Apricot Sticky Buns

Apricot Sticky Buns

Every Christmas I buy a jar of apricot jam. It is the only jam I buy all year, because why, when I make my own? One of these years, I need to remember to make apricot jam, for rugelach cookies come December. Because every January, I have 3/4 of a jar of apricot jam I don’t really want to put on my toast, because I could have homemade raspberry instead.

Apricot Sticky Buns

This January, I was making cinnamon buns (I use the sticky buns recipe from the Joy of Cooking), and when it got to the step about boiling sugar and a bit of butter together to make the sticky to pour into the pan, I thought… jam is mostly sugar. So I used jam in place of the sugar!

Then I was putting the filling on the rolled-out sheet of dough. I put in raisins, because a cinnamon bun without a raisin is a sad sad thing. I sprinkled cinnamon, and a bit of nutmeg and cardamom as well. Then it hit me: WHY use raisins, when I have dried APRICOTS? So I chopped up some of those too, for extra dried-fruit goodness.

Apricot Sticky Buns

The verdict: They were really good apricot sticky buns. They definitely weren’t cinnamon buns, I would’ve needed to add more cinnamon buns for that. But really, they were like a nice roll you didn’t have to spread jam on because the jam was already there.

Christmas Comes Early


After not finishing my Halloween 2013 cross stitch project in time for Halloween 2014… I decided to start my Christmas 2015 cross stitch in good time. I’m using Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s 12 Days of Christmas Sampler pattern. I enjoy Christmas carols so much*, I just had to! I also like how the border of this one is in the same style as the Halloween 2013 sampler. I’m actually planning on turning both finished cross stitches into cushion covers, that will hopefully fit on the same cushion. That will involve a wee bit of math, as this one is bigger than the Halloween one, and a bit more rectangular than square. I plan on adding sashing to each one to make up the difference. I’ve even got the Halloween fabrics bought already, but I want to wait to actually sew anything until the stitching is done on this one, so I can make sure I got my sums right.

The plan is to have both covers done in time for their respective seasons this year!

Oh, and the disembodied pug face is an eyeglasses case that I’m storing the floss for this project in. So cute! And it won’t drool on my stitching.


*I enjoy carols so much that I’m going to change the ‘Rat-a-tat’ in the pattern for the 12 drummers drumming square to ‘Rum-pa-pum’ because YES. Come they told me!

RedBaliFrog and Trollbeads – Sweet as honey!


I bought some non-Trollbeads! I placed a little order at Redbalifrog early in the month, and I’ve been using two of those purchases in this little light bracelet recently.

I bought my first-ever fancy lock, Redbalifrog’s Star lock, which is lovely. I find it a little hard to undo the small end of the clasp though, there’s no lever like the one sticking out of the big end.

I also bought the Queen Bee, because I love the shape and the detail. I’ve combined those two purchases with two honey-coloured Trollbeads for a wee bracelet that is fun and light to wear.