From one to the other


As soon as I finished that purple sweater, I started knitting a new one! I even knit part of the new one while wearing the old one. And with the snow we’ve been having, I’ve been able to wear the purple sweater a few times too.


The new sweater is Slope by Cookie A, and is not constructed like a normal sweater. It is basically a giant rectangle that goes up your front, has a split for your head, then down the back. It is flying along because there is no shaping to worry about, just a rectangle.

It is going to end up being an asymmetrical sweater, the sleeves are two different styles, and the action of one pulling more than the other means that the hem ends up on an angle. I’ve shied away from asymmetrical sweaters before this, because I’ve always worried about people saying ‘shouldn’t the buttons be in the middle?’ ‘That sleeve is different than the other one…’ but I’ve finally decided to try it, mainly because I couldn’t get this sweater out of my mind.