The Importance of Reading Patterns

I’ve been working on one of the fronts of the $1.50 cardi, the cabled side. But for some reason, every time I look at it, I think it is a sleeve, and then I think ‘that’s too small for a sleeve!’, and wondering why the directions tell me to knit for something like 15″ without any shaping for my little arms. Then I remember that I am in fact knitting the front of a cardigan. Then the next time I pick it up, I go through it all again. It’s a vicious cycle.

The other mistake I made was in the lace pattern. There are no stripes on this side, just a cable and lace around it. For the stripey part of the sweater, you do the lace rows in a certain sequence. I did that for the lacey part of this front, and found I was getting an odd stockingette stripe in my lace, for just one row (well, rows 7 & 1). It was small, but noticeable. I re-read the front directions, and it seemed like I was doing it right. Then I re-read the lace directions, and found that it said ‘repeat rows 3-6 for pattern’. I see now that you just do the other rows when you’re about to finish the lace pattern, so it isn’t lopsided or anything. At some point in my knitting life, I would’ve just left it, because it wasn’t a glaring thing. But I want to have more confidence in my knitting, and be more likely to wear things out, so I ripped back. It felt good! I’m not scared of ripping out any more either, I now have enough faith in my self to rip back to the right place, and pick up all the stitches.

I’ve been good about not buying yarn. It’s hard now that I know Pudding Yarn is so close to me. I practically walk by it every time I go to rehearsal. It’s hard not to stop in, but I haven’t. The last thing I bought there was Rowan 40. I love the foresty rustic style of the the cover photo, and the ‘story’ that piece belongs to. I want to be more woodland in my style of dress. (I also find I like a kind of Victorian street urchin style for winter. Men’s style trousers, vests, fingerless mitts, leather shoes, all very pretty. Not that I have much like that, but I like to imagine. I want a good pair of brown leather boots for next winter. See also HotPatterns’ Artful Dodger line).

Has anyone heard about Yarn School? I would love to go, but I either have to fork out $400 airfare, or drive for 25+ hours. ick to both! If it was within a day’s driving distance, I would so go, it looks like it’d be wonderful. I wouldn’t pay the fee plus the airfare, even though it would be fun. If I’m spending that much on a vacation, I want to spend it with my loving boyfriend. :)

And because no post is complete without pictures, here is some All Things Heather sock yarn:

I donated to a book fund on her blog a few months back, and I got this in the mail in return a little while ago. Green and purple, two of my fav colours! yay! I’m thinking of Horcrux socks. Vinnlands first though, and I’m not casting on for those until I have at least this front of the $1.50 done.

New project love

I have a new project that I love. That makes me sigh whenever I look at it.
It’s the Swedish Heart-Warmer Shawl from Handknit Holidays.


So pretty! I was going through my knitting books the other day to relax a bit, and saw it. It didn’t strike me when I first got the book, but now… oh be still my needles!
I really want to make it. Even though I never saw myself as someone who wears triangular shawls, I want this one. And I’ve searched the ‘net, and can’t find anyone who has made it. Most reviews of the book seemed to mention it and say how lovely it is, but I can’t find a finished one.

But that Webs yarn arrived the other day, and so I’ve got all sorts to knit. I think I’ll finish the sock soon, I just need to pick out what project to come after it. Which do I take to the hotel?

Well, I can’t start anything from Victorian Lace. I packed up my craft books tonight, and I know for certain that VL is on the bottom of the box (big books on bottom!). I’m waffling between the Cabled Bandeau or the Dollar and a Half cardi, both from the Spring IK. If I had the book, I’d start on Crinkle (Rowan 39), but I still need to get that pattern.

I swear, that magazine is going to get so battered! I drag it back and forth to work for the socks, even though I only need the pattern for the heels and toes. Soon I’m going to be dragging it around for these sweaters. I’m super-picky about my books staying nice, but I think it is fun going through magazines and seeing notes in the margins, and wear on the pages you look at a lot. Although there are some unfortunate water blotches on the front of this one… the girl looks like she has a mustache.

Spring IK

But first, go here and help another Heather bring literacy to the world! You may even get some yarn. :)

Yesterday I updated my Flickr set of Future Projects. It was a nice feeling, deleting the few that I have made, but I added in more than I took out. And there’s still tonnes more that I just haven’t gotten around to putting in there. But here is what I’m thinking about from the new IK:
Dollar and a Half Cardi
Dollar and a Half Cardi.
LOVE IT. WANT IT NOW. I think I want to try a bamboo yarn, it needs to be a drapey one (well the patern yarn is linen!). It’d be a nice summery sweater. I want to use a colour, but if I do it in a neutral, I could wear it with everything… Navy blue? That same brown?
Entrelac Socks
Entrelac Socks.
SO CUTE! Not entirely sure how comfy they would be, but they are adorable.
And, does anyone know where Eunny has gone? The socks are her design, and I love reading her blog, but it hasn’t been updated for a while. Or bloglines has lost her.
Eyelet RIb Bandeau
Eyelet rib Bandeau
Very cute I think, it could also work over a collared shirt too. An alternative to a vest for office wear. I’m thinking teal, or emerald green.
Green Tea Raglan
Green Tea Raglan
Cute, kinda plain, which can be good. I really don’t like doing moss stitch though, so probably not.
Roza's Socks
Roza’s Socks
I like socks. I like that this pattern is simple too, so you could do it with a variagated yarn.

