Mitten #3 of 6

My Olympic knitting is coming along – I’ve finished both colourwork parts of the Fiddlehead mittens, and I’m on to the first lining:


And after work last night, I’m almost up to the spot to start decreasing for the top.

I’ve decided that these mittens are probably better known as my work knitting mittens. I’ve done all the work so far on them at work, and I think I’ll try to finish them entirely at work, so they can be the playRites festival mittens.


The other mittens, the ones I want to finish while the Olympics are on… I started them yesterday! I haven’t brought them in to work yet, because I don’t really want to be tied down with thrums at work. The other mittens are so easy right now, just plain knitting, that they’re perfect for work.


Not bad progress for just one session’s knitting. I’m still confident I can get these done before the Olympics end, although I may have to give in and bring them to work.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making my birthday the “knitting new year”, and either finishing everything up or frogging it, so I have no WIPs on my birthday. My birthday is April 2, so it might just be possible. Still thinking about that, while I work crazily on mittens.

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