I’ve been baking a lot in the past few months, and I have been thinking about blogging here about it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to mix up the crafting and the cooking, but it is all creation, so I think it does go together.

Just as I was thinking of starting my foodie posts here, a friend of mine (my boyfriend’s best friend) asked me if I wanted to be a part of his food blog! So far there’s only the two of us (and, might I add, I am the only one to have posted a recipe so far!) but I think he wants to invite lots of people. His theme was that all the posters must be part of the theatre community.

I think it’ll be interesting, I’m not really sure what I think about a blog with so many possible authors, or a main theme that isn’t a food or technique, but a community. I like to keep things uniform, and there’s been no talk of a format for posts or anything. But as I said: it’s only us two so far, and I posted the first recipe. We’ll see where it goes!

You can find us at Theatre Cooking. All my posts for the next while will involve apples because I am drowning in them!


These are apples from my parent’s apple trees (and cinnamon for the recipe I posted at Theatre Cooking. Yum!). I’ve only used 3, but harvested 8 since I’ve been here; not to mention the large bag of them mum and dad had already picked. For some reason, on Thursday I felt like I didn’t have enough fruit in the house, so I donned the traditional fruit-picking hat:

Blackberry Hunting hat

And went in search of blackberries!

And this was a great time to contrast the two places I grew up. We moved to the city when I was 14; before that we lived in a very rural, isolated area. The main difference between blackberry hunting there, and blackberry hunting here? The MUCH lower chance of finding a bear here. I remember mum, dad, and I out picking blackberries (the first place we lived had an entire blackberry festival) and I was picking along, moving along the bushes, just turning the corner and bam! A bear was also working its way along the bush, also eating berries.

The harvest!

That bucket is 4 litres of blackberries! Five apples from our tree, and dad’s worn out Panama hat. I realised that it was very sunny, and I brought no hats with me. I could’ve taken one of mum’s sun hats, but she has a small head, while mine is quite large, so dad’s fit better.

The sad thing is that I’m feeling so overwhelmed by fruit right now, I think that bucket is just going to go straight into the freezer.