Never in Never-never Land

As I just rediscovered my love of paper and stamping in particular in October 2009, I like to think I have a different perspective on the craft. Fresher, maybe. I’m definitely not saying better, just different.

As I devoured all the card-making blogs I could find, I kept noticing these cute little figures popping up: a girl (sometimes a guy) with big black eyes and no mouth. I soon found out that these were called Magnolia stamps, and the character’s names were Tilda and Edwin, and they are manfactured in Sweden. I thought they were cute, but didn’t immediately order any. I also noticed in some images that they had wings. Does that mean they’re angels? I am not really an angel person – I just liked the art style. Luckily not all of them have wings showing.

I eventually ordered 3 from The Little Stamp Shoppe: Kitchen Tilda, Tilda with Tag, and Tilda with Hood. Notice, no wings.

Spoon Tilda DSC03236.JPG DSC03169.JPG

Then I decided I like them enough to order the Winter Stamp Club package – a surprise package of stamps from Magnolia. I’d wrestled with the idea for a bit. I didn’t want to become the girl who always made sickly-sweet angel cards. I’d made a point about not ordering the ones with wings previously, and now I didn’t know what I was getting! I also wondered if they were a bit young – I’m 25 and there are no kids in my life, so I don’t make cards for little girls. Why did I need all these little girl stamps?

I realise now that they are just good, cute character stamps that can be used for any occasion. I love the kitchen series, I want to collect all of those eventually. I think I’ll be subscribing to the Stamp Club for the coming year. I really liked the Winter 2009 club package – although I don’t think I’ll use the Tilda with Sealing Wax (I feel like there’s some vaguely dirty joke in that stamp, but can’t quite articulate it). I love the Tildas in heels and evening dresses, although from what I see on the blogs, I seem to be in the minority. Heidi over at the Stamp Shoppe blog has a poll going to see what people think. Add your opinion!

I made two cards with one of the Winter kit stamps. Both pictures are below now, and in the next two days I’ll devote a post to each. I find bloggers’ different reactions to them fascinating, and tried to explore that in my cards. Stay tuned for tomorrow and the next day!