Episode 27 Notes – Heatherpalooza Kickoff!

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In the spirit of trying to promote the podcast more (one of my very loose knit-related New Years resolutions) I invited some people to the group! I haven’t done that much, because I wasn’t sure if it was spammy or not. I decided to get over it and try to meet new people! Hi new people! I hope you like the podcast and stay! And if you don’t like it, you don’t need to stay!


Partying it UP sock (by Megan of SZ) in Spinning Fates Toula, Buddy the Elf colourway
(Tangerine Designs gnome bag)
I did a crystal heel on sock #1 and I love it. Heard about this from Carin of Round the Twist

Antrorse Sweater by Shannon Cook, out of Imperial Yarns Columbia. The knitalong info is here.


Monkey Sock by Cookie A in Oh Loops Yarn in Georgia O’Keefe Poppies, won from Knitabulls last year. Oh Loops also seems to have a podcast! I’ll check that out sometime.

Heather hat by Amanda Milne in AVKW Even Tinier Annapurna in “Magic Bean”

Knitterly Things Vesper sock yarn in Gypsy 6 stripes of springy goodness!

Chicken wire cutlery basket from Michaels. I can’t find the exact thing on their website, but it was with all this Farmer’s Market Collection stuff.

@yarnharlot posted on Twitter about an April retreat in Port Ludlow, Washington. It sounded amazing, but sadly it was too much money for me right now. This is what she says about it now: (PS. Debbi and I have opened registration for the April Strung Along Retreat at Port Ludlow.  Just drop us a line at StrungAlong@yarnharlot.ca if you want a little more info.)

The other thing I’d love to go to, but most likely won’t be able to is Knit City 2014 in Vancouver October 4 & 5. Maybe I should send Patrick


This is my podiversary/birthday extravaganza happening between March 1 – April 30th. Knit (or crochet or spin) with a heathered yarn/fiber. Or yarn/fibre named heather. Knit a pattern with Heather in the name, or knit with yarn dyed by a Heather! Check out the Pre-Heatherpalooza planning thread for ideas, and contribute your own! Tag your projects on Ravelry with heatherpalooza, or on Instagram with #heatherpalooza.
Prize #1: a $30 gift certificate for Knitterly Things/Vesper!

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