Episode 49 Notes – Sweater-Destroying Montage

Self-designed socks in Yarn vs. Zombies ‘Vampire’ (sparkle) base in Blue Macaw.

Pebble Stone cardigan by Atelier Alfa. I’m using US3 needles, 3.25mm. The yarn is a shetland 3-ply from the Last Resort farm, and the sheep who so kindly provided their wool were Iago, Lady Mac, & sons.

Six’es blanket

Antrorse Sweater by Shannon Cook, out of Imperial Yarns Columbia.


Drums of Autumn – I’m reading the Outlander series for the first time

Snuff by Terry Pratchett, I can’t believe I got 2 behind in the Discworld series!

The Magical Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, and immediately tore apart my closet. You’d think ‘I don’t need a book to tell me how to tidy up/declutter’ and no, you don’t necessarily, but I found this book inspiring, and clarifying in a way that showed me my own thoughts, distilled a little.

This clear out prompted the sweater ripping, along with button-gathering, and skirt-refashioning. Here’s a link to the book’s American editor’s overview of the process.

So far I’ve run this podcast without donations, apart from some prize donations for knitalongs. Hosting isn’t free, but my husband had a cheap web account from a coupon code, so it wasn’t terrible. Now I’ve exceeded my storage, because I want to keep all the episodes up on the web, which means we’re paying an additional monthly storage fee now. There is a donation button on the website in the side bar – I’ve moved it up, I’d been to shy to put it up higher before. But I’m worth it, right?

As a little incentive for this donation drive, anyone who donates $10 or more between now and January 31st will be eligible to win the giraffe bag from Seashore Sharon!

And I realized I never showed the video of my craft fair booth, so I’ll play you out with that!

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