I think my first project from this mag will most likely be the Bandeau, then the cardi. And the socks in there somewhere.

Yet more Future Projects

I’ve been getting bored at work lately, and so have been surfing knitting books on the web. If anyone complains, it is work related, I am in charge of the craft section after all. :)
The downside is that I’ve been adding more and more things to my ‘to knit list’, and I’ve also had to resist buying a lot of knitting books. Time to share a few new finds of mine:
rowan lush.jpg
Lush, from Rowan’s Denim People. The upside is that I do have this book already! The downside: not only is it a tunic (more fabric to knit), it’s in yarn that shrinks 20% after washing, so you have to knit it 20% longer to begin with (even more yarn)! But it sure is pretty. Still undecided as to which shade of the denim I’d use. I really like the super-dark blue, and the cream is also nice, although I hear it is scratchier to knit with.

Glad from Rowan 39
I don’t have this Rowan yet, sadly, so that would add to the cost of the cardi. I liked working with Kidsilk Haze for mum’s scarf. But again, lovely garment that is made up of entirely too much fabric. That’s a whole lot of knitting. For this one, I’m thinking Kidsilk Haze in either Trance (blue), Hurricane (different blue), or Jelly (green). Oh, or Candy Girl (bright PINK).

Silk Sleeves from One Skein
I have this book, so that’s good. Also, the whole project is only one ball of KSH. I think I’d be more likely to wear these in the colour ‘Jelly’, than a whole sweater. I like the colour, but it is a bit… loud.

I haven’t actually done any knitting because I don’t feel like the Bubble Jacket, and I need to buy some needles to start the colourwork on the armwarmers. And all I really feel like doing is napping.

Romantic Knits

I saw this book at work today. It looks good, but I think all the patterns have been published before. I mean, the cover is Butterfly for pete’s sake! River is in there too, and quite a few others I recognized. Pictures are here.

I love the hooded shrug and the blue chevron lace sweater.
shrug.jpg sweater.jpg

I find it interesting that the book uses the same pictures as the Rowan magazines, and yet the book isn’t endorsed by Rowan. Or should I say, it isn’t a Rowan publication like say, Denim People. All the ones I recognized as Rowan patterns gave Rowan yarn as the suggested yarn. I can’t remember if all the patterns did though.

Plodding away on my bubbly jacket, the ribbing took forever, but looks nice and even. The pattern says to do it on a needle a size lower, but I’m using US 5s for the body, and that’s as low as my Denise set goes. In looking for a smaller needle size, I found that the only needles I had that were smaller were sock needles. I ended up starting on 2.5mm DPNs. Rubber band on the end of each one, and a bulldog clip for when I put them down, so the stitches didn’t pop off the overloaded needles.

I’ve done the first bit of bubble pattern, and then found a mistake. boo. I found where I need to put in the extra stitch, I’m still not sure how I lost one though.

Winter Sweater Project

Every good knitter needs a winter sweater project. Lots have more than one! So far, I’m just aiming for one and hoping I can finish that.
I bought the chocolate brown Waterspun in the summer of 2004. I was going to make the skirt from IK’s Heathered Duo. Then I realied that a knit skirt was the baddest of bad Ideas, so the bag of deliciously soft Waterspun has languished in the stash for just over two years now.
I made my Rogue in a camely-tan shade of Waterspun, but sadly I’ve hardly worn it, as it was just a little bit too small, and much, much too warm. I’ve been wanting to make something out of the chocolate shade (cocoa is its actual name) for a while, but haven’t been able to find the right pattern.
The yarn is super-warm. This cannot be a pullover-type garment, it needs to be able to be opened to cool off. Or, zipped up to keep you toasty warm. My Rogue is all right as long I only wear it outside, on cold, cold days. Although, I will be getting many many more cold days here than I did in BC.
As you can tell from the picture above, I was thinking of making IK’s Sunrise Circle Jacket. The gauge? Completely 100% WRONG. And on something as crazily constructed as that jacket, that is a bad idea. So I decided to do something crazy. I measured the guage swatch I made for the SCJ, wrote it down, and then went through all the patterns I’ve printed off the net, and all the knitting magazines I have (well, winter and fall issues anyway, have I mentioned this is damn warm yarn?) looking for cardigan/jacket patterns with a certain gauge.
I go through all my magazines some time after I’ve had my first few looks through them and put stickies on the pages of things I like. I actually found two patterns that fit the bill, and had stickies!
One from Interweave:
And one from Vogue:

The Interweave one is from Fall 2004, the Vogue one is from Winter 2003.

