that was the only time I got overwhelmed by yarn fumes and made a bad purchase. I was overwhelmed most of the time, but managed to buy great SOCK yarn.

Sock Summit project

It’s a simple cowl, with a few decorative rows thrown in. The basic recipe for it is here.

Timekeeping cowl

I decided not to bother counting the 10 stockinette rows between each band either – I decided it would be a timekeeping piece, so the first stockinette band (I started at the maroon/purple end) was the Ravelry party. The big one that’s next was the Luminary panel. Next was the drive to Edmonton (for the gun class, which I passed), then the drive back from Edmonton, then I just kept going with 10 rows. It’s funny, but 10 rows seems to be where I got to every time before putting it away because I was bored or my fingers were tired.

More new projects and more new yarn later!

Cutting Back

I am really feeling a lot of clutter in my life. I don’t know if I’m suddenly looking at everything more objectively because I was living out of two suitcases for two and a half months.

I’ve been back at home for a week and a half now, and am loving it. I can’t express how happy I am to be with my boyfriend again. πŸ˜€ I’ve been enjoying cooking, being in my own kitchen, cuddling on my own couch, listening to podcasts, sitting at my desk, sorting things out, and all sorts of other wonderful little homey puttering tasks.

I’ve also been weeding things out of my closet, and other places. I shredded a lot of stuff I really didn’t need to keep, have a bag of clothes for donation, and have been checking off recipes from my list of ‘things to make’. It all makes me feel very accomplished.

The other day, I tackled the stash.


That’s most of it, there was some on the table behind me too. I took it all out of its drawers, dumped it on the couch, and then put it all back again. But this time, it was all categorized:

My entire stash

Those labels are a new addition, but those are the drawers that have housed my stash for a while now. Notice the bottom one?

Stash Drawer Organization!

I’ve had some things marked as ‘for sale or trade‘ for a while on Ravelry, not really expecting anything to come of that. I put perfectly good yarns in there, yarns I still actually like, but know I won’t get around to knitting for a while. I figured that if someone actually went to the trouble of finding them and messaging me about it, that they obviously want it more than I do, and that it is my duty to send it to them. :) Someone bought 12 skeins of Rowan Denim from me while I was away, right out of the blue, which was great. That inspired me to create this drawer, and put more in that category. Then, to generate interest, I posted in Ravelry’s ISO and Destash group. Lo and behold, I had offers on lots of it (and some double offers!) by the next morning! I’ve got three parcels in the mail already, and am still awaiting payment on some other offers. My Yarnage graph is very happy:


(Yes, I do keep track of all my yarn in Excel. Every so often I put the day’s total into this separate spreadsheet, so I can see how it has grown/declined. Love Excel!

My goal is to get my stash to under 10km (6.2 miles), and keep it there.

If all the offers I got go through, I’ll be pretty close. I’m also going to be starting a big project once I’ve finished the Clementine Shawlette, so that will help too.

Travel Knitting

Back in February, when I left my home for what turned out to be more than two months work away (it was originally only going to be one month), I gave a lot of thought to what projects I wanted to bring. I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to finish off some UFOs, as being away from my stash would force me into project monogamy. That thought also worked well in conjunction with the rule I set myself: no new yarn until the stash is under 10 kms long (when I left, the stash was 17+ kms). I brought with me two unfinished pairs of socks, and yarn for a small new project, the Eyelet Rib Bandeau.

Now that it is the day before I leave for home, it is time for a review. How did it all work out? Well, I finished one pair of socks, my Millicents. They only really needed one foot knit. I also discovered an error in the pattern, mentioned in this Ravelry thread.


Cara’s socks… are not done, but now only need one foot knit. This is starting to sound familiar. I don’t get second sock syndrome, I quite enjoy casting on the second sock. I just need to stall before I finish the foot, apparently.

The Eyelet Rib Bandeau: I swatched for it, and decided I didn’t like the way the stitch pattern looked, and was starting to doubt how much I’d wear the finished product (I still think it is super cute!). So, I looked around for something to cast on. I was hampered by the fact that I only had two knitting magazines here, and one book (and of course, teh internets). The book was Favorite Socks, which was no help for using up Rowan Cashsoft DK. This is where Ravelry came in handy, with the new experimental search. I found that I had enough yarn for another project I wanted to make, that was in the same magazine as the Bandeau! So, I cast on for the Clementine Shawlette.

