It’s been busy…

I survived tech week, the show opened well, we’re back in our own house, mum has come and gone and all is well. :) Although I have done close to 0 knitting in the time I’ve been “away”. I’m very sad, but I’m back at work now, so hopefully I’ll get some more done. I currently have about half a sleeve of the Dollar and a Half Cardi.

I have been thinking a lot about food an exercise. Now, I am in no way a large person. I hesitate to even call myself a medium person, as most clothes I buy are small (I seem to have outgrown extra-small though, except in some shirts). That said, I eat what I want and I don’t exercise. Sure, I walk to work, but I feel like I need to do more. My thighs and tummy are starting to be a worry. I’m not too big for any of my clothes or anything, but mum always warns me about getting chubby, because at my age, she was much thinner than me and now… isn’t.

While we were out mum saw a purse she wanted to buy, and while she was in the store I spotted these lunchbags in the same line. She bought me one (in the elephant pattern) as we had been talking about good food and eating well. It’s silly how something like a cute lunchbag got me all excited about having healthy foods to put in said lunchbag, but there you are. I just crazy. Later that day we had a quick stop at Wal-mart and I bought some small Gladware thingys for my lunches. Before, we just had sandwich-shaped ones, and bigger ones for leftovers.
Today, I had a salad with greens, grapes, and a chopped up hardboiled egg, some fruit salad (pineapple, mango, peaches, mandarins), and a yogurt. Much better that my usual bagel (blueberry, and therefore not wholewheat) and slathering of cream cheese. I even had less Miniwheats than normal this morning (it will take a while to wean me off those).

I am also on a waitlist for a workout program called Bikini Bootcamp: 8 weeks to fabulous. I really just need that kick in the pants to get moving, and I think if I stick with all 8 weeks, I’ll be used to it and want to continue, although only time will tell.

For me, all this is about being more healthy and more toned, not really about losing weight.

PS: SO EXCITED about Ravelry.

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  1. mmmm, I want your salad. Trouble is, I also want your bagel! :)
    Thanks for the sock pattern advice — I’ve already made some Monkeys, and they’re definitely my safety net if I can’t decide on anything else. xo.

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