Bits and bobs

So this is what happened to my needle:

I’m going to email the Denise company and let them know.

I finished sewing the skirt! I put in a zip! Did French seams! Made some mistakes! But it fits, and there’s no raw edges hanging out. And when I say fits…. when they say ‘waist measurement’ they mean WAIST. I’m so used to the waistbands of everything I own being below my belly button, that I sort of forgot. So the skirt fits, but definitely sits much higher than anything else I own. Not that I’ll be wearing it, this was a learning thing.

Tonight I cut out fabric for my next project, the green shirt from this pattern:
Although I’m doing it in a stripe, with one pocket that I have stolen from the pink version. The same stripe I did the skirt in, actually. I started with 9m of that fabric, I’m going to have a whole wardrobe soon.
It was great, the pattern was already cut out for me! And all the bits were still there, which was a worry.

I have frogged the Bubble-stitch Vogue sweater, and I’ve actually put the yarn up on eBay. A whole 12 skeins of Classic Elite Waterspun! I’ve just had it for so long and never done anything, it’s just excess baggage. That, and I have ordered some yarn, and I need to (a) make space and (b) feel not so guilty by selling some stuff. It’s not like I can’t afford it, I’m just not used to having extra yarn money. I made a Webs order. And let’s just say I qualified for the 25% discount. In my defense, I will be receiving yarn for 5 projects ($1.50 Cardi, Eyelet Rib Bandeau, Anemoi Mitts, Raspy, Crinkle), and if you average the price out, it’s super cheap. Usually for sweaters I end up paying more more for yarn than I would for ready-made, but this is much, much cheaper. But yeah, I was just tired of looking at that brown yarn. It’s making me wonder what else I can sell off.

I’ve got some beaded necklaces I made ages ago, I never wear them. I may put those up on Etsy. Hm, if I take pictures tonight, I can do that from work tomorrow….

I’ve done a couple more pentagons on the Sanddollar/Capecho thing. With my gauge, each side is coming out at 4″, a whole inch smaller than the smallest size listed. I’m hoping this will cut down on the flappyness. Tomorrow I should finish the last pentagon, and start on the sleeves!

Tomorrow evening the boything and I are going to see 300 in IMAX which will be so cool. The last thing we saw in IMAX was V for Vendetta, so it has a tough act to follow. :)

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  1. Wow good for you! French seams are a challenge. Also you will find with most patterns that they are at waist & not the below waist that we have all be come used to. You can always use a larger waist measurement & lower the rise if you want it to sit lower more like RTW.

    Great shirt by the way. Don’t you love old patterns? I have picked up quite a few lately at thrift stores. Although now that I am cleaning out I think that some are gonna need to go. I have too many & ended up with the wrong sizes, but at cheap prices how can you pass them up!?

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