Clementine Shawlette

I actually got a lot of this done backstage at the opera. I had almost no cues in all of act 3, plus I was stuck upstairs alone on the upstage side of balcony. There were windows and French doors all along it, so once the show started, I couldn’t move from where I was without being seen. So I’d sit down on the ground (no room for a chair!) and knit away. This helped with memorizing the pattern, I didn’t want to have too many loose bits up there that could accidentally get kicked over the edge. I memorized the pattern so I wouldn’t have to have the magazine up there.


I love that it is knit in two halves, rather than one piece, because I can use up every inch of yarn by just knitting until ball #2 runs out, then start again.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep this knit. I have a friend in mind who is going through a bad time, and I thought it might be nice for her, although I don’t know if she’d use it. I may just start a Christmas present box. That’s a novel concept; knitting Christmas gifts in April!

Last night I finished the first half, I’m going to start the second half today.

This trip was not without stash aquisition though: I got a great closing night gift from one of my co-workers:
Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 DSC00824.JPG

Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn! Yum! His girlfriend is a knitter, but she maintains that her only input was the idea of getting me yarn, and that he picked the yarn and colour by himself. Impressive. :) Those two pictures are the same skein, I love all the colours in it!


The projects I was talking about frogging last week? I did it. Well, I’m done 2/3. The other one I’m doing tonight.

The projects on the chopping block were (click for big!):


  • DSC00122.JPG Cleo, my oldest UFO. As in started more than three years ago. All the bits were done, and I had a bathing suit top I wanted to cut up to make a lining, but I didn’t know how to do it, so it just sat. And sat. And sat. And looking at it the other day I realised that the fabric was much, much too loose for a shirt, and it was heavy and would sag, and the world would just be a better place if it went away.
  • DSC00120.JPG Simply Lovely Lace Socks. I started these over a year ago, in yarn I Kool-Aid dyed. I got just past the heel on the first sock, when I realised they were a bit tight. That was also before I realised that I don’t want socks with holes already in them. I wear wool socks in winter for warmth. Holes are not warm.
  • DSC00121.JPG Sidewinder Sock. A fairly recent project, compared to the other two. I think it was May? ish? I knit one whole sock very very fast, grafted the eleventy-thousand stitches, and then it was too tight. The pain was a bit too new to frog it earlier, but I’m okay with it now. I’m undoing the graft, and will measure and record my gauge properly, then try again.

Now, I don’t have a swift, and all this yarn had been sitting knit up for ages, so it was going to be really curly. Wrapping around my arm is tedious, but I came up with a great solution:



My chair, the swift! I just needed to spin the chair with one hand and hold the offending item with the other. It even worked for Cleo, which was two strands of yarn held together. I just made sure to keep my fingers between the strands, started them out at different heights on the chair, and twirled away. Can your swift do that?

Yarnage counter: 16.89km


I think I have too much yarn. I also think I need to go on a ‘yarn diet’. I’m not going to buy any new yarn until 2008. I also think I need to set an ‘ideal weight’ for the stash. Below is a screen shot of the graph I got my wonderful Excel yarnage spreadsheet to produce:
Yarnage October 22

My stash, in kilometers. It’s at about 10 miles currently, for my American friends.

I think I would like the stash to hover around 8km, and to that end, I am going to try to knit only what I already have, re-sell, or give away yarn until I reach that goal. It will take well in to 2008 I think, because I have already given most of what I don’t want away. I’ll update monthly here, with a new screen shot around the first of each month.

I also want to get rid of most of my WIPs and UFOs before the New Year. I have the Capecho, and the $1.50 cardi hanging around right now. Once I finish the Millicents, those are my next projects. I’m also going to rip the UFOs I’ve had hanging around for years. The ripping is today’s project. :) Sadly, ripping out old projects means I add the yarn back into the spreadsheet, so my total will go up today.

A Quest!

My Ravelry Summer Camp pal sent me some Artfibres Golden Chai, which is just so incredibly yummy. It’s purpley-pinky, and gets about 22st/28r per 4″, according to the label. I want to find the perfect pattern for it. I have about 607 yards of it, which is a nice chunk of yarn. :)

Artfibers Golden Chai

Ideally, I’d like something that uses all the yardage, but getting two projects out of it isn’t out of the question. :)

Here are my ideas so far:

The Clementine Shawlette – (uses 438 yards) I don’t think my yarn is too variageted…

Stained Glass Scarf – (uses 325ish yards) from Handknit Holidays – I think the Chai would look great with black as a contrast, but then I’d have to get more yarn.

