Self-striping Jekyll & Hyde socks

After finishing that last pair of socks, I needed simple knitting for my purse immediately. It’s rare I get to knit during rehearsals, but last week actually afforded me some knitting time at work. And because I’m such a follower, when Carin of Round the Twist kept showing gorgeous balls of yarn from Twisted Limone, I stalked the website for updates. I managed to score a couple balls right after Sock Summit.

DSC06933  DSC06936

Those are Black Peacock and Choco-Raspberry Mustard.

I decided it was the perfect time to cast on a simple self-striping toe-up sock. I want to use as much of the yarn as possible, so toe-up was the way to go, plus I wanted to try putting in an afterthought heel. I decided on using the Black Peacock first.

Here is the proto-sock:


A wee little toe, how cute!

Here is what it looked like after a couple days at work:


That’s side 1. Here’s side 2:


It’s like Jekyll and Hyde! The yarn was doing all sorts of pretty things in the blue/purple section on the toe, but once I got to the actual number of stitches for the sock, it was perfectly divided between blue on one side and purple on the other. I know you can see a little bit of each colour starting to peek around the sides at the bottom of that stripe. Well, here’s a little secret:


That’s only happening because I pulled a loop of the purple yarn to make it change!

I’m not sure what to do… I know changing the stitch count would make it change, but it’s a stitch count that will fit my feet. I’m winging this pattern as I go – I measured my gauge, did some math, and came up with the following:

I have a 8.5″ circuference at the ball of my foot. At a gauge of 10st/1″, that’s 85st. But socks need negative ease, so I took 10% off, which gave me 76. I could probably go down to about 72, but I wouldn’t want to go smaller. I’m torn between wanting to knit past the current black stripe to see what the next coloured section does, or ripping back to the point in to the toe that has 72 stitches and try going from there.

(Hee, seeing my wedding band in that picture makes me giggle. I’m married!)

2 thoughts on “Self-striping Jekyll & Hyde socks

  1. What size are your feet, and what size needle are you using?  I’m a standard Ladies’ size 9.5 to 10, and my foot at the ball is 9.25″. I generally knit at 8 sts/inch on size 2.5mm needles. I generally knit socks for myself at 64 sts around, and this seems to work really well for me.  The husbeast’s feet are a bit wider around and at the same gauge, I generally go for 72 sts around (he’s a men’s size 10). You may find that switching up your gauge a bit might be the difference you need.

    Also, for stripey socks, I have come to like the afterthought heel.  Not only can you blaze through from the cast-on toe without stopping to do the heel, but you can make sure the sock stripes uninterrupted.  😀

  2. That’s the thing about variegated yarns that drives me batty! You don’t know what it’s going to do until it does it…

    Would you consider using a slipped stitch pattern to get the yarn to break up the color blocks if you’re committed to this stitch count?

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