Still obsessing over Ravelry, I can’t wait till it…

Still obsessing over Ravelry, I can’t wait till it goes live and even more people are on it. It is just the best resource in the world for knitters and crocheters. Network people, network!
I mean, I was looking at my projects today, and decided to click and see who else has made Monkey socks. That was great, seeing all the colours.
Then I wanted to see what else people have done with Classic Elite Classic silk, what I’m making my $1.50 cardi out of. I found someone else making it with the same yarn! She had put it on hold because of the puckering. I left her a comment on it, saying the puckering on mine blocked out.

It’s just great to see what other people can do with the same pattern, or what else you can do with a certain yarn.

In other wonderful news, I am getting a raise that starts on Monday. Starting Monday I’ll be making $2.00 more per hour. 😀 But I’ve promised myself, no more yarn over the summer. Stash only. Only on yarn though, if I can sew a few tops and feel happy, I am free to buy all the fabric I want. :)

All the Ravelry-ness has also had me go back to CraftMemo. I’ve started putting more stuff in there, and taking the knitting stuff out. I think it works well, as Ravelry is tailored to knitters and is a networking spot. CraftMemo doesn’t have the networking, but when you do stuff, you can create you own categories, which is great for all the random craft stuff I’ve collected over the years. And recently. All my sewing patterns are in there, and if I get the dishes done quick after I post, I may manage to get my fabric in there too.

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  1. Ravelry sounds like so much fun! I know I am going to be addicted too once I get the chance to join!

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