I’ve been busy

And it is only going to get busier!

After being so productive knitting-wise in September, October has so far been a bit of a lapse. I, of course, do have my reasons.

Reason #1:

Apple Cake

I’ve been cooking. A lot. In the past few days I’ve made two pumpkin cheesecakes (one vegan, one not), 4 loaves of bread, one vat of moose chili, and another vat of bison stew is currently in the slow cooker. Oh, and about 24 muffins. The reason for all this? Well, the cheesecakes were for Thanksgiving, and the rest is because my job is going to get very busy very soon, and I want to have a freezer full of things I can grab and go. I’ll be starting tech week for my current show, which is the busiest time you get. That’s when we move to the stage and start adding lights and sound and all sorts of cues and most days are 12 hours. Also, as soon as this show opens, I’m starting rehearsals for another one, so I’ll be rehearsing all day and as soon as I’m done, have to run across the street to the other theatre to run that show in the evenings. If you want to hear more about my cooking and baking, I’m part of a food blog called Theatre Cooks. Although currently, I’m the only one who has posted anything there.

Reason #2:

My boyfriend bought me Mario Kart for the Wii. I’ve never been a video game person but I. Love. This. Game.

Reason #3:

I’ve been starting to list stuff on Etsy again!

bicone-red1.jpg silver-blue3.jpg

Clicking those pictures will take you to my Flickr page, but if you want to see my Etsy store, I am at rycrafty.etsy.com. I’ll be trying to put at least one new thing up a day for the next little while. In keeping with the food stocked in the freezer, I have all the descriptions stocked up on my computer, so I just need to copy and paste to make the listing.

I did manage to knit 4 rows on my Druid Mittens the other night (while waiting for bread to bake), so I’m hoping to do the same again tonight. I want to make seitan, and that takes a whole 90 minutes in the oven. :)