Episode 23 Notes – Return of the Spin

Watch episode 23 here!

Temperature: 10C / 50F (positively tropical for winter in Calgary!)

Winner of the Hitch draw:
usk68, Sofia from Sweden!

Sunnyside Baby Sweater by Tanis Lavallee
Used Leading Men Fiber Arts Showcase (100% SW merino) in Foliage.
Button jar buttons.

Partying it UP sock (by Megan of SZ) in Spinning Fates Toula, Buddy the Elf colourway
(Tangerine Designs gnome bag)
I did a crystal heel on sock #1 and I love it. Heard about this from Carin of Round the Twist

Woodland Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
The last two frames are complete, seriously only had about 6″ of the frame floss colour left.
Just started on December.

I’m spinning again! I don’t know why I ever stopped! My lovely wheel is a Majacraft Little Gem 2.
Currently spinning Tempted Handpainted Cheviot in Persuasion.
I’m thinking of plying it with a Tempted Jacob braid called Coal in Your Stocking (club shipment)

I’m also going to spin my bin! (Fabulous Michaels bin too!) This is a spin along in the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary group.
I pulled out my giant bin of fibre and picked a few things out. I’m also going to use it or lose it!

  1. Tempted Hand Painted Cheviot in ‘Persuasion’ – 2.6oz (that’s the unruly, unbraided red stuff in the photos. I have some on a bobbin, but 2.6oz left still to spin)
  2. Verb for Keeping Warm 50/50 Merino/Silk in ‘Octavia’ (from Sock Summit 2011) – 2oz
  3. Hobbledehoy Batts (club shipment from 2008, omg) – 3.5oz
  4. Tempted Handpainted BFL Silk in ‘Flying High’ – 4oz
  5. ITW BFL/Silk in ‘Element #5’ (this is a spin for a friend, dividing so I don’t lose it!)- 2oz
  6. ITW BFL/Silk in ‘Element #5’ – 2oz
  7. Tempted Handpainted Jacob in ‘Coal in your Stocking’ – 4oz
  8. Loop Bullseye in ‘Raindrop’ (bought July 2012) – 4.5oz
  9. The Thylacine Merino/Alpaca in ‘Meadowbank’ (bought 2009) – 3.5oz
  10. Fibernymph Polwarth Top in Carrick’s Treasure (SSK 2012) – 4oz
  11. Unwind Yarn Co Rolags – 2.6oz
  12. ITW Corriedale in ‘Darkwing’ (which doesn’t seem to have made it into the photos) – 4oz

The little photo app I’m using to record my giveaway-a-day journey is Project 365 Pro. I created an account and set it to automatically upload, so it creates this page for me to share with you!
This week I found yet MORE wedding magazines, craziness. I’ve also edited a few more pieces out of my closet. I feel like now I’m starting the challenging part of it, I’ve gotten rid of all the stashes of obvious things, now I have to really consider if I need something.

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