Christmas Comes Early


After not finishing my Halloween 2013 cross stitch project in time for Halloween 2014… I decided to start my Christmas 2015 cross stitch in good time. I’m using Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s 12 Days of Christmas Sampler pattern. I enjoy Christmas carols so much*, I just had to! I also like how the border of this one is in the same style as the Halloween 2013 sampler. I’m actually planning on turning both finished cross stitches into cushion covers, that will hopefully fit on the same cushion. That will involve a wee bit of math, as this one is bigger than the Halloween one, and a bit more rectangular than square. I plan on adding sashing to each one to make up the difference. I’ve even got the Halloween fabrics bought already, but I want to wait to actually sew anything until the stitching is done on this one, so I can make sure I got my sums right.

The plan is to have both covers done in time for their respective seasons this year!

Oh, and the disembodied pug face is an eyeglasses case that I’m storing the floss for this project in. So cute! And it won’t drool on my stitching.


*I enjoy carols so much that I’m going to change the ‘Rat-a-tat’ in the pattern for the 12 drummers drumming square to ‘Rum-pa-pum’ because YES. Come they told me!

Woodland Sampler First Quarter

Carin inspired me to think about cross-stitching again a few months ago, and then at the beginning of the year I heard about Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery‘s Woodland Sampler. Every month they send you the pattern for a cute little woodland scene to add to your sampler. At the end of the year, you can frame the cuteness!


January was a deer couple… the eventually got more snowflakes, I wasn’t done with them when I took this photo. I actually joined in after January had been released, and these deer sold me on it.


February was a solid raccoon block. He’s so cute, and the stars are done with sparkly thread. I’ve never used sparkle thread before!


March was a toadstool in a terrarium. It did have ‘kawaii’ little eyes and a smiling mouth, but I decided to omit those, to keep it a bit more traditionally woodland-y.

I haven’t cross stitched regularly since I was about 12, but it was pretty easy to pick back up. This is my first time using linen, I’m loving the finished look it has! My only problem so far has been with the plastic bobbins I bought a Michaels. No pen I own will write on them and not rub off. Even Sharpie fades every time you touch it. Cut-down address labels don’t stick to them either! I’ve got a system down now that involves tape, labels, and wrapping the thread on over the tape/label combo to keep it on, but this can’t be how they’re meant to be used. Is there a magic proprietary cross stitch pen? Are the bobbins mad because I bought DMC bobbins but I’m winding Cosmo thread?

That ol’ thing? Cross-stitch

Noak's Ark progress

I start this cross-stich just over 10 years ago, a few days before my 12th birthday. I got this far by about September, put it down, and haven’t done anything more with it.
As I was sorting through stuff for the move, I found it and decided to finish it. These photos were taken when I found it, with nothing more added. So far, I’ve added a pair of mice. I still have the elephants, giraffes, bunnies, frogs, and some fish to go.
While I don’t mind knitting with people around, I think this one stays quieter. It’s just a bit too… I don’t know, I don’t want to say grandma-ish, as that’s what people said about knitting forever. Pass$eacute;?

That said, I still think it’s a cute little design.

X-stitch vs. Knitting

I’m at my parent’s house right now, packing up two suitcases to take on the plane with me when I return on Sunday. I was very silly when I last did this; I took all my clothes last time. Now all I have to fill my cases are books and hard, heavy stuff. I mean, last time with just clothes, one case weighed more than I do, and the other one was just a tiny bit less.
Luckily, I still have some yarn stash here. So one case is yarn, Sherlock Holmes, Jasper Fforde and some old cross-stich projects, and the other is two sleeping bags and Terry Pratchett. If they search my cases, they’re going to think I only have the outfit I’m standing up it. Clothes for the weekend will be in my carry on bag.
Speaking of the cross stitch, I found the Noah’s Ark thing I started 10 years ago. TEN YEARS. I’m about 65% done, so I think I will finish it, just to have some closure, and never cross stitch again. Maybe I’ll give it to the first of my friends to have a baby, it is a fairly kiddie design. But cute, and good for X-stitch because there’s variety. I remember saying that I’d work until I finished the monkey, or the parrot, or the whale. Each animal is fairly small, so even a 12-year-old could finish one in a night. There’s just a lot of them. And borders. I took some photos, but won’t upload until I’m back at my own computer.

And now to be so I can look pretty for my friend Jilly’s wedding tomorrow. :)