Flowerbasket Shawl, or similar lace shawl – would be pretty, and show off the colours, and I could do as many repeats as needed to use the yarn. The thing is, I want it to be something I wear a lot, because it is so amazing. I’m not sure how often I will wear shawls (this doesn’t stop me casting them on though. :)) Icarus might be nice…

Bainbridge Scarf – (uses 246 yards) – Very cute and different, and this yarn is made for next-to skin contact. :)

Maybe a Moebius?

Basalt Tank from Knitting Nature – especially with the mods that are linked…

A simple V-neck vest?

What would you do with this yarn? I’m starting to think about dividing it up between the Bainbridge Scarf and a Stained Glass Scarf, but how many scarves does one person need? (yes, I am a selfish knitter. mwahahaha!)

EDIT: ooh, I just bought Lace Style, and how about the Peek-a-boo Cloche? I have some squishy pale grey yarn for the inside…

I’m wondering if it might be too drapey for Bainbridge… although I think I still want to make it in some other yarn.

Back from a pseudo vaycay

My excuse for not posting recently is that I was at my parent’s house on the coast. I went out and stayed there for 5 days last week, then I came back to an empty and laptop-less house, because the boy was off freelancing in Banff. I just didn’t feel like blogging, or uploading my pics to his computer, just to move them over, when my laptop came back. So I didn’t. And I got stuff done! Knitting, cooking, cleaning… it was good.

Then Friday I couldn’t stand it any longer and drove out to Banff to visit for the weekend, and when I left today, I took my laptop too. He is working 12 hours today, so he won’t have computer time. mwahahha.

The good news that comes with a blogger taking a break, is that stuff gets done. Like DONE done.

I mentioned I left for my parents’ on Wednesday (the 24th). I finished my Two-Tone Shrug that afternoon, just a week after I started it! Sadly, that’s the only thing I don’t have pictures of, because I believe that if I put it on right now, I would immediately die of the heat. Tanks and shorts are too much clothing right now. I did wear it while in Victoria (blessed, blessed rain), but no pics.

I do have pics of…. A finished Vinnland!

IMG_2752.JPG IMG_2751.JPG

It’s rather hard to take pictures of your own feet. Especially when your skirt keeps getting in the shot (see not above about unbelievable heat. Skirts help.). You also get to see the anime collection (bottom shelf of the bookcase) and my humungo box ‘o M*A*S*H. (PS: would just like to point out that the Coles Notes are for conjugating French verbs, not books. I read books.)


I like this shot best, I find it has some movement to it.

I finished the sock while at my parents’ house, but took the photos after work on my first day back here. The second sock is about 1cm away from the heel turn. I’ve only got two weeks left at my magical knit-all-day job, so I’m going to make them count. Unless they give me stuff to do. bastards.

While in the Vic, I went to my first-ever LYS, The Beehive. And of course, there was stash enhancement. Vacation yarn doesn’t count, right?


Hand Maiden Silk Spun. It came with a ‘pattern’ for a very simple shoulder wrap, which I am going to do, as I think it’ll show of the yarn better than anything else. yum. From what I can gather from the Hand Maiden website, it is the Paris colourway. Even after going through the yarn shops here, nowhere can match the Beehive for Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden selection.

It even matches that skirt!


As I finished the Two-Tone Shrug, I needed another project (obviously. No one mention the $1.50), so I started the Firey Bolero pattern, in some Rowan Cotton Glace. I originally bought the yarn to make Crinkle from Rowan 39, but then decided that that cardi just wasn’t for me. Now I want to do the Firey Bolero, and Orangina. It’ll be like a mod twinset-type thing. Although I don’t know that I’d wear them together ever. We’ll see. The cotton seems to be pretty good to work with, not many problems (yet), but we’ll see how that all goes. Planning on getting some knitting done tonight; the boy isn’t coming home until tomorrow, as he’s working late in Banff.


The colourway is called ‘Hot Lips’ so I think it very appropriate that I break out said humungo M*A*S*H collection tonight for some knitting.

