Finally some photos

I suddenly have free time in the evenings again, so I took a few photos to share, and update everyone on the (riveting, I know) status of my various knits-in-progress.
Finally photos of the Roza Socks! I love them. :) Haven’t worn them yet, as it hasn’t quite been wool sock weather (for which I am very thankful).
Springy pinks and greens
While I was knitting, I kept thinking that the greens were very similar. Once they’re together I realise they aren’t, but I just had to show these shoes. I love these shoes. They’re springy and pointy and that wonderful shade of green.
A photo with a couple notes and the wonderful gaping-ribbing-thing fixed is here.

Progress on my Dollar and a Half cardi. The sleeve was a sort of uber-swatch. I blocked it when done, just to make sure the sizing would be all right. It’ll make a sweater that is between the two smallest sizes in the magazine, which is just right for me. You can see the lifeline I put in, in case I had to rip back. Any excuse for less ribbing. :)
You can see the difference in the blocked vs. unblocked fabric. The big wobbly thing is about half of the back. There are 4 lace stripes on it at the moment, so if you look at the sleeve, you can see how much length is all squashed up in there, waiting to be blocked.
I think I may end up pining this out. When I blocked the sleeve, I soaked it, then just patted it out on a towel. It got rid of most of the Michellin-man effect, but not all. Either that or an iron? But ironing a knit sounds wrong.

IMG_2555.JPG IMG_2556.JPG
Blocked vs. Unblocked.

In other news, it is gorgeous outside, and I’m freezing in an over-air-conditioned office. There was a natural gas leak this earlier this morning apparently, and while it is safe to be in here now, there is still a lingering smell. We’ve been told to turn the heat right down so the AC comes on, which will bring in fresh air. brr.

Earlier in the year I said I was going to knit from my stash. I did. Then I got bored with said stash, so I ordered yarn. My yarn km count is now ebarassingly high, but all that new yarn is for specific projects, and the list of projects will last me quite a while, even with this knit-friendly job, so I’m happy. Some time in March (the last time I updated my stash tracking spreadsheet) I had about 6.2km of yarn. Now I have, well, almost double that. But it isn’t like I’m broke or can’t pay the bills or anything (thank you, job), and I won’t need yarn for at least another year, probably two.

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  1. The Rosa socks look great! And you seem to be coming right along on the cardi, too.

  2. Haha- I say the exact same thing about how long my stash should technically last me.. and then I always find some other yarn to buy for some exciting new project! Good luck whittling away at your 6.2km of yarn!

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