That ol’ thing? Cross-stitch

Noak's Ark progress

I start this cross-stich just over 10 years ago, a few days before my 12th birthday. I got this far by about September, put it down, and haven’t done anything more with it.
As I was sorting through stuff for the move, I found it and decided to finish it. These photos were taken when I found it, with nothing more added. So far, I’ve added a pair of mice. I still have the elephants, giraffes, bunnies, frogs, and some fish to go.
While I don’t mind knitting with people around, I think this one stays quieter. It’s just a bit too… I don’t know, I don’t want to say grandma-ish, as that’s what people said about knitting forever. Pass$eacute;?

That said, I still think it’s a cute little design.

2 thoughts on “That ol’ thing? Cross-stitch

  1. It is a cute design…cross stitch is fun but is hard to do and carry on a conversation, which is why I only knit in public, cross stitch at home. Greetings from The Amazing Lace “PitStop”

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