Not my week… but socks make it better

So this week was the whole moving-to-a-hotel fiasco. I won’t get in to moving day, apart from asking what MOVING company shows up with NO boxes? Yeah, I thought so. But all that aside, the long day, the sitting in the empty house, the problems at check-in (damn tiny credit card limit) etc, Tuesday was stressful and I was kinda late for rehearsal.
Yesterday, we had a nice meal in the restaurant downstairs, and then I went out to my car to get to rehearsal on time this time. As I approach my car in the parking garage, I can see something funny about the driver side door. It doesn’t look quite… closed. True enough, I didn’t slam it hard enough the night before, so the little light inside stayed on until the battery ran out. I turned the key and it didn’t even make a peep. So I waffled about waiting for someone to drive by in this parkade that would actually stop (and it was rush hour so everyone was in a hurry to go sit in traffic) and know how to jump the car.
I talked to my wonderful boy, and he suggested a taxi to rehearsal, followed by bumming a ride home, and he would get his car and jump me (heh) the next day. That seemed better than my waiting idea, so I went and stood outside the hotel to wait for a taxi. In rush hour, it’s hard to get a taxi. They are either (a) full or (b) on the wrong side of the street. But that eventually happened, and me, the one who is supposed to be in charge and on time, straggled in to rehearsal late.
Oh, and did I mention the terrible wind and rain/snow mix that was going on? Yeah.

But in better news, I have a pair of finished Roza socks! I Kitchenered the toe just this very minute. Pictures some time on Saturday. I knew I would finish soon after we moved out, so I brought yarn for the Dollar and a Half cardigan from the same magazine. I’m going to start on that now. :)

7 thoughts on “Not my week… but socks make it better

  1. Just a few words about the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl. I loved it when I saw it in the book also. I bought the Bearfoot yarn and the size 1 60 -inch circular needle for it too but I haven’t started yet. I guess I’m intimidated. I, too, searched the knitting blog world for someone who had finished it (or even started it) but couldn’t find anyone. I hope you make it. I would love to follow your progress on it.
    There is even a Handknit Holidays KAL but no one there has posted about making one there. Maybe it’s the thought of making a shawl on size US 1 needles that keeps everyone away.
    I haven’t quite figured out if the colorwork is intarsia or stranded on it…

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