And yes, I did bring the sock to Banff, but I forgot my camera. Imagine more pictures like the last entry’s, but with less valley and more mountains.

Forgetful ol’ me

So yesterday I was gushing about how great Ravelry is for finding things. I did have a point to that, but I completely forgot at the time. But I’ve remembered, and it is so cool, it gets its own post.

I found a sock pattern (currently only comes as part of a kit) called the Boudica socks pattern. Very, very nice socks, and what looks like lovely yarn. The website is here, sadly they have frames so I can’t link right to the page, but it is the first kit listed. Beautiful socks (the designer also did the Icarus shawl and other lovelies).
They hit me even more though, because I just finished the last of four books written by Manda Scott (link is to first book, Dreaming the Eagle) about the life of the Boudica. It was a great series, completely gripping. And, I managed to find 3 of the 4 books used. :)

And a few random knitting-related links for you:
There’s a blog contest over here, you could win a pattern for a tank top plus the yarn! If you head over, say I sent you. :)

Part of the contest is to list your summer knitting goals. I’ve been meaning to do that, I actually have a scribbly Post-it somewhere with my original thoughts for knits this summer. But here are my current summer goals:

1. Finish $1.50 Cardi (current state: 1 sleeve, most of back done)
2. Finish Capecho (current state: needs seaming, collar, and any mods to fit)
3. Finish Monkey socks (current state: nearing the toe on sock #1)
4. Start and Finish the Vinnland socks (stash yarn)
5. Start new sweater/large project (when 1 and 2 are complete). I’m leaning towards Orangina or Butterfly right now.
6. Get rid of the yarn I don’t want. There’s only a couple things right now, but I may re-evaluate and get rid of more.
(7. sneaky sewing goal: no more fabric until I have used at least half of what I have)
8. Stop buying yarn. I bought my last yarn until September today, from Affiknity, who is destashing. Now I have yarn for Butterfly!

If I keep to these goals, I get to buy myself the Boudica sock kit in September.

Length of a piece of yarn?

Back in the summer of 2006 I tallied up my entire yarn stash, and put it in a spreadsheet. I then I set it up to calculate the number of kilometres of yarn that I own. I just tell it how many balls of the yarn I have, metres per ball, and how many balls of said yarn I have used so far.
Every now and then I make a note on one side of what the stash was sitting at on a certain date.
July 2006 (when I did started the sheet): 8.33km
Jan 1 2007: 7.65km
Today: 6.5km (about 4 miles for the Americans)

I’m doing rather well, especially as I’ve bought yarn this year. I do have to confess though, that it’s only so amazing today because I sold 12 skeins of brown Waterspun on eBay recently. That’s 1.4 km of yarn. Then again, 900m went into Rambling Rose, and close to that has gone into the Capecho so far. Clapotis was 500m, it all adds up. But, managing the stash isn’t just about making stuff out of the yarn, it’s about thinking about what you will actually use. I didn’t think I’d use my novelty yarn, so I donated it. I was tired of this brown yarn, so I sold it.

Also, I may have alluded to a large Webs order. I was feeling bad about that, even though I can afford it. I also had promised myself that I would constrain my yarn stash to one drawer unit, and I need room for the coming Webs stuff. I may need to get rid of more… But there isn’t anything else that screams ‘sell me!!’, so I’ll just have to get knitting.

Well, I’m back

I’ve moved in, been here more than a week now, and just about everything is unpacked. I’m very excited about this. It also made me realise just how many clothes I actually own. The answer is waaaay too many. I take up so much closet space I feel bad. And I’m planning on make more. oops.
The stash is still in its plastic tubs, residing in our craft/geek/guest bedroom. I’m going to get a set of plastic drawers to keep it all in, and that will be all the stash I am allowed. Promise. But you can bet it’s going to be one of the tall sets of drawers!
The blue binder is knitting patterns I’ve printed off the internet. Note wool winder back on the lowest shelf. Also note Elrond doing battle with… something.
I think my craft stash in general will be growing, I’ve gotten the urge to start sewing now I have my machine here. I’ve always had my machine, it’s been in storage somewhere in our house since I received it Christmas when I was 9. I never wanted to actually use it until now though. I think it may be the same reason I actually want to bake now. Mum was very good at both, and anything I did wasn’t fast enough or right enough. She was neevr mean about it, but she’s the type who can’t just stand and watch me stir something slowly because I’m getting used to it or thinking about what just went in the bowl, she’d take the spoon, give it a good whisk and call it done. Now, I can work at my own pace and not worry about anyone looking over my shoulder and tapping their foot with impatience as i check the directions for the 5th time.
I have a job at a bookstore, so I get 30% off books, my first few purchases will be how-to-sew books I think. And possible some knitting books I’ve been lusting over. :) Any recommendations?

