Finished Millicent Socks

Millicent Socks, started August 4th, 2007, finished March 22nd, 2008
Pattern: Cookie A’s Millicent Socks
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl in ‘Grape’, just under 4 skeins
Needles: 2.25mm Addi Turbo (US 1)
Dimensions: (Edit in later, when I find my pattern)
Pattern Notes: There is a mistake in the pattern for the left foot and toe. I asked Cookie about it on Ravelry, and she confirmed. I made no changes.
Would I knit it again? Love the pattern, but I don’t need two pairs of these socks. Nor do I need to do that much 2×2 ribbing for a long, long time.

 Look at those toes!

I love that they are mirrored.

In this photo, you can see a bit of my new favourite thing, my bright pink trench coat! Birthday present from mum. :) It’s such a great coat on grey days.


It was cold, so I had to wear tights to walk and find my photoshoot location. I don’t have appropriate shoes with me to actually wear with these socks. I have my Docs here, but they are getting a bit rough in the heels, and I didn’t want to risk holes in my fabulous new socks.

Finishing those pairs…

About time for a knitting update, isn’t it? I’m doing wonderfully on two counts:

1. The Millicent Socks


Yes, that is Millicent #2! And so close to being done. I finally got over what was keeping me from finishing it, which was an error in the pattern! The directions for the left gusset and left foot are slightly wrong. I mentioned it on Ravelry, and Cookie confirmed it, which was all I needed to get going. I find it odd no one noticed the error before, and I have seen finished Millicents… maybe I was following the pattern too blindly?


2. Cara’s Socks:


That is sock #2, partway through the heel flap. Will I have two finished pairs of socks in March? I hope so!

A quick digression on airline knitting: I recently flew from Vancouver to Calgary and back, with the Millicents in my carry-on luggage (I had no checked bags). No one said a thing. On the way back, I stuffed more needles into my bag in case I need them out here, and no one said anything. Not even the security guy who hit me on the head with his beepy paddle thingy. I was making everything beep on that trip through security, even the hooks on my bra made the thing beep.

(Please excuse the photos, I’m staying with friends of my parents, and don’t want to have to explain taking photos of half-finished socks, so I took the pics in my room in the basement.)

Finishing this sock on a bus… could you do it?

Sock Sans Model

I’ve finally taken pictures of Cara’s first finished sock! It is currently unblocked, as I’ve only just started sock #2. I know they are going to need it eventually, but I’m not sure what to do. If we had the same size feet, I could justify buying sock blockers, but Cara has teeny size 5s, and I have whopping size 8s. Any small-footed knitters want to lend me some blockers some time in March?

The sock that needs blocking

I had fun taking photos, because I finally got around to making a little light tent out of a cardboard box and some tracing paper. Opening my Etsy store was the big nudge I needed. But now I can take fancy sock pictures! I do some adjusting in Photoshop, but I did nothing at all to the photo above.

Cara's Sock

That’s my hand, pretending to be a foot. It makes me think of a cobra or something.

Sock #2 for Cara has almost reached the end of the top ribbing, so I’m not too far along on that. Once again, I blame Etsy. I’m sure if my work really knew what I did most of the day, they’d blame Etsy too. But they don’t know, and they all say I’ll be missed when I leave this Friday (who are they kidding, I’m just one in a long line of temps).

Embossed Leaves Toe

I’m leaving on Friday because on the following Wednesday, I’m flying out to Vancouver for work! I’ll be out there until probably the first week in April. I’m taking the Etsy stock (it all fits into a shoe box), and more importantly, I taking my Knitting!

I’ll be staying with a friend of my mum’s for most of it, and I’ll have about a 45 minute commute each way between her house and work. And we all know what car-less commutes mean… knitting time! And reading time! The thing is, I need some advice.

More Embossed Leaves

I was a car-sick kid (never seasick though). This was not fun on the journey between our house at the time, and my grandparents in Vancouver (but there were two ferries between all the twisty driving, so at least my parents had a respite on the boat). I’m not that bad any more, but I can’t read in a moving vehicle, I start to feel gross, and like I’m going to barf. I’m extrapolating this to mean that knitting on the bus may do the same thing to me. Any tips to help me, so I don’t go mad on the rides? Any way to combat knitting-induced bus-sickness? I’ve never really had to bus anywhere regularly, so I haven’t had the time to build up an immunity.

