Monkeys and Monkies

Yesterday (Sunday) was Otafest here in town, which is an anime festival-type thing. We went to watch the Anime Music Video finalists, and that was great, as I got three hours knitting time as well! We were in a lecture hall watching the videos, and the kept the lights on, which was kind. There were some really great videos.
So all that being said, I have turned the heel and have started on the gusset for my first Monkey sock!
IMG_2631.JPG IMG_2632.JPG
Taking those pictures this morning, I realised that there were more monkies on me…
Monkey socks, monkey pants.

Then, as I had the camera out, I decided to finally take pictures of my new workspace. I kept saying I’d take pictures when it was tidy, but it’s my craft space. It’ll never be pristine and tidy.
In that photo the computer is on the desk, it can slide under the glass top, if I want to use the whole space.
My amazing swing-out drawers, and uber-comfy Patrik chair. :)
The little closet nook my desk is partly in. I want to get some plywood to make a shelf (the supports are already there!) and the printer can live on the shelf, and so can my sewing machine. I actually put it away for the photo, but in the storage room. It’d be nice to have it right there.

Speaking of sewing machine, I sewed myself a shirt on Saturday! And it fits! Well, it fits in that it is a baggy style to begin with. Simplicity 3788, view B. Pictures to come later, we’re going to Edmonton for a couple days!