I’m looking forward to finishing thrummed mitten #2 (had you forgotten about those? I almost had!) in time for an Alberta winter. eek.

PS: for the curious, pictures of the new home. Only the living room so far, as the rest is still messy.

The best type of shopping trip.

My creation

Okay, so I broke my Summer of Stash vows, kinda. This purchase (Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille) was one of my “conditions”, as long as I finished the thrummed mittens. I went to my LYS, I actually walked there, feeling generally bummed out about my car and then this wonderful yarn for useful things like washcloths was 40% off. I bought apple green, turqoise and pale blue. Happy colours, to make the car not sting so much.

Then, on my way back downtown after feeling generally bummed out about my shyness, I spied a used bookstore with the wonderful name of Baskerville Books. Now you may not know this about me, but I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan and have been since about age 12. Just the name was enough to make me want to spend money. Finding books I’ve been looking for (the long stories in almost the same edition I have the short stories in, a London theatre/Holes pastiche, and some of Adrian Conan Doyle’s stories) was icing on the cake. The cherry on top of the icing on the cake was that the store had a lovely dog in residence who bore no resemblance at all to the hound of the Baskervilles.

All this loot that will keep me amused for quite a while cost me only $40, which I think is pretty damn good.

Add that to my new favourite song (I’ve had it on repeat for a good while now) and I’m fairly happy right now.

The lace project is farther than that photo, I just didn’t take a photo. I almost have a whole cuff.

I’m being sorely tempted from my Summer of Stash g…

I’m being sorely tempted from my Summer of Stash guidelines.
Surprisingly, I’m not tempted badly by the amazing sale yarns (at least right now, while I am not within petting distance of them) I just really want a $20 grab bag. Because I mean, who knows what you’ll get? Possibly $100 worth of yarn for $20? That’s great! That is A-mazing. And Saturday is the day I’m in town….

I was re-reading my Summer of Stash post, and looking at what I put down for my exceptions. There is no way I’m going to finish (or possibly even start…) Tubey this summer, which was my condition for buying the yarn for Raspy. That can go away. I haven’t touched the thrummed mittens yet, so no Cotton Chennile. But I did finish my Jaywalkers and immediately cast on more socks with my Kool-Aid yarn. And $20 isn’t that much. Am I sounding desperate yet?

I <3 grab bags! They're so wonderfully full of chance! Maybe if the grab bag I promise myself that the grab bag is the only thing I’ll buy this summer, I’ll let myself do it. Problem is, going in to the yarn store is dangerous. Although, with the new transmission and everything, I think my willpower is pretty fortified. Every time I want to buy a skein of something fancy, I’ll just think of the car. It’s the world’s best deterrent. I’m taking knitting on the plane this time (a week today! My friend’s wedding!) but I have to start a new project, with plastic needles.

I just bought a ball winder. This isn’t wasteful,…

I just bought a ball winder.
This isn’t wasteful, because I will use it and use it and use it. I’m very tired of winding up balls of wool, and of course when I do it, I get the stupid type of ball that rolls around on the floor. This lovely new gadget will make lovely little yarn cakes that just sit there while you knit.
Looking forward to possibly finishing Jaywalker #1 tonight.
I think I’m going to list a bit of yarn on eBay tonight. Stuff I just won’t use, and just want out of my room, and money in my pocket. Or PayPal account as the case may be.

I went to Ikea last weekend, and bought some magazine holders, so of course as I was putting my magazines into their new homes, I had to look through them all. There’s just too much to knit. I will not live long enough to knit all I want to knit. Really. I’d need to live to at least 200. Not to mention the money thing. And new magazines/books with new patterns are coming out all the time. I mean, already in that space in my sidebar, my ‘stuff-to-knit-sometime’ collage has 25 things in. That’s a lot, plus the hundreds that I have’t got around to putting in there.