Cara’s Socks

I’m knitting my first pair of socks destined for someone else.


My friend Cara has had some pretty horrible health news recently (well, before Christmas, I’m just slow) and as soon as I heard about it, I knew she needs some fuzzy, cozy socks made just for her. I had some yarn in my stash that just screamed “CARA!” and the yarn gave me the idea for the perfect pattern.

The yarn is a lovely green, with touches of brown and purple, from All Things Heather. I got it for donating to a kids’ book drive she did on her blog a little while ago.

Because of the gorgeous greens in the yarn, I knew the pattern had to be leafy. And Cara is all about the outdoors, so I narrowed it down to either Elfine’s Socks, or Embossed Leaves from IK. I finally settled on Embossed Leaves, they seemed slightly less lacy, and she lives somewhere colder rather than warmer.


These socks are filling all sorts of purposes. I have a whole list of resolutions/goals that I will post about later (I’m doing this), but these socks get me on the way to lots. It is stash yarn, a stash pattern (in Favorite Socks), I’m knitting socks, and… I’m sure there was a 4th one. Either way, great.

This is also the first of my close friends to have any sort of huge health issue like this. Well, technically she’s been told she’s only at risk, but a very probable risk it seems, for some biggies. She’s only 24… just a year older than me, and I can’t imagine a doctor telling me the things hers has told her. But she’s strong and amazing (she is Cara, after all :)) and deserves something fuzzy.

Giving them will be interesting, as I don’t think any of my high school friends know I knit. I’m not keeping it from them, we just don’t talk about stuff like that.

In my infinite wisdom…

First, some eye candy*.

*(not my leg, the sock!)




The finished Millicent! Isn’t it pretty? I still need to weave in the starting end, but it is otherwise raring to go. I used less than 2 skeins of Louet Gems, and I have size 8 feet and average ankles/calves. Full measurements used when I finally finish sock #2.

Millicent #2 got some attention yesterday. And then I had to rip out all I did that day. I had left it off at the end of the heel flap. In my keenness to be done with it…. I started the gusset without turning the heel. What is sad is that I managed to pick up all the stitches (thinking ‘is it always this awkward?’) and knit a couple rows before noticing.  I was stuck on a line of the pattern… it seems likein  the traveling k2p2 band, the stitches don’t stack neatly on top of each other. Although, that could be something to do with me having totally the wrong number of stitches, and the wrong shape of sock when I was doing that part.

Lady of Leisure

I’m a lady of leisure now that the show is over. At least until the 21st. :)

I had debated about finding work for this in-between time, but I think I made the right choice. I deserve some rest, right? And it’s not like I’m totally not working, I had my first ever union call on Sunday, and I’m doing a day at a theatre this coming Wednesday.

The first thing this lady of leisure did was…. laundry. But after that, I knitted! I got quite a few more stripes done on my bright stripes scarf. Pictures tomorrow, because I knitted (and cooked dinner) until it was dark.

I do have some pics of my Millicent progress though. These pics are from a week or two ago. They are closer to the same length now, as since I took the pictures, I’ve only worked on the shorter one. These pics were also taken inside, at night. The new camera didn’t do too badly, but daylight is still better.


What I have left to knit is about the equivalent of a pair of regular socks. Which is heartening and depressing all in one go. I have to say that I’m looking forward to finishing them.


The show is closed, it went well. My mum was visiting for a few days recently, and that also went well. She left us with a very well-stocked cupboard and fridge. And me with some new clothes. :)

I’m planning on using my 10 remaining days of leisure time on knitting, tidying, cooking, and possibly even sewing. Having just had my mum here, I’m all shopped out for a while (apart from an HMV gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet) so I won’t be tempted to spend money. Which is good, as I’m not earning any.

I’m hoping to finish knitting a project or two (Millicents? don’t know) and maybe go through the stash again. I’m all about paring down, especially after the shopping sprees mum took me on. All worthwhile sprees, I now own a frying pan! And jeans without holes!