I looked. I hummed. I hawwed. Then I did something crazy. I swatched the bubble stitch pattern. And you know? It’s really fun! And fast too. The linen stitch bits of it will more than make up for that fastness, but I think I’ll like it.
I have three skeins of a nice denim blue, and two leftover of the camel, I think I will use one or the other colour to do the pocket linings. I like the idea of little hidden bits of colour. I was going to do the facings for the SCJ in a contrast colour too. It just adds a little something. The question will be though, blue or tan?

I still want to make the Slanted cable one, but I think it needs a silkier yarn.

Would you have made this one, or the Slanted Cable, or something different out of this yarn?

Amazing Lace Entry #1

Hey every one, I’m Heather.
I’ll start right off by sayin’, I’m not in this for the money or the fame *winning grin at camera*, I’m in this for me. I get some quality personal time with my stash, get to meet a couple new patterns, and I’ll get to try some things I’ve never tried before.
I’m hoping to go through at least two partners throughout this competition; I’m not mean or callous or anything, I’m just hoping that I’ll be that fast.
Here’s my first:
The yarn: IMG_2047.JPG
The pattern: Simply Lovely Lace Socks – Interweave Knits
Now I think I’ll have some good luck with this yarn, we’ve already done a makeover challenge together. Here’s a before picture:
Some might say that lace socks in a self-striping yarn won’t work. Well I say to all those people that I can make it work. I trust my yarn. You just have to put your trust in the yarn and the pattern, and it will work. Ask me at the end of July how I feel about it, and you’ll get a two-thumbs up.

My benchwarmer project, ready to jump on the needles when the other one is done:
The yarn: IMG_2023.JPG
The pattern: Pomatomus from
Not your usual lace pattern, and I like that. I like walking that edge. Different lace, stripey lace, I’m a strong, confident person. I can do it. Just watch me try.

Canadian Socks! Now with a link that works!

I’ve seen this yarn on a couple blogs, and it’s been facinating me. It’s Regia Canadian Colors. All the colourways are named after Canadian provinces or cities. Apart from the one called ‘Columbia’, but I’m pretty certain they mean British Columbia.
I want this yarn, crazy Canadian that I am. And, if I lived in Germany this would be a deal. You get one of each colour (12 colours!) for 60Euro, which works out to $80ish. For yarn for 12 pairs of socks, that’s pretty damn good. Until you find the itty-bitty English bit on the side that is the link for shipping. Shipping to Canada is 48Euros. Which means it is no longer a deal. At that price, it’s $13/pair, which while definitely not unheard of for sock yarn, it’s more than I’d pay now, with that whole ‘saving-money-to-move’ excitement.

On note completely unrelated to knitting, I can’t wait to move. It will be my first actual home that isn’t my parents’ house or a dorm. I mean sure, I’m in an ‘apartment’ now, and my roommates are great, but they are essentially random people who just happened to be assigned to the same unit as me. But when I move… I’ll be living with someone of my choice, and I couldn’t be happier. <3 Now that I think objectively about said yarn ‘deal’, it’d take me forever to knit that many socks, slow knitter that I am. I don’t know how people have those huge stashes and not become a nervous wreck about not being able to knit it all up. I’d go crazy. So maybe it is good that shipping is so much.
Anyone out there from Germany?

Holy Yarncakes, Batman!

I ripped the tiny toe I had knitted out of my Kool-Aid yarn, and wound that not-centre-pull-ball into a centre-pull ball. It was so much fun! I have a nice squat orange and pink yarncake now.
Last night I also started the toe decreases on Jaywalker #1. I did a bit more in the 15 minutes I had spare this morning, so if I get off work as early as I’m planning to, I’ll finish today before my lovely boyfriend arrives! Maybe I’ll even have time to make another yarncake out of the yarn for sock #2.
I was also thinking about my stash last night (where did this time come from all of a sudden?) and planning projects:

Tubey – out of the yarn I originally bought for Huntingdon Castle (scroll down)
Pomatomus socks with some Lorna’s Laces. I think these may be my Amazing Lace project. Knitty calls them lace socks, and who am I to argue with Knitty?
Coronet out of the beautiful denim blue Waterspun my SP7 sent me.
-Something out of the Handmaiden Lady Godiva I have sitting in a scarf right now. I have two skeins, and want to make a scarf-size Clapotis. I don’t want a stole or wrap or anything, just a scarf. Hopefully I have enough.
-Finish that damn second thrummed mitten. argh. I will have thrummed mittens for the first cold day of winter this September. And/or August.
-socks from my Kool-Aid yarn. It’s vauguely self-striping, so I’m not sure on the pattern yet. Not Jaywalkers, I’ve had enough of that for a while, and I’m still not done the first one.
-something with the Andean Silk in Sangria that my SP sent me. It’s sooo soft, but I’m not sure what to make with it yet. Ooh, maybe two strands held together for some chunky Eowyn armwarmers? Ooh, I like that idea. And the plus is that I already have that pattern book!
-I have yarn and beads for two Odessa hats. Actually, the yarn was going to be for gloves for me, but I like the hat pattern and wanted to try beading so I bought beads.
-that chocolate brown Waterspun is the only stuff I have here that I haven’t accounted for. Still undecided on what to do with that. I love love LOVE the feel of the yarn, I think my problem is that I’ve gone off chocolate brown.

Jaywalker progress and new lusts

Well, I’ve made some progress on my Jaywalker. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to finish, but when I put it on to take the photo, I realise I’d done more foot than I thought:
So I’m less worried now.
My Buxton Brook Loom arrived the other day, and I’ve made a few:
IMG_2079.JPG IMG_2081.JPG
All three are leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn, and the paler one has a strand of KidSilk Haze held with it for three layers (not the actual woven layer).

Went into Make 1 Yarns today, and almost broke my yarn diet after only being on the wagon a week. Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille. The first knitting magazine I ever bought was the IK Winter 2003, and one of the reasons was the flower washcloth pattern. My LYS back then didn’t carry it, and I guess I forgot until I saw the yarn today. sigh. Maybe one skein. In green or perhaps blue, for Project Spectrum.

But, for now, May/June’s PS project will be deciding what to do with this project:
It’s the Braided Mischief Scarf from Scarf Style, in Hand Maiden’s Lady Godiva (of which I have 2 skeins). Here is just under one skein knitted up, and on top of a scarf that I find a tad too long (finished scarf folded in 1/4s, half finished scarf folded in 1/2):

It’s going to be toooo long. I figure my options are:
1. Keep going, after all I am half done. But then I’d never wear it.
2. Rip it out, add an extra pattern repeat and then it won’t be so long
3. Rip it out and make something else. A small Clapotis, I’m thinking.

I’ve found a new sweater to lust over. My first sweater after I’m allowed to buy yarn again was going to be Raspy. But now I love this one:
This one has the disadvantage that I’d have to buy the book, as I already have Denim People. But what’s an extra knitting book/mag? $40, that’s what Rowan ones are, if I stick to my ‘buy locally’ idea. And there is some Rowan Cotton Glace cheap on eBay, but it’s yellow. I’m never sure if I like yellow on me. But I won’t be buying for a while.

I have to use up stash first. I’m going to make Tubey.
Current stuff to make collage:
Future Projects as of May 6/06

Yay Amazon!

My package arrived today. I wasn’t hopeful, because on Friday Amazon’s ‘Track Package’ feature said it was in Edmonton, and it said the same this morning. It actually still says the package is in Edmonton, despite the fact that I’m about a 5 hour drive away from there.
Two items of knitterly interest:
Rowan’s Denim People – I just love the look of the denim yarn, and Raspy will be the first thing I make out of the book.
The other is Knitting Rules!, by a lovely fellow Canadian you might have heard of before. I started reading it at lunch (outside, omg the sunshine!) but then someone else came out to the picnic tables too and I had to talk. sigh. Being sociable takes away my knitting time. I mean, I can knit and play D&D, but knitting and drinking? Bad combination. Knitting and pool? Knittin and darts? Both very bad combinations, especially with the similarity between pool cues, darts, and knitting needles.
Luckily there will be no such socializing tonight, so I can sit and hermitize myself with my lovely new books.
Also, Bee Jaywalker the 1st is almost ready to have a heel. I remember reading on a couple blogs that you might run out with Lorna’s Laces, which is what I’m using, so I’m making the leg about an inch shorter than specified.

Crystal knitting ball…

Quick post, with a small taste of some of the projects I see (or want to see) in my futre:
Stuff I want to make

And I don’t even have all my knitting magazines here! If I could’ve gone through those, there’d be so more. There’s more that I can think of right now, this is just a sampler. What is next? Hoping to restart and finish mitten #2, and my scarf. Also want to make more socks. The next big project I see cominng my way is Raspy. I just have to order the book off amazon. It’s silly, after $39 you get free shipping. I have two books I want that come to $36.75. I think I need to find someone else, and we can order together, because I don’t want to spend any more money. I just want the two books. But for $2.25 more I won’t have to pay shipping. I don’t think amazon sells anything for $2.25.

But before any projects will be the blog clean-up. After River is done and given.