Monogamus no more…

I was unfaithful to the $1.50 cardi today. I finally gave in and cast on for some socks in the Jitterbug yarn I bought.

Charcoal Monkeys

I got two repeats of the leg pattern done at work today, which was nice.
The black in the yarn is the longest stretch of any colour, and it all seems to be stacking up in the one repeat section. I keep waiting for it to move around, and spiral down like a lot of pooling does, but it hasn’t yet. It has spread a bit, but not much. I’m going to keep going though, I like pattern.
I did 1/2″ of ribbing instead of 1″, and will do 5 lace repeats instead of 6, as the yardage is small on these skeins.

Still obsessed with Ravelry, and entering all my stuff. I just have stash (and accompanying photos) left.

One thought on “Monogamus no more…

  1. Nothing wrong with a good cheat now & again!!!

    Raverly=love. Seriously it makes me want to knit faster to change my WIP’s to FO’s!! 😉

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