Don’t put your knitting in the Dryer

So the other day, I was doing laundry. Like you do. I have laundry in my suite, which is wonderful, so I was watching TV and knitting while it was going. The dryer buzzed, so I got up, got the laundry out, threw it on the other couch and started sorting. We have two couches (loveseats really), and generally sit on one, and the other one is relegated to laundry sorting and guests.

So I’m sorting, and find a few damp items. I throw the offending items on to the couch I had previously been occupying with my knitting. Mission: Sort accomplished, I grab the bundle of damp clothes, and throw them in the dryer, and go about my business. I watch TV, I knit some. The boyfriend phones on his way home from work, and that reminds me about the laundry that is now dry. I open the dryer while still on the phone, and all the boyfriend gets is ‘OH. MY. GOD. I have to go. Call you back.’

I had gathered up my knitting bag with the damp stuff, and had thrown it in the dryer! It wasn’t zipped up either. It had the other partial sock in it, not the one I was knitting, which is why I didn’t notice.

While the Millicent escaped any felting disaster (I would’ve cried), do you know what happens when you put the very loose bit of a centre-pull ball that is almost finished up in a dryer?



Close up:


Surprisingly, it wasn’t too terrible to untangle. I found that leaving the PJ pants in the mess, rather than try to drag them out actually helped the process.

And in better news, that particular sock is almost to the ankle. In worse news, my digital camera is now making any picture I take look like this:


That’s both Millicents as of a few days ago. Impressive, huh?

Why didn’t my electronics break when I was brining home a real paycheck? My laptop needs a new battery too.

Millicents, so far


My Millicents are coming on fairly well, considering how limited my knitting time has been recently. Today I finally finished the cuff of the second sock, and have about 2cm more ribbing than I do in the photos.

I put them on to stretch out the lace pattern for photos, but when they’re done, the lace will be the other way up, folded down over the 2X2 ribbing, more like this:


So right now I am essentially knitting a bit that will be forever hidden. Never seen. And yet it is still a good 15cm (per sock!) that needs knitting. sigh. But they’re so pretty!


The ribbing on the longer one is about halfway there, I’m pointing at it in this pic. Please excuse the bright white legs.

I’m really enjoying working with the Louet gems. I haven’t found any knots (and I’ve balled up 4 skeins) and it isn’t splitting. The colour is also wonderful. I think I’m going to need to find some really cool shoes to wear these with.


I started these socks as part of Ravelry’s Sockdown!, being held in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group. Basically, a set of ‘rules’ is laid down which gives each month (starting this August) a designer and a technique (August was Sockbug or lace). You finish a pair of socks by that designer, or using that technique by the deadline, and are entered to win prizes. August was lace, and the deadline is September 30th. Back when I started, I calculated that I’d need to knit at least 2.5cm per day to make it. If that was true, I’d be more than half done. I’m about 25% done, with close to 0 knitting time on the horizon until about the 21st. I think I may have been to ambitious (especially considering I knew what a timesuck my new job would be), but there is still a chance. The rest of the socks are just ribbing, no more following a chart.


Once both legs are decreased a bit (after 12.5cm of straight ribbing, each…argh) I want to put them both on one circular. I tried that when casting on, and it was just a huge mess, mainly because the circ I have isn’t quite long enough for two socks the circumference of my calves. Once they get to normal sock size, it should be okay.

Having these just be ribbing now means that both projects I have on the go are simple TV-projects. If these weren’t on a deadline, I’d start something new…

PS: The socks I’m going to start in October (Nancy Bush or cables)? Bayerische, both at the same time on one circular. Am I crazy? At least I was sane enough to not even try doing anything for the challenge in September (Grumperina or toe-up).

