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At the hotel, been here since Tuesday. It’s not bad, we have a teeny kitchen, which is nice, and two double beds, which is silly. I’d much rather have another table, as the current kitchen table is hidden under a desktop computer, and my laptop.
Today was a day off for me, which was exciting. I don’t get many of those. Tech week starts soon, which means almost no knitting, blogging, or sleeping time.
I didn’t take pictures of the Roza socks today, I didn’t want a hotel bedspread as the background. Those things all look the same, no matter what hotel.

I’m about halfway up my Dollar and a Half Cardi sleeve. My gauge is a bit small, so I’m making the 36″ size, and it should come out somewhere between the 32″ and the 36″, which is perfect. I also haven’t blocked my swatch (gasp!) because the sleeve is my swatch (double-gasp!) I figure a sleeve doesn’t take terribly long, and if I manage to block it to the size and look I want, I’ve got one of the 5 bits done already. :)

I’ve half been thinking about taking up podcasting. I know. Scary. I’ve found all sorts of links recently that I like and want to share. As I don’t have a mic, or the know-how (the actual recording and content stuff doesn’t scare me, but what do I do with the file when I’m done? I have no clue) right now, I want to share some links. Maybe I’ll just make the blog more podcast-y, and have sections. This can be my first linksharing bit. I just need to think up a clever name. The Link Menagerie? Possibly.

Knits a Beautiful Life a blog by a fellow Canadian! We’re in the same province even! I’d say ‘a fellow Albertan’, but still consider myself a West Coaster. Tangent aside, she has just finished a project from Fitted Knits that looks very nice. And the website! Beautiful. I wish I knew more about such things. Although, I’m fairly happy with this layout.

Kathryn Ivy another new-ish blog on the block, but this one sprang up with free patterns and a pattern for sale already there! Again, I love the layout of this one, and I love the tabs across the top so you can look at reviews or patterns. I want to review more things.

Pieces of String an online shop, with the BEST price around for Mountain Colours Bearfoot. Yes, I have ordered yarn for the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl. I’m not entirely sure how the colourwork will be done (stranded? intarsia? a combination?) but I figure I’ll cast on and figure it out from there. That’s how I approach most projects.

CROQ Zine I just heard about this on CraftyPod and I’m so tempted to subscribe. And order the back issues. It’s quite cheap, which is what is tempting me… We all know Etsy, but I have just rediscovered my love for it. So many amazing things! How cool is having an old hardcover rebuilt into a journal? I love the inclusion of pages that aren’t blank. And couldn’t you just plotz from the cute of these knitted-then-felted critters? I have to admit… I did buy those patterns. They were too adorable to pass up. I also think that you could practice needle felting on them, for the faces and things. That’s something else I want to try.

Buying from Etsy always makes me feel good, because the money is going to someone like me, just a random person who likes to make things. It’s like spending money on myself!

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  1. I totally agree about etsy. I think that everyone I’ve dealt with has been great. Part of it I think is that the sellers really want to please their customers because each one matters to them, unlike a chain store etc. The stuff is so fun and unique. I started a little shop but have spent much more time buying from other people than stocking my own shop :)

  2. Bravo for you in ordering your Bearfoot. You may be the first to work the Swedish Heartwarmer shawl in blogland.
    I found the 60 inch size 1 Addi Turbo on-line at Patternworks. I got my Bearfoot at FuzzyMabel but I see you found a better price.
    I’ve never done intasia before so maybe that is what is holding me up with that pattern. You are right that maybe the colorwork is combo of intasia and stranded.
    The pattern is by Pricilla Gibson-Roberts who also wrote the book: “Knitting the Old Way: Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters”. I read somewhere that that book has great advice for intasia knitting. So my plan is to check that book out of the library and take a look at it. Maybe it will shed some light on how to approach the colorwork in the Swedish Heartwarmer.
    I hope you knit that shawl soon – (can’t you tell)? Good luck. I’ll be cheering you on.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for the shout out for our blog! I feel warm and fuzzy. Since we’re so new to the blog world it’s nice to hear some feedback!

    I totally have no clue about the Podcasting thing, I think it is way over my head!

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