I am novelty yarn free, are you?

I did something great last week. I had seen a post on Whip-up (or possibly the Craft: blog) about a women’s shelter in the States running a knitting program. I wandered over to the blog, and they use novelty yarn! I know some places you can donate yarn to only want wool or natural fibres, but here is a group who will happily take, and put to good use, your novelty yarn. I also sent 3 balls of some acrylic, and some almost-whole balls. No, I wasn’t an ass and didn’t send measly little scraps, but I had some skeins that were almost all still there, and great learning yarn.
I’ll put the photo in when I get my camera back from the theatre. I left it there yesterday by accident.

So I got rid of some yarn that has been following me around for a few years. And the same day I mailed that parcel, I picked one up! I had bought this yarn on eBay for the ‘capecho’ (I hate that word) on the cover of the winter Vogue Knitting. It’s a bit paler in real life, which was a pleasant surprise. I did a quick swatch the other day, and it seems like it should work. Haven’t tried one of the pentagons yet though. I feel that’s like cheating for the class I will be taking. :)

So, as I couldn’t use the new yarn, I found a use for some old yarn! I wanted to make the Arwen cardigan from the most recent IK, so I did a swatch, even washed it, and it was just wrong. WRONG. And for a pattern with such weird construction, the adjusting would be too awkward. So I started flipping through the mag, and realised that I did have gauge… for the Rambling Rose cardigan.
This got a lot of flack on the blogs when the preview was released, I remember. They didn’t like the skin-tight, popping-open look the sweater has. Well, it’s a 30″ sweater worn by a model with what I’m guessing is a 36″ or so bust. I am not a 36″ bust. Nor am I 30″, but I’m closer to 30″ than that model is, I’m sure.

I liked it, liked it enough to cast on 5 times before I got it right. There is no ‘mistake’ in the instructions, it just doesn’t explain everything. Specifying the number of chart repeats for the scallop on the sleeve (one centred? two that just fit?) or whether odd or even numbers are the RS when you’re working the chart. I have also never done intarsia before. I think it is going okay. It is hard to tell, because at most change points, there is a yarn over, which makes a hole anyway.

I cast on a sleeve to try it out. I think I like it. I don’t have enough of the second colour to do it like it is in the magazine, so it is going to be mostly red, but the scallop-y bits along the bottom of the sleeves and the body will be in cream. Possibly the button band too depending on yardage.

2 thoughts on “I am novelty yarn free, are you?

  1. Thanks for the addy for the women’s addiction treatment center. I am definitely interested in send yarns their way. It is a great cause to donate yarn. I love the Rambling Rose cardigan. I wish it was photographed with a model the proper size for the sweater. The sweater is a great update for Aran knitters. I would like it a little looser for me but still with the fit.

  2. I think the sweater is beautiful, regardless of the overflowing bust inside! Good luck knitting it– I have yet to venture into the realm of sweater knitting myself.

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