Box #2 contains…. a family legacy!

As you may remember, yesterday I left you hanging with this tantalizing picture:


You got to see that end of the box, because the other end has a nice little label-holder with a neatly lettered label. This box contains:


Holes! Well, socks that contain holes, as well as all my extra sock yarn bits, and my Weavette hand loom. I’m planning on darning those socks so I can have warm feet this winter, and then making a few more rectangles for my handwoven sock yarn blankie. I’m going to be working on that blanket for a long time.

Now, to darn socks you need a tool usually called a darning egg, or darning mushroom (someone told me once just to use a lightbulb, but that only works if you don’t have CFLs. For one thing, those things don’t die, and for another, if your heels are shaped like my CFLs, I don’t know how you walk!). I didn’t have one of these tools, so the socks sat languishing. See the languish?


Luckily, there was a solution to this problem. Email mum, and ask her if she has granny’s (HER granny’s!) darning mushroom still. And the answer was….YES.


That is my great-granny’s darning mushroom. I do have a vague memory of her showing me what it was for, when I was about 4 or so.


Mmmmm, patina. It says Czecko-Slovakia [sic] on the underside. I’m really looking forward to using this.

One thought on “Box #2 contains…. a family legacy!

  1. oooh – that is a beautiful tool! I love items which have such a long family history and are still used. (and I am one of those people who uses a lightbulb…)

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