Invisible Progress Beast

So I’ve been plugging away at my Millicent socks. I have changed, and am doing them one by one, as my circular is too short for two at a time on Magic Loop. Here is where I was yesterday morning:


Here is where I was yesterday evening:


Looks the same right? Wrong. The first picture has 7 lace motifs around the sock. The second picture has only 6. Yeah. I tried it around my leg, and even taking in to account the other layer of sock that will be under that cuff…. much too big. I could pinch out one whole motif easily, so I ripped. And re-did. The lace has less mistakes now though. :)

Finished Vinnlands



Finished Vinnland Socks, started June 24th, 2007, finished August 3rd, 2007
Pattern: Vinnland Socks from The AntiCraft
Yarn: Fleece Artist Sea Wool, 1 skein, with golf ball-sized bit left over
Needles: 2.5mm all the way through
Dimensions: for my size 8 foot (cast on for 23cm (9″) size)
Pattern Notes: Exactly as written! Well, mostly.
Would I knit it again? I really liked it, but there are so many sock patterns out there, I don’t think I ever want to repeat myself. Then again, the ribbing is so stretchy, it’d make a great gift sock.


My first toe-up sock, and my first short row heel. I like it. I can’t say whether or not I like it better than the heel flap yet, but I like doing new techniques. I put my hand under my foot for that photo because I realised that photographing a grey sock against greyish concrete was not the best idea.

The yarn is lovely, it’s got a nice sheen and is very soft. Here’s hoping it holds up to being worn.


It took me a while to do these, mainly because I stopped partway through the first one and took a break. Can you guess why, looking at the photo above? Anyone? Here, let me zoom in:


Now you see it, don’t you? I use a little Post-it to mark my place on the chart, and one day I took the pattern out of the bag to find that the Post-it had fallen off. It was still early days in the knitting, and I wasn’t living and breathing the pattern yet, so as I was trying to figure out what row it was, I made a mistake. To be fair, this pattern has two rows (rows 8 and 16) that are just 2×2 ribbing. I just chose the wrong one. I didn’t notice until a few more repeats up, but I decided not to frog. It all blends, and I think the colour of the yarn helps hide it too. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I still like them, and find it sort of neat that they’re different. Of course, the pattern ends at different points at the cuffs now, as you are instructed to stop on row 8 or 16. The first sock (with its extra half a repeat) stops at 16, the correct sock stops at 8. Oh well.

Back from a pseudo vaycay

My excuse for not posting recently is that I was at my parent’s house on the coast. I went out and stayed there for 5 days last week, then I came back to an empty and laptop-less house, because the boy was off freelancing in Banff. I just didn’t feel like blogging, or uploading my pics to his computer, just to move them over, when my laptop came back. So I didn’t. And I got stuff done! Knitting, cooking, cleaning… it was good.

Then Friday I couldn’t stand it any longer and drove out to Banff to visit for the weekend, and when I left today, I took my laptop too. He is working 12 hours today, so he won’t have computer time. mwahahha.

The good news that comes with a blogger taking a break, is that stuff gets done. Like DONE done.

I mentioned I left for my parents’ on Wednesday (the 24th). I finished my Two-Tone Shrug that afternoon, just a week after I started it! Sadly, that’s the only thing I don’t have pictures of, because I believe that if I put it on right now, I would immediately die of the heat. Tanks and shorts are too much clothing right now. I did wear it while in Victoria (blessed, blessed rain), but no pics.

I do have pics of…. A finished Vinnland!

IMG_2752.JPG IMG_2751.JPG

It’s rather hard to take pictures of your own feet. Especially when your skirt keeps getting in the shot (see not above about unbelievable heat. Skirts help.). You also get to see the anime collection (bottom shelf of the bookcase) and my humungo box ‘o M*A*S*H. (PS: would just like to point out that the Coles Notes are for conjugating French verbs, not books. I read books.)


I like this shot best, I find it has some movement to it.

I finished the sock while at my parents’ house, but took the photos after work on my first day back here. The second sock is about 1cm away from the heel turn. I’ve only got two weeks left at my magical knit-all-day job, so I’m going to make them count. Unless they give me stuff to do. bastards.

While in the Vic, I went to my first-ever LYS, The Beehive. And of course, there was stash enhancement. Vacation yarn doesn’t count, right?


Hand Maiden Silk Spun. It came with a ‘pattern’ for a very simple shoulder wrap, which I am going to do, as I think it’ll show of the yarn better than anything else. yum. From what I can gather from the Hand Maiden website, it is the Paris colourway. Even after going through the yarn shops here, nowhere can match the Beehive for Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden selection.

