Sweater at Last

This knit has actually been done for a while – I just haven’t had a chance to take photos. And by ‘me’ take photos, I mean the boyfriend take photos. There’s only so much you can achieve indoors with an automatic timer.


All the details are on Ravelry, but in short it is the $1.50 Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2007. I used Classic Elite Classic Silk, which is a Cotton/Silk/Nylon yarn. It is really warm!

I put 4 buttons on it, but the top one is a bit too high for my liking. I think I’ll either take it off, or leave it and just never button it up.


I sort of wanted to take pictures outside, because all the snow makes a giant light reflector, but -28C (-19F) in just a T-shirt and holey sweater is a recipe for disaster. Disaster named ‘frostbite’ and ‘raging cold’.

The only thing I’m uncertain of (and which has sadly stopped me wearing the sweater as much as I want to) are the buttons. I sewed them on with leftover yarn – and I had to pull out a single ply of the yarn to get it through the buttons. Using just a single ply means that that ply is quite weak, and the buttons do feel a bit wobbly. I may have to find some embroidery thread in just the right brown to sew them on again.

I think I actually finished this in the summer, and just never got around to photos. I’ll try not to do that again!

2 thoughts on “Sweater at Last

  1. Hullo!! I saw your blog link on the Bombshell Stamps Forum. It’s good to see that someone else likes Bombshells *and* Tildas!! It seems a strange combination but I feel better now :) I love fishnet Tilda, for the record. Fishnets will look good on your Bombshells too!

    I crochet and I’m on Ravelry too. I love your socks!! :)

    Nice to meet you!

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