Keeping a knitter warm


Coronet so far. It says to knit until it is 8″ from the bottom of the band, It’s about 5″ right now.

I was listening to the CraftSanity podcast the other day, the one where she is talking to two ladies from KnittaPlease. I really like what they do, I think it’s great fun. Then, I got to actually thinking about it, and it’s not a concept that can work here. When it can get down to -40C or colder overnight, putting a blanket around a pole would not be as appreciated as giving a blanket to a homeless person. The shelters are all full, people do indeed sleep outside in this weather, wondering if they’ll wake up in the morning. If I could knit fast enough, I’d knit a blanket, but it wouldn’t be done until the heat of summer.

I think tomorrow, I bake cookies.

But for now, I answer questions for the Stranded! Knitalong.

What are your projects for this knitalong?
I have just one project, Eunny’s Endpaper Mitts. I posted the yarn for them a few posts below. I’m trying to be good about finishing stuff, so I’m not going to start until I finish my Coronet (pay no attention to that sweater behind the curtain!).

Is this your first colorwork project? If it isn’t, what was your first, and has it survived the test of time?
This was my first colourwork project:
huntingdon march18.jpg
Huntingdon Castle, it’s on the cover of IK fall (or was it winter…) 2004. It got that far, then I ripped it. That was almost two (!!) years ago now, in March of 2005. I think I got the hang of the colourwork, but the yarn was wrong for the pattern, if I remember my knitting was a little loose (it was a bit too drapey), and it has no shaping. That last reason is now the one I cling to when I look at that lovely picture of 1/3 of a sweater, and think about the sleeve that is staring at me from the top of the bookcase…
But yeah, that was my first colourwork, and it didn’t even stand the test of being finished. I haven’t done any since then, so I feel like I’ve never done it before. Also, the yarn for the mitts is much thinner. Although, I always felt with that yarn that it was too defined for colourwork. Colourwork needs a bit of a fuzz, I think. That stuff was like perfectly round rope, but soft. I’ll definitely make something with it, I just don’t know what.

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  1. oh god, i love that sweater. sorry it didn’t work out & you had to rip it. but you did the right thing. it would have been heartbreaking to finish that & have it not be right.

    yay! you’re doing eunny’s mitts too. i need to finish a pair of socks for my sister & then i am going to start them.

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