Knitting and new hobbies

I’ve been knitting (if not blogging) quite a bit recently. My last show was great, because two of the actors were also knitters, so we’d sit in the green room and knit while waiting for the show to start. I got more knitting done than them, because they had to get into wigs and corsets and petticoats and other things. I just had to remember to make toast and coffee every night. :)


I had been working on my Ikebana sock; I even turned the heel and started my way down the foot. I decided to try it on, and found that it was quite tight, well, all over, but especially in the ‘can barely pull it on over my heel’ way. Its in time out right now while I decide what steps to take. I’ll have to wrestle it on over my heel again, to figure how far up the leg I want to rip back.

My other option is to just keep going – I wanted to enter these socks into a knitting competition, and the competition won’t care if they fit me. But I think they’ll be just too much work to waste on socks that I won’t even be able to wear in the end.

Because of the show I mentioned, I needed a new project, so I decided to put some of my Sock Summit purchases to good use, and start an Ulmus.


I’m on the leafy border now, so I’ve progressed much farther than this photo. Not sure if I’ll be ready to tackle the socks when this is done. I do have a baby sweater to knit for a friend’s new baby, so I think that’ll be the next thing on my needles.

As for stuff that’s been taking away from knitting time, I’ve been making an effort to go to yoga more often, and I may have a new obsession. Rubber stamps.

Well, stamping may actually be a recurrence of a long-dormant condition – I did a lot of playing with rubber stamps as a kid. I wanted to make my Christmas cards this year, and I bought stamps for that…. and then I bought lots more. And more. I have been using them though, playing with them, playing with techniques. Papercrafting was my very first crafty love.

I figure I’m enjoying myself, and I’m not hurting anyone, so how bad can a stamp (I love the clear stamps! so cool!) and inkpad and embossing powder collection be?

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  1. The socks are too pretty to give up on!! Did you wash them yet? Are they superwash? I find superwash always loosens up quite a bit when washed, and socks that start out a bit tight are perfect, so the goal is actually to make a bit tight socks! Before I give up hope I usually get them wet at least, then try them on. Good luck1!

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