It even matches that skirt!


As I finished the Two-Tone Shrug, I needed another project (obviously. No one mention the $1.50), so I started the Firey Bolero pattern, in some Rowan Cotton Glace. I originally bought the yarn to make Crinkle from Rowan 39, but then decided that that cardi just wasn’t for me. Now I want to do the Firey Bolero, and Orangina. It’ll be like a mod twinset-type thing. Although I don’t know that I’d wear them together ever. We’ll see. The cotton seems to be pretty good to work with, not many problems (yet), but we’ll see how that all goes. Planning on getting some knitting done tonight; the boy isn’t coming home until tomorrow, as he’s working late in Banff.


The colourway is called ‘Hot Lips’ so I think it very appropriate that I break out said humungo M*A*S*H collection tonight for some knitting.

And yes, I did bring the sock to Banff, but I forgot my camera. Imagine more pictures like the last entry’s, but with less valley and more mountains.


….doesn’t actually stand for Knitting Country. But it should. :)The boyfriend and I went out to Kananaskis Country for a little mid-week vacation. Well, he was sent out there for work, and I tagged along for the ride. He was working at a conference, so the conference people paid for his room, and food. The room was great because they lost the original booking, so we got put into the room of a conference delegate who canceled at the last minute. Very exclusive place, chocolates on the pillows, king size bed, etc.

While he was working I had plenty to amuse myself with. I had books, walks, and of course, knitting. :)

(click all pics for bigger!)

I brought two projects with me, for variety:


(wonderful project bags from PiddleLoop on etsy, sitting on the fountain in the hotel’s main entrance.)

The number bag contains my Vinnland sock, and the dot bag contains the yarn for a project from:


(sitting on a bench by the pond the above fountain feeds)

I have yarn in that bag for the Two-Tone Shrug. I decided to cast it on, knit with big yarn for a change. And oh, did I knit.

IMG_2728.JPG IMG_2740.JPG

(back at the fountain, and out in a mountain meadow with a flower of a similar colour)

I was almost finished the raglan increases by the time we left. Now I’ve just started on the first sleeve. The yarn is Classy by Dream in Color, they of the adorable baby cardis. The colour is ‘Wisterious’. I’ve got an oatmeal-y Cascade 220 for the contrast… but it isn’t superwash, it’s one of the Heathered colours. The purple is superwash, but I like the colour combo. sigh. I can deal with hand-washing I guess.

The sock felt a bit left out, as I ignored it for the whole time, so we did a photoshoot on the last day. Part of the reason I ignored it was because I’m almost done, but concerned about amount of yarn, and wanted to weigh it before I decide what to do next. I suppose I could’ve called room service for a scale….


(looking up at the mountains)


(and down to the valley)

(at lookout #4, not picking flowers)

Sometimes I forget about the amazing landscape that is just an hour away from here. I need to remember that when I complain about there being no green in this city.

Goin’ slow

I haven’t been knitting too much recently, I don’t know where my spare time has been going. Actually, I do. It’s a new obsession: Stargate SG1. I’d never watched it before, but my boyfriend bought season 1 on DVD and we sat down to watch and it is SO. GOOD. We’re halfway through Season 2 now. It’s so good I don’t knit during it, because I actually want to watch it.

Still plugging away on Vinnland #1, I think I’ll finish it today. :)  I say that because I’m at work, but no one else is, and I finished my crazy (252 pages) of data entry.

This week will be a good knitting week I believe, as the boyfriend and I are going away for a couple days. He’s working out of town for 3 days, being put up at a hotel, and I’m going to tag along. I’m going to take the Vinnlands, and another project, for variety. I’m not sure if I want it to be another pair of socks, or the Two-Tone Shrug from Fitted Knits. I’ve really been itching to start that one, so I may do that.

Magic of Socks

I think Nona’s Sidewinder socks must have some sort of magic in them. Definitely the fastest sock I’ve ever knit. That said, I haven’t done the grafting yet (putting it off!), but the body of the sock was done on Saturday! I only started on Thursday! I may do the grafting tonight.

Sunday I had a boring work day, so I started another sock. Not the second Sidewinder! I was too impatient to try out the Vinnland pattern and my wonderful Fleece Artist Sea Wool. My gauge was a bit small compared to the pattern (32st/4″ rather than 29st/4″) so I cast on for a size bigger than I would normally need. It seems to be working.

People always talk about the magic of turning the heel and what an epiphany moment it is with socks, etc etc. I never found the heel that exciting. My magic moment came on Sunday, when I was doing box office for a 5 hour Chinese opera. The toe of a toe up sock… well, the one in the Vinnland pattern anyway, is just magical. I’m knitting flat, knitting flat, increasing, decreasing, OMG I HAVE A TOE POCKET! It was very cool. Yesterday I got about halfway through a repeat of the cable-y pattern at work, hoping for more today. Once I’m done this sock, I’ll do the other Sidewinder.

Saturday I went to the Summer Solistice Sale at Make One Yarns. I bought stuff. I’m a terrible person. But really, who can resist 40% off Rowan? Only certain Rowan, but I made sure I was there before the store even opened so I could get my hands on some Tapestry:

IMG_2705.JPG IMG_2707.JPG

40% off, my friends! That means I got a sweater’s worth for about $50, which is just amazing for Rowan. I also bought a pattern book/leaflet, Rowan Pure Wool Collection. Everything is simple, yet lovely in it, I had been hesitating buying it earlier, but snapped it up for 50% off. I got a couple other things as well, for smaller projects, but will leave that as blog fodder for a later date. :)

The Tapestry is going to become Sorrel, I’ve been wanting to make it for a while, but didn’t want to shell out the yarn money.

Had a job interview on Thursday that I think went well, but no news yet. Had another one yesterday that was odd. I felt happy but I was in and out of there in 5 minutes. He said he just wanted to put a face to the name, but I’ve been (obsessively) running it over, and I keep wondering if I made that bad of an impression? I don’t think so. Granted, it was pouring rain and cold outside, and yet I had summery cropped khakis and ballet flats…. It looked sunny when I got dressed that morning! So I did feel a bit absurd in my clothes, but it wasn’t like he was in a suit and tie or anything. It’s theatre, it’s casual. You get the crazy-artist types and their wacky clothes. :)

I would love to get both these jobs I interviewed for, so think positive!

Weekend Startitis

I got a nasty case of start-itis over the weekend.

I had been knitting away on the right front of my $1.50 cardi, when I decided to hold it up against the back piece. The armholes were at totally different heights. I was suddenly thrown off my “this-will-be-the-best-knit-ever” horse. Then I realised that the back was all crinkly and shrunk from the stitch pattern, so I stretched it and measured. The front would also be a different size when blocked, so I tried to stretch that too. I didn’t have enough hands. So I decided to block the back piece to make measuring easier.

IMG_2689.JPG IMG_2690.JPG

Even with the back all blocked, the front armhole still starts lower. But then again, the front needs to be stretched too, to open up the lace. I hope that between stretching it up and sideways, it’ll grow that little bit it needs. If not, oh well, I’ll just frog back.

I’m also getting slightly concerned about running out of yarn, but we will not speak of that.

Friday these length worries had gotten to me, so I found a ball of sock yarn, and brought that and some needles to work to swatch for the Sidewinder Socks. I got gauge, but couldn’t actually start at work, as I had no waste yarn, and I got gauge on needles I only have as DPNs. That was put away until I could get to my LYS.

So Friday night, my cardi was blocking and awaiting analysis, my LYS closed before I got off work, and my boyfriend was at work. What’s a girl to do? Cast on for a lace shawl, that’s what!


It’s the Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern from Victorian Lace Today (on page 54). The pattern calls for a size 6 needle, but my yarn is a bit thinner, so I started on size 5s. I knit a bit that night, and a bit more at work on Saturday. I got 9 rows done.

Sunday, I went to my LYS to pick up a needle for those Sidewinders, and a needle for the shawl (my Denises were snagging the yarn at the joins). Addi (which is the circular line they have) doesn’t do 2.25mm needles. bah. I picked up a 2.0mm instead, as with socks, you should probably err on tighter gauge than looser. Then, while looking at the bit of shawl I had knit with Amy, I realised it was much, much too open for my tastes, so I bought a 3.25mm (US 3) for that one. Sadly, they had none of the lace Addis in that size. I bought a Natura, because I do like the bamboo.

So I got home, and cast on for the Sidewinders, and worked on that for most of the rest of the day.


I don’t want to leave the cardi behind in the dust, but the different sizes and stitch patterns and blocking sizes were making my head all exsplody.

Finished Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks

Monkey Socks, started May 15th, 2007, finished June 6th, 2007
Pattern: Cookie A’s Monkey from knitty
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, 1 skein
Needles: 2.5mm/US 1 Addi Turbo (magic loop!)
Dimensions: Fits my 9.5″ long foot (Size 8/8.5)
Pattern Notes: I did 1/2″ of ribbing instead of 1″, and 5 leg repeats instead of 6. My foot was 6 repeats long. I made sock #1 with 7 foot repeats, because I forgot that lace is very stretchy. I finished sock #2 with 6 repeats, and it fit perfectly, so I ripped back the first one, and re-knit the toe in the proper place.
Would I knit it again? Definitely! With better yarn this time.

Monkey Socks 3 I really like the Colinette Jitterbug, but this colourway was very, very pooly. There are long expanses of black, a lot of grey, then shots of other colours. As you can see, the black really liked to pool together. But I don’t really mind the pooling, and I really wanted to make this pattern, so I didn’t bother finding another pattern. I think the black would pool in most patterns.

Monkey Socks 2

Now I’m finally going to get some work done on my $1.50 cardi, yay!

PS: I edited these pictures in an online photo editor called Picnik. Very fun! And better than silly iPhoto. I wish I had Photoshop. :(

Status update

IMG_2605.JPGSo I didn’t get much knitting done over the weekend, I was too distracted by my wonderful new blog. :) I still can’t believe I have my own domain name! This is endlessly amusing to me.

I’ve got about 5 pattern repeats to go on the foot of my 2nd Monkey sock. I’ve been doing 6 repeats, and I have about size 8 (sometimes 8.5) feet. For reference, about 9.5″ long. I hope to finish that sock this week. My next sock project will use the wonderful Fleece Artist yarn you see to the left. It is going to become the Vinnland socks from the Anti-Craft.

But first, I think I’ll work some more on the $1.50 cardi. The Monkey socks weren’t supposed to take all my attention away from it, but they did. I’m at the start of the shoulder decreases at the back, so I’m almost done the big annoying piece. The fronts are different, so that’ll be fun to do, and then I just have one sleeve left! I think putting all that time inbetween sleeves helps eliminate that boredom of Sleeve Island. As long as you take good notes on the first one, so they can match.

I also want to tell you about a wonderful thing I discovered for printing patterns off the internet. The booklet function on my work printer. I was poking around, trying to find the ‘print double-sided’ setting, when I noticed a box that said ‘booklet’, I tried that, it is is great! It prints it out, 2 pages to a sheet (so yes, the text is kinda small. I can still read it easily though) and double-sided, so if a pattern would be four pages normally, this uses only one piece of paper. You just need to fold in half, and possible staple if it has more than 4 pages. They’re just such cute little books! And they fit better in a knitting bag than an 8.5″x11″, they’re little 8.5″x5.5″ booklets that are just too cute. And so far, on all the ones I’ve printed, the cover page has worked out perfectly with just the title, picture, and designer’s blurb.

So if you have a fancy printer with a booklet setting, I say use it! You’re saving paper too!!

Exciting news! I won my first blog contest! And oooh, what a prize I got.
The contest was at Knitting as Fast as I Can, and I won a move to WordPress, and a year of bloghosting! I’m going to be all fancy and have my own domain name!
It is something I had thought about doing, before I switched to Blogger, but it was all too overwhelming, and I wasn’t sure I had the skillz to make my blog look pretty.

I’ve spent all today looking at WordPress themes and Widgets and crazy things. I’m very excited. I haven’t heard from the company yet, so I don’t know when it will start, but sometime this summer this blog will end, and pick up again at my new place. 😀 eeee!

I’m on the gusset of the Monkey socks, maybe I’ll finish this